Are Filipino VAs Worth To Invest In?

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What defines a virtual receptionist for BPO Philippines

A virtual assistant is like hiring a receptionist or v personal assistant , except they don’t work in your office. Instead, they work remotely so you only contact them through phone or email. A virtual assistant can handle all kinds of work. 

There is such a range of virtual assistants that you can likely find one willing to do nearly any task.


Are there any risks of hiring a virtual receptionist from BPO companies in the Philippines?

Today, virtual assistants are helping the business world tremendously. 

From the smaller tasks to the bigger ones, these professionals have saved a lot of time, energy, money, resources, and produced efficient works for their clients. A myriad of assignments can be allocated to them. Hence, finding the “perfect” virtual assistant can be challenging.

Below are some of the challenges you may face when you hire from BPO Manila Philippines:

1. No Personal Supervision

Yes, virtual assistants can always be efficient. But if the task handed out to them needs proper supervision, it will not be easy checking upon them. 

Since you are not by your VA’s side to supervise or check their tasks, it can be difficult to observe if they are doing them right. You will only know of the quality once they submit their finished tasks to you. 

Yes, you can track their progress using certain and various software, but it is not easy to make comments and clarifications through the chat function. It will become a challenge to explain things through chat platforms compared to doing it in person.

2. Data Security Risks

Sensitive pieces of information will be passed so that your virtual assistant can work on a specific task. 

Regardless of what kind of sharing platform you use, the nature of the Internet offers no guarantee that your data is safe from being copied by another source. This explains why thorough background checking should be done before hiring a virtual assistant to protect yourself, your data, and prevent any possible data infringement.

3. Limited Scope

A general virtual assistant most often typically handles typical administrative tasks, such as email management, data entry, organizational duties, etc. 

However, if you want other auxiliary services, such as social media management or sales management, you will have to hire another person, such as a social media manager, or a VA that specializes specifically in the desired task.


Proving the worth of virtual assistants from BPO companies in Metro Manila

The world’s constantly growing and evolving, and so should your business. This, at least, is more than enough to counter the worry you might have with the listed disadvantages above.

But it is already impossible to keep up with every trend. Thus businesses unwilling to adapt find themselves unable to succeed.

In light of this, what can Magellan Solutions do?

1. Spend your time focusing on what only you can do for your company. 

Only you can move your company forward. As much as possible, push administrative tasks to others. Hiring a virtual assistant means less time spent on data sheets and more time spent creating a vision that will take you to the next level.

2. Stop spending money training people. 

You get more bang for your buck when you’re spending capital on productivity; not finding and training what might not even be the right person for the job.

3. Limit your overhead. 

Facilities, desks, computers, you name it, it all costs money. With a virtual assistant, none of these overhead costs affect your bottom line.

4. De-stress your life. 

A virtual assistant provides a window of help in areas that most business owners find tedious and monotonous. Spend more time working on the things you truly enjoy and rediscover your passion for the work you once loved.

5. Keep up with demand. 

Your business is growing. Don’t let it suffer just because you can’t keep up with the workload. When your business starts to take off, don’t lose clients and regress because you can’t handle the increased workload. Plan ahead. Plan for growth.

6. Forget the drama. 

Working with others can be a delicate balance. Dealing with lateness, personality differences, and everyday social awkwardness can be a headache. Cut out the difficulties of learning how to communicate and motivate your employee and instead focus on the task at hand.

7. Delegate while still being in control. 

You can have as much say and influence OR give as much freedom to your virtual assistant as you want. A virtual assistant is there to make your life easier.

8. Pay only for time spent on actual work. 

Don’t waste your money on lunch breaks, paid vacation, or sick leave. Virtual assistants are paid strictly for the task at hand.

9. Your virtual assistant has your back. 

From strict confidentiality to your company’s reputation, your virtual assistant is an advocate for you. Knowing you have an extra set of eyes on every document, email, and social media post is liberating.

10. Enjoy more “you” time. 

With less work on your plate that elusive trip might actually be possible. Stop spending your family vacation glued to a cell phone. Trade-in your laptop for a Mai Tai and kickback.

11. Economic rates  

It is an acknowledged fact that some countries offer more inexpensive rates than others. 

For example, India and the Philippines are known to be the top two countries to-go-to when it comes to virtual assistants. The competitive edge of these countries? Excellence and economy. 

Therefore, outsourcing VA’s from India or the Philippines ensures that your business can save a lot more than hiring a full-time or permanent employee.

12. Time difference

Let’s say the virtual assistant you hire comes from a country with a different time zone from you. You have someone who works for you during your sleep! Isn’t that convenient? You have people working for you literally day and night. This is the time where a virtual assistant can be really useful to you. 

This will work wonders for your company’s productivity since you get round-the-clock efficiency.

13. Area of work is more focused

To gain an edge over your competitors, reputation is everything. You hire a VA for a specific type of job for you. Once they get into it, the results are well-organized, effective, and real. 

The results are different if specialists who are focused on that job and that job only handle the task. They will delve into their tasks willingly and accomplish them on their deadlines. Hiring a VA ensures both quality and quantity and boosts your overall reputation.


What is the best choice of business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines?

People often recommend services like Upwork and Fiverr, but the truth is the quality of these platforms vary widely.

The problem with these services is that, although convenient, the bidding process frequently becomes a race to the bottom. The cheapest option is often presented as the best deal and instead of competing on quality, buyers begin to compete on price. This cheats both the most qualified candidates and the businesses who hired them because both sides have compromised their value.

With Magellan Solutions, we can consolidate and streamline the headaches of hiring and training various candidates so that you can focus on what matters most – whether that’s increasing sales, expanding your reach, or envisioning your future.

Furthermore, we provide you the services needed to effectively manage your business, including client and prospect outreach, customer-relation management, social media management, recruitment and training, sales consulting, and more. 

It is our mission to standardize your workflow to help boost your productivity – and your bottom line – exponentially.

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