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Why Telemarketing Philippines is the Most Affordable in the Market

By M. Edosma

Updated on June 13, 2024

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Why Telemarketing Philippines is the Most Affordable in the Market

Good quality doesn’t always have to be costly.

The Philippines has quickly risen as one of the top locations for outsourcing, and there are plenty of good reasons why.

While mostly known for customer service, outsourcing has since grown into many different types, offering many other business solutions for startups worldwide.

Now, including telemarketing, outsourcing from the Philippines promises stellar service and guarantees great value for less.

It’s easy to assume top-quality services must be pricey, but in the case of Philippines BPOs, there is more value than expense.

It’s time we take a good look at why top-notch telemarketing services cost way less when outsourced from the Philippines, one of the best outsourcing hotspots in the world.


Breaking Down the Price Range for Telemarketing Philippines

Telemarketing in the Philippines is regarded as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and one of the reasons for this sudden boom is that offshore companies love to outsource to the country because it is easy and affordable – an attractive deal, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Many factors figure in the unbelievably affordable price range of outsourced telemarketing in the Philippines, and here are some of them:



According to Glassdoor, a typical Telemarketing Manager in these countries can earn the corresponding salary per year.

Countries Salary per year ($)
USA $92,063.00
India $13,441.68
Philippines $11,890.28
China $35,179.21

Based on Willis Towers Watson’s 2015-2016 Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report, the low cost of labor in the Philippines makes it a more attractive alternative investment location compared to other countries.

It makes Filipino telemarketers, particularly professionals, easy targets for recruitment for jobs overseas.

Plus, the relatively low cost of living in the Philippines can also be a factor in the price range of outsourced services their BPO employers offer.



By leveraging new technology, the telemarketing call center in the Philippines paved the way for sustainable and high levels of employment growth in business process outsourcing.

Due to new technologies that enable unprecedented connectivity, the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector has become a major player in the Philippines in the past two decades.

Currently, the country controls 13% of the global BPO market. The sector directly employs 1.2 million Filipinos, accounting for 6% of the country’s GDP.

However, the 4th Industrial Revolution could change that narrative. Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and cloud computing can potentially transform telemarketing Philippines outbound.

Software and hardware costs around $3,600 annually. And that doubles for every agent you have working for you. But this is now much cheaper thanks to the fast-improving service delivery automation (SDA) technology.

BPO executives from different telesales companies in the Philippines are keen to adopt new technologies like SDA.

Cost and accuracy are by far the most important factors. Thanks to recent advances in cognitive automation, sophisticated “chatbots” can conduct conversations with human callers, delivering customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

There is no fixed price tag for the technology yet, but the consensus is to look at the per-hour BPO companies charge.

Call center rates depend on the company and the country you’re hiring. On average, it ranges from $8-$18 per hour in low-cost countries and about $15-$25 in the West.

Rates can also be charged per hour, per minute, or per month, depending on use. You can buy up to 500 minutes in bulk.

Keep in mind, however, that outsourcing companies may charge additional fees. For example, a telephone answering service may add transfers, holiday surges, and new account setups to your regular rates.

Always review your outsourcing company’s rates and service level agreement to ensure transparency and assurance. Make sure to clarify the scope of the package rates the providers offer so you can make the most of the features provided to you at reduced expense.



Office space alone can cost around $48,000, minus utilities like electricity and water and other incidental costs such as rent and insurance.

One of the prime benefits of the Philippines’ outbound call center sector is that it significantly reduces costs in housing staff, giving companies the space to allocate their money to technology and other investments instead.

In addition, the Philippines is also considered a better option than the US and India due to its better utility infrastructure.

Here is an estimated rental rate for office spaces in the Philippines, compared to rental expenses from other outsourcing players like the US, India, and China.


Countries Rentals per year ($)
USA $48,000.00
India $24,237.54
Philippines $23,766.67
China $74,061.5

It figures that the lesser the operational costs are, the more affordable the services would be – giving you more value but at a lesser price.



In conclusion, outsourcing telemarketing services from one of the most affordable options is a good investment, as it helps allocate funds better and secures bigger revenue.

Whether you decide to outsource to the Philippines, it’s an undeniable fact that outsourcing from one of the top outsourcing countries is a lot more cost-effective than many would expect without compromising its trademark quality.


It’s All About Economics

Countries like the Philippines have a lower cost of living – which translates into a more modest salary range for locals. In most cases, you’d be paying a fraction of the amount you’d pay someone you hired from your city.

However, this isn’t just why companies turn to the Philippines as an outsourcing destination.

Infrastructure and developing technology attract investors to try their hand at outsourcing.

With the emergence of AI technology, more and more businesses are scouring to find the perfect call center services partner in the Philippines.


Partner with the Top Contact Center Services Philippines

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      Why Telemarketing Philippines is the Most Affordable in the Market

      M. Edosma

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