Fb Pixel Our Words Make A Difference In Customer Service

Our Words Make A Difference In Customer Service

Our Words Make A Difference In Customer Service


It has often been said that our words can either make or break us.

When serving customers, for instance, we need to be careful of what we say, lest we incur their “wrath” or “frustration.” Saying words or phrases such as “There’s no solution to your concern” can very well spell the death of your relationship with your customer.

If you have been closely following this blog, you may have read our previous post suggesting that your call center’s customer service department use such key phrases as “How can I help?” or “I have a solution to your problem” as these can win over a customer or two. These keywords are especially helpful when a client is fuming mad over a botched service job.

The good news is that your customer care call center team can use a few more phrases to make customers happy about the kind of service they receive from your firm. When a client like Ryan subscribes to your cable television service, for instance, he expects that his home will be hooked up to your cable network within a reasonable amount of time. So when you say that your installation team will hook his place up within 24 to 48 hours, do so. Hearing the words “We will deliver on time” can be a great assurance to customers like Ryan. As the folks from Entrepreneur.com say, “Monday means Monday”.

Speaking of service jobs, make sure that you deliver what you promised. When you tell Jenny, a budding stage actress, that her water heater will be installed with the added accessories she purchased— “just as she ordered”—do so without any additions or subtractions. And if you can’t, for one reason or another do this, simply tell her that “I don’t know what happened but I will find out” Moreover, assure her that you “will keep her updated”. It’s simply letting customers like her know that you and your team are on top of the situation at all times.

Yes folks, be careful of what you and your customer care call center team utter when speaking to your valued clients.