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Outsourced Email Support Stats to Prove You Need It

By Janselle M.

Updated on June 4, 2024

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Customers demand quick, reliable email support services. If you outsource email support, you can answer customers’ emails quickly. Plus, you can provide deep and complete feedback on their inquiries.

Furthermore, email support teams have the necessary training to deal with consumers. Hence, you can expect them to offer you excellent and professional services. Without breaking your bank account, of course.

Losing key clients and crucial working connections is bad for business. If the company does not have the proper communication tools, bad things will happen. So, firms must have the right tools to avoid such problems. 

Email is one of the most essential communication tools. Thus, companies pay a handsome price for them. They must ensure that their email services are up to par.

But for those who can’t pay for it, email outsourcing is their best option.



Email support is customer service but through messaging apps. It is one of the crucial customer communication methods in the world. Most firms use it for meetings and marketing purposes. 

The best part about it is anyone can use it.

For customers, they can find a brand’s email address on their websites or social media platforms. They might also refer back to the mail they had received. 

When it’s not business hours or a hectic period, don’t let robots reply to messages. Email service providers will respond to your customer’s mail instead.

Outsourcing email support services has a lot of benefits. It can be a platform to connect to clients, or it can be used to interact with other businesses. We collected stats to prove that you will need it in your company.

Below are some of them.



As per Deloitte, outsourcing companies that are “effective” strongly emphasize diversity in their leadership teams (80%). The next factor is their ability to innovative methods of hiring and developing talent (67%). And they are lastly, adopting digital transformation as a strategic plan (72%).

In essence, management, talent, and technology are the three ingredients to success. It just means that people and vision cannot fully increase your company’s value. You will need a way to show them to your customers. And the way to do that is to have the machinery to spread it.

This is where email support outsourcing becomes so valuable. With our research, we found out that other companies believe in this service as well. Below are some of the email stats we collected.

  • 26% use an offshore specialist to outsource their work. – Clutch
  • 33% use outsourcing to gain access to flexible resources. – Clutch
  • 27% outsource to save time and effort while improving efficiency.  – Clutch
  • 19% of firms outsource to help them develop and scale. – Clutch
  • The value of the worldwide BPO market is expected to reach US $620 billion by 2032, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. – Deloitte
  • There are 306 billion emails sent and received every day. – Statista
  • 51% of companies utilize email automation to enhance their marketing procedures. – Email Monday
  • By 2025, there will likely be 4.6 billion daily email users. – Statista
  • Instead of hiring a copywriter, 94% of small firms write marketing emails. – AWeber
  • On a typical weekday, people averagely check their emails for 2.5 hours. – Adobe
  • Emails that are customized generate 6x more transactions. – Experian
  • Email marketing is vital to their strategy, according to 79% of small businesses. – AWeber
  • At least once a week, 54% of small businesses send emails. – AWeber



Having to outsource email support services means you believe in its many advantages. In addition to cost-effectiveness and increased client satisfaction, here are some pros of getting it. 



By outsourcing email support, customer service reps can use emails to boost sales. When customers ask about a product, they can suggest other products with better uses and benefits. This is called upselling.

The idea is to display products in a similar price range and then gradually work your way toward the most expensive. 

Email support agents could also present customers with discounts or special deals. This could encourage them to buy more goods than initially planned. 



Customers are looking for products these worthwhile days. When they look at outcomes on the internet, they ask many questions and do a lot of research. 

In this case, people can either email the questions to you. Your clients will receive a prompt response if you outsource email support functions. 

Agents will give prospects a complete description of the solutions to help them choose. And the response time to customer questions is cut in half!



While emails can be accessed quickly, people always on the go prefer checking their emails. 

If customers have problems with your service or product, they can email you anytime. 

You can respond quickly to consumer emails if you outsource email support, increasing customer satisfaction.



Better customer service can only come from making your business easier to reach. 

Providing email services and technical support around the clock makes customers happier. On the other hand, if your email services go down often, it can make it take longer to answer questions. In turn, it can make them angrier. People do not like to wait, especially if their message is urgent.



It takes money and time to set up an internal email service fully. Before deployment, the infrastructure needs to be set and tested. Not to mention that specialized people need to be hired or trained. 

Email outsourcing can speed up the launch of the service.



Clients demand quick responses from their chosen companies regardless of their communication channels. 

Since email assistance is particularly challenging to automate, it is a hassle to set it up. Outsourcing email support might give your clients more timely and accurate responses to their problems. 



Your company’s customer support strategy can advance with a solid foothold in email support services. 

Email support is essential, but the company must be reachable through other channels. Integrated omnichannel communication systems can increase the value of your brand. And it can also improve consumer experiences.



Some consumers feel at ease sending emails to brands and thoroughly outlining their problems. They prefer email because chat and phone calls don’t give them enough time to explain their issues fully. 

At the same time, agents can also email consumers with comprehensive, step-by-step solutions. This might also help to increase customer satisfaction.



It is impossible to refute the power of reliable email support services. Email outsourcing can assist companies in expanding their consumer base and improving customer service. It may even help you grow your business if you know the appropriate actions to follow. Outsourcing your email services can help your firm save money, operate more effectively, and generate more cash.

Many businesses outsource email support since they believe it is the most excellent approach to providing an outstanding customer experience and increasing customer loyalty. It might be difficult for a firm to always be reachable across all client communication channels, especially regarding email responses. 

Outsourced email support providers offer the best and most recent technologies to stay competitive. When looking for a service, look for one with essential features like live chats, support for mobile devices, and a fully functional email with coordinated ease of access options.

Therefore, outsourcing email support proves it is a practical choice to turn unsatisfied consumers into brand ambassadors. Thanks to your outsourcing partner, you can now handle bulk emails deftly, even outside of business hours, and develop a more vital than ever strategy for raising customer satisfaction.



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      Outsourced Email Support Stats to Prove You Need It

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