Fb Pixel Outsourcing Customer Service? Consider The Philippines

Outsourcing Customer Service? Consider The Philippines

The Philippines’ outsourced call centers have become increasingly popular with businesses in recent years to deal with customers from different countries like the US, Australia and UK. Thanks to the highly-skilled English-speaking Filipino workforce, the country has capitalized on its strengths in this billion-dollar global industry.

Of late, more Filipino professionals have been communicating with customers other than the English language. There are now who converse in Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin and more.

Small and medium business owners are sure to discover growth opportunities by basing their call center, help desk, customer service and technical support in the country. Here are 9 reasons why the Philippines is a popular offshoring choice:

  1. Lower wages (approximately US$ 3,600-4,800 per year)
  2. Lower employee turnover (in most cases, less than 10%)
  3. Literacy rate highest in the world at 92.6%
  4. World’s third-largest English-speaking country, after the US and UK
  5. Familiarity with and enthusiasm for American culture (the Philippines was an American-administered territory from 1898 until 1946 and the site of American air and naval installations until 1991)
  6. Produces more than 400,000 graduates per year from its US-based university system – half of which earn business, IT and engineering degrees
  7. Familiarity with Western business practices and application of American accounting and legal systems
  8. Excellent, fully privatized, telecommunications infrastructure, with full redundancy systems
  9. A cooperative, pro-investment regulatory environment

The Philippines is in the midst of explosive growth, expecting more businesses to enter in the coming years. As early as now, the country has been recognized for its outsourcing advantages. It has been awarded the Best Offshoring Destination twice (the first in 2007, and the second in 2009) by the UK National Outsourcing Association. This is proof that the Philippines is indeed world-class in delivering the best work to the world.