Phone answering service expands a small business

Today, more small businesses are outsourcing their telephone answering services to raise the bar of customer communications.

Today, more small businesses are outsourcing their telephone answering services to raise the bar of customer communications. The customers after all are the source of major cash flow. Successful companies are those who put their best foot forward in ensuring each call is taken with high regard.

Without a doubt, a phone answering service offers great ways to generate more revenues simply by

Creating positive feedback. The only impression a caller will have about the company is the voice at the end of the line. Phone answering agents are trained to be polite, courteous and represent your company like this: “Good morning. Magellan Solutions. This is Ryan. How can I help you today?”

Speaking the right language. The call center is equipped with the tools needed to screen and enhance customer interaction. Agents are taught to speak clearly, keep voice volume in moderation, and say things that only matter. Their voice and vocabulary are still trained to be encouraging even in not-so-good moments.

Getting messages accurately. Call center managers teach all frontliners to ask callers to repeat a word, name or sentence if they do not get it clearly. Then they clarify it again to ensure they got it, and move forward quickly.

Handling interactions proactively. Effective agents will ask callers if it is okay to put them on hold but will update them every 30 seconds. They can offer choices like, “Kim, the line is still busy. Would you like to be put on hold again, or you want Dave to call you back?”

A well-managed phone answering service can draw reactions, majority of which can be good. Satisfied customers are like a family. They stay with you and remain loyal to you for as long as you make strides in improving your customer service every day. So let your answering service take their call today. They will be glad to know your business has taken a great step towards ensuring you are there for them.


Improve your customer service and expand your small business. Get your phone answering service today.


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