SMEs Can Improve Performance with Offshoring

SMEs Can Improve Performance with Offshoring

Philippines-based call center has both the expertise and infrastructure to support large-scale operations yet focuses on serving the growing small and medium business market.

(Appeared in PR Log – Global Press Release Distribution dated Aug 20, 2009)

Should small-to-medium businesses do offshore outsourcing? To reduce operational costs and maximize business profits the same as their bigger counterparts – Yes.

Large firms pride themselves on having the experience and expertise outsourcing operations – and they are getting positive results. Small companies, though representing 99.7% of employer firms and 45% of total private payroll in the United States, have yet to catch up in terms of gaining similar exposure. While they control more than 70% of US call center seats, they still remain untapped in the offshore contact center industry because of the problems outsourcing operations abroad.

“Today, offshore customer service for small-sized businesses is a viable business strategy,” said Fred Chua, CEO of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., an expanding 4-year-old Philippines-based contact center with 100-strong workforce. “We have made it easy for them to appreciate its benefits in their business and enjoy the same level of expertise mostly offered by large providers.”

Magellan Solutions, according to Chua, is “well-diversified to perform a wide range of offshore contact center services such as order taking, telephone answering services, customer service and technical support.” On the outbound side, it can do lead generation, appointment setting, and direct telemarketing programs. At present, Magellan is handling 8 clients and will be doing voice transcription work requiring 200 seats. In all these, the company’s ‘hands-on’ approach remains its winning formula that attracts SMEs to entrust their operations with the offshore provider. For Chua, it is not enough to be paid and provide service. Working with clients means growing with each other. In fact, he personally deals with clients, usually the owners themselves, and is attentive to their needs and concerns.

Since its inception, Magellan has been doing extremely well on attracting and keeping the best talents whose diversity of skills can provide the satisfaction customers and clients wanted. Like most companies utilizing resources, Magellan values people as major asset, nurturing a sense of community between management and team members.

All these elements combined, Chua hopes to see more small businesses availing of customer service offshore. “It’s focused, responsive and results-oriented. Magellan is equipped to address their needs and ensure that they get the best quality service possible.”