The 5 “Always” of Customer Service

Of the many customer service guidelines, 5 should be considered Cardinal Rules. They must not be for inbound call centers only. They should be on – always.

There are guidelines, and there are “always” good guidelines to enhance your relationship with customers.

Admit it – Overall consumer behavior remains shrouded in mystery but you can, with pure diligence, unlock the secrets that can launch success stories. Call centers will stand witness to a myriad of situations that make their agents work harder to deliver the right kind of customer support. Some guidelines in the rule book cannot be missed. They have to be on – all the time.

Here are a few “always” that we can apply in our workplace.


1.    Motivate your entire organization to think “Customer first”. It should be a lifestyle for your growing small business.

2.    Make and meet commitments. You cannot say, “Please expect our call in the coming days.” That is not commitment. This is commitment: “Please expect a call from us by 10:00am Tuesday.”

3.    Keep your cool when dealing with difficult customers. Sure, you wanted to banish them from the face of the earth but hard clients will tame with right and efficient handling.

4.    Delight customers every time they share their interests and issues. Customer satisfaction surveys and occasional promotions are good avenues for understanding their likes and dislikes.

5.    Integrate customer service focus within the organization. Departments across the enterprise can also have customer service mindsets. It is no longer the domain of your sales, marketing and customer service teams. Who says your accounting department cannot be customer focused?

An inbound call center represents any business. With the right attitude and training, it can effectively implement the abovementioned rules. After all, it receives different types of calls day in and day out – in some circumstances very exhilarating, and in some days disheartening. Yet this group has a critical role. Think of the many useful insights it can provide your business to accomplish more.


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