The Importance Of An Outsourced Mobile App Development Service In The Gaming Industry

The Importance Of An Outsourced Mobile App Development Service In The Gaming Industry


If somebody ever tells you that mobile app development is big business, you better believe it. Statistics show that the two most popular app stores — Apple and Google Play — have a reported number of around two million apps each. Research shows the revenue from mobile games worldwide for 2016 is over US$ 40 billion.  Another study revealed that it was in 2014 when the number of mobile users worldwide exceeded the number of desktop users. The gap between the two continues to widen to this day.

Everyone is going mobile, and the leading companies in the gaming industry are well aware of that. Mobile app development plays a very big role in the gaming industry, as game developers are recognizing this “mobile-first” trend that their consumers are following. And while there is no data yet as to the number of mobile apps that were outsourced in part or as a whole, we can safely assume that some of them were entrusted to third-party mobile application developers. Application development in itself is not an easy job, but when you factor in the mobile platform these apps must operate in, we see just how specialized it can get. A person with this specialized set of mobile app development-related knowledge and skills is rare. Not all gaming companies may have an expert on mobile app development on board, which is why some outsource it instead.

An outsourced mobile app development service is very important in the gaming industry, as it opens many doors for passionate gamers and entrepreneurs to come together for creative, professional collaboration. Any person who comes up with an idea of a mobile game has an opportunity to make that idea into a reality by outsourcing a mobile app development service.

Outsourced mobile app development gives aspiring/new/small-scale players in the gaming industry the opportunity to create quality games, despite their limitations in financial, human, or technological capital. Application development is expensive. Hiring an in-house mobile game developer is a big expense, which smaller gaming companies may have no budget for. Investing in the software and hardware equipment of an in-house game developer? Double the expense. But outsourced mobile app development helps these businesses overcome all these obstacles so they can still fulfill their mission of developing quality games that work in mobile devices.

This level of the playing field that an outsourced mobile app development service creates is extremely valuable for the gaming industry. By giving a chance to the smaller players to produce and contribute quality mobile games only they could have envisioned, they are also giving their end consumers a chance to select from a wider set of games and have different gaming experiences.

For lower costs and lesser risk, gaming entrepreneurs and companies, whether big or small, can innovate and create mobile games with expert mobile app developers by outsourcing their mobile app development. This partnership of brilliant minds, skilled hands, and the latest mobile technology is what makes the gaming industry dynamic and profitable today and in the years to come.

Outsourced mobile app development is responsible for helping many game developers realize their vision for games with superb user experience results. By connecting game developers with expert mobile app developers, they are allowed to share their ideas with the rest of the gaming community who prefers playing on a mobile platform.

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