Keeping The Business Alive: Why Mobile App Development Companies Need Technical Support Services

Keeping The Business Alive: Why Mobile App Development Companies Need Technical Support Services

technical support services

technical support services


As of 2017, millions of mobile applications are available in the two leading app stores in the world — 2.8 million in Google Play Store and 2.2 million in Apple App Store. Mobile app downloads, on the other hand, reached 197 billion in the same year. Because of this massive growth, the mobile application industry is forecasted to rake around US$189 billion in revenues by 2020. Along with this, technical support services become more crucial as the number of users who experience difficulties with their mobile apps also increases.


A necessity for business survival

Without consumers, a business dies. This is why mobile companies should not, in any way, neglect the needs and demands of their users.

Mobile and internet connectivity has pushed the game to a whole new level. Mobile app users expect immediate help or resolution to their problems. That way, they could get the best value out of the product.


The pitfalls of bad customer service

If you cannot meet the demands of your customers immediately, your attrition score (lost customers who uninstalled or stopped using the product) will increase and your sales will decrease. For instance, the American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer found out that a single instance of poor customer service can trigger 33 percent of Americans to look for another company. That’s more than $62 billion annual loss for US companies alone, NewVoiceMedia revealed.


Common technical issues in mobile applications

User error is one of the arising factors why mobile app users seek technical support. This is influenced by an external factor, or when the user did an action which caused the problem. The computer, hardware, or software is usually in good condition. A good example of this is when a user unintentionally deleted an important file system.

Limited technical knowledge is also a reason why users need technical assistance. Because they are not well-versed of what to do when a certain situation arises, or they are not aware of the existence of knowledge base articles, forums, or FAQs, they call directly to mobile app development companies.

Other technical issues, which deal on the internal side, require immediate attention.

Software glitches caused by bugs have several negative implications both on the users’ side and the company side. Glitches prevent users from getting the most out of the application. Depending on the severity of the issue, it can cause the app to behave in unintended ways, produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or cause the program to crash or freeze the mobile phone. If not traced and fixed right away, it can lead to tremendous damages.

Last year, software failures cost the economy US$1.7 trillion in financial losses, the Tricentis reported. It affected 3.6 billion people and caused more than 268 years in downtime.

Users usually seek technical support services not knowing that they are already experiencing software errors. Because bugs can slow down the application, it can make them unsatisfied, especially if mobile app companies don’t act immediately.


Keeping the business alive with the help of technical support services

Technical support services can help mobile development companies in a variety of ways, as follows:

  • Damage control
  • Reputation management
  • Customer relationships

These three factors are crucial in maintaining the stability of a mobile app company, aside from the incredible, useful, and out-of-this-world ideas of app developers.


Damage control

There are times when customers spot glitches more quickly than in-house software engineers and app developers. If technical support representatives found out that it was caused by a bug and not just a simple user error, they can notify the developers immediately to prevent the issue from getting worse. To make sure that the user does not uninstall the application, the tech support agent can give him or her the assurance that the issue is being taken care of.


Reputation management

Without technical support services to assist app users during times of need, they can garner negative reviews on app stores. As a result, fewer people will become interested to download their app, resulting in a decline in sales.


Customer relationships

Technical support representatives communicate directly with mobile app users. Statistics say that 78 percent of people purchase a brand or service because of support interactions. So as long as mobile app companies do tech support the right way, they can build better relationships with the users.

Along with better relationships comes loyalty, a key in increasing sales and in widening the customer base.

Customers of this generation become more demanding as technology makes things easier for them. They expect better experiences: convenient, personalized, and immediate.

Meet their expectations to ensure the survival of your mobile app company.

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