The Only Answering Service Comparison You Will Need (2021)

The Only Answering Service Comparison You Will Need (2021)

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions for The Only Answering Service Comparison You Will Need (2021)

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions for The Only Answering Service Comparison You Will Need (2021)

Having difficulties choosing the perfect service provider? This Answering Service Comparison will answer all of your questions.

Scanning through a plethora of answering services can be time consuming. 

But there are just a lot of things to consider before committing to one particular Business Process Outsourcing company. Such as pricing and employee attrition.

For SMEs, all decisions that require money, it’s a ‘must’ to be certain.

So in this article, we compiled the top 30 SME-focused BPO companies to let you determine which is the best for your business.



Top 30 Answering Service Providers

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) could be the key to giving your firm the competitive advantage it needs. And there is no more perfect destination to outsource than the Philippines.

When it comes to outsourcing, the Philippines is rapidly developing, giving India a run for its money. Variables such as talent, cost, infrastructure, and innovation greatly help the country stand-out.

In the table below, we arranged the top 30 SME-focused BPOs in the country.

CompanyPrice ($/hr)Customer SatisfactionEmployee Attrition RateAverage Handle Time (/minutes)Service FocusIndustry Focus
Magellan Solutions12.0090%18.50%5.4Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Helpware25.0096%30.00%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions10.0080%7.00%4.7VoiceFinance
Main Source 365 Tech LLC50.0098%30.00%4.7Non-voiceIT
First Source25.0098%39.30%6.3VoiceVarious
Lambent Consulting25.0080%30.00%6.3Non-voiceVarious
GlobalSky Call Center49.0080%19.80%6.3VoiceVarious
CIENCE Technologies25.0094%39.00%4.7VoiceIT
Open Access BPO25.0092%14.84%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Noon Dalton8.2096%30.00%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Unity Communications10.0090%3.00%6.0Voice and Non-voiceTelecommunication
Acquire BPO25.0085%30.00%6.3Non-voiceVarious
Hit Rate Solutions25.0086%18.00%6.3VoiceVarious
Staff Outsourcing Solutions25.0098%30.00%6.3VoiceVarious
Pac Biz9.2390%30.00%6.3VoiceeCommerce
NETCAST BPO25.0098%30.00%6.3VoiceVarious
BOTTLENECK DISTANT ASSISTANTS13.00100%30.00%6.3Voice and Non-voiceeCommerce
Tru29 Solutions Inc.25.00100%30.00%4.7VoiceFinance
EXL Service25.0076%30.00%4.7Voice and Non-voiceFinance
Conectys25.0090.00%30.00%5.7Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Fusion BPO Services25.0090.00%50.00%6.3VoiceMedical
Premier BPO14.0080.00%3.50 %6.3VoiceVarious

To help you further, let us analyze the table and look at the common performance benchmarks in the industry using the data provided.


Data Analysis

Before choosing the best call center provider, you must first analyze whether they fit into your business model or not.

In this part, we will analyze the data presented to figure out which company is more beneficial to your business.


Efficiency of Price per Call

In a call center setup, it is important to make each dollar count. To measure that, compare each company’s price to its average handling time.

CompanyPrice ($/hr)Average Handle Time (/minutes)Average Calls Received per Hour
Magellan Solutions12.005.411
Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions10.004.713
Main Source 365 Tech LLC50.004.713
First Source25.006.310
Lambent Consulting25.006.310
GlobalSky Call Center49.006.310
CIENCE Technologies25.004.713
Open Access BPO25.006.310
Noon Dalton8.206.310
Unity Communications10.006.010
Acquire BPO25.006.310
Hit Rate Solutions25.006.310
Staff Outsourcing Solutions25.006.310
Pac Biz9.236.310
NETCAST BPO25.006.310
Tru29 Solutions Inc.25.004.713
EXL Service25.004.713
Fusion BPO Services25.006.310
Premier BPO14.006.310

Price per hour is the estimated cost of the service provided by the company. Knowing this figure will help you gauge your budget.

However, most call center pricing can change if there is a demand for higher parameters in call volume, agent skill sets, and the number of hours or contract terms.

It is also important to look at companies AHT or Average Handling Time. 

AHT is the average duration of a customer call transaction, including all hold times and transfers, as well as after-call activities, from the moment the customer dials the number until the time the call ends.

Lower AHT implies the call gets resolved in a few minutes. And the fewer time spent on resolving issues, the more calls your business can receive.

In choosing a BPO partner, always take note that AHT should always fall below the industry benchmark. In a study by Cornell University, the found out that these are the basic AHT for each industry:

AHT Telecommunications = 528 seconds

AHT Retail = 324 seconds

AHT Business & IT Services = 282 seconds

AHT Financial Services = 282 seconds

That is why it is ideal to get a call center provider that is cheap yet capable of receiving a huge volume of calls.

It just means that every dollar spent on your answering service provider is worth it. 

Customer Satisfaction per Calls Received

Here’s a quick fact: 62% of customers believe that agents’ knowledge towards your service is the main key for a great customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate.

That means, the higher the CSAT is, the more you can ensure that your call center service provider cares about your brand.

CompanyCustomer SatisfactionAverage Handle Time (/minutes)Average Calls Received per Hour
Magellan Solutions90%5.411
Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions80%4.713
Main Source 365 Tech LLC98%4.713
First Source98%6.310
Lambent Consulting80%6.310
GlobalSky Call Center80%6.310
CIENCE Technologies94%4.713
Open Access BPO92%6.310
Noon Dalton96%6.310
Unity Communications90%6.010
Acquire BPO85%6.310
Hit Rate Solutions86%6.310
Staff Outsourcing Solutions98%6.310
Pac Biz90%6.310
Tru29 Solutions Inc.100%4.713
EXL Service76%4.713
Fusion BPO Services90%6.310
Premier BPO80%6.310

90% or above is the ideal call center CSAT.

To measure Customer Satisfaction per Calls Received, look at the CSAT score and calls received.

A good CSAT score and high average calls received per hour means that agents are capable of satisfying customers with their needs upon initial contact. 

AHT can be a good supporting information to gauge how fast they can make transactions with customers.


The Employee Attrition Rate Factor

The x factor in outsourcing is the Employee Attrition Rate. But why?

The immediate consequences of high turnover rates are severe: loss of vital information and experience, loss of morale for those who remain, and loss of conviction in the team’s competency and capacity to perform. 

None of them are simple or quick to replace.

That is why it is important to look for a company with below industry standard (30%-40%) employee attrition rate.

CompanyEmployee Attrition RatePrice ($/hr)Customer Satisfaction
Magellan Solutions18.50%12.0090%
Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions7.00%10.0080%
Main Source 365 Tech LLC30.00%50.0098%
First Source39.30%25.0098%
Lambent Consulting30.00%25.0080%
GlobalSky Call Center19.80%49.0080%
CIENCE Technologies39.00%25.0094%
Open Access BPO14.84%25.0092%
Noon Dalton30.00%8.2096%
Unity Communications3.00%10.0090%
Acquire BPO30.00%25.0085%
Hit Rate Solutions18.00%25.0086%
Staff Outsourcing Solutions30.00%25.0098%
Pac Biz30.00%9.2390%
NETCAST BPO30.00%25.0098%
Tru29 Solutions Inc.30.00%25.00100%
EXL Service30.00%25.0076%
Fusion BPO Services50.00%25.0090%
Premier BPO3.50 %14.0080%

A high attrition rate will render everything meaningless. It is imperative to keep employees happy.

What’s the use of cheap BPO companies if your agents are uncomfortable and not giving their 100% best?

Also employees that are happier are more engaged. In turn, employees that are engaged are more productive and have a lower percentage of absenteeism from work. 

It is critical to have a healthy working atmosphere. Employee friendships flourish in a healthy work environment, which enhances personal well-being and will benefit your bottom line.

In essence, workplace environment and culture are key in keeping employees.

BPO Focus

Since every dollar counts for SMEs, it is also possible that they will not need any other services that BPOs offer.

A SME that is more concerned in handling social inquiries will not need voice services. 

On the other hand, companies like retail and IT is more inclined to get a BPO company that can provide both voice and non-voice services.

CompanyPrice ($/hr)Service FocusIndustry Focus
Magellan Solutions12.00Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Helpware25.00Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions10.00VoiceFinance
Main Source 365 Tech LLC50.00Non-voiceIT
First Source25.00VoiceVarious
Lambent Consulting25.00Non-voiceVarious
GlobalSky Call Center49.00VoiceVarious
CIENCE Technologies25.00VoiceIT
Open Access BPO25.00Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Noon Dalton8.20Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Unity Communications10.00Voice and Non-voiceTelecommunication
Acquire BPO25.00Non-voiceVarious
Hit Rate Solutions25.00VoiceVarious
Staff Outsourcing Solutions25.00VoiceVarious
Pac Biz9.23VoiceeCommerce
NETCAST BPO25.00VoiceVarious
BOTTLENECK DISTANT ASSISTANTS13.00Voice and Non-voiceeCommerce
Tru29 Solutions Inc.25.00VoiceFinance
EXL Service25.00Voice and Non-voiceFinance
Conectys25.00Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Fusion BPO Services25.00VoiceMedical
Premier BPO14.00VoiceVarious

The ideal BPO company can provide both flexibility and competency.

Based on the table above, there are only a few call center companies that can provide cheap and effective voice and non-voice services in various industries.

If you are looking for a versatile BPO partner, go for SME-focused companies that can handle any services you want.

BPO focus can also be a determinant of the technology and expertise of the company.


Efficiency Per Industry Focus

It is not enough that your company is versatile. 

They must be able to deliver the positive result that you want.

CompanyCustomer SatisfactionAverage Handle Time (/minutes)Service FocusIndustry Focus
Magellan Solutions90%5.4Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Helpware96%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions80%4.7VoiceFinance
Main Source 365 Tech LLC98%4.7Non-voiceIT
First Source98%6.3VoiceVarious
Lambent Consulting80%6.3Non-voiceVarious
GlobalSky Call Center80%6.3VoiceVarious
CIENCE Technologies94%4.7VoiceIT
Open Access BPO92%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Noon Dalton96%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Unity Communications90%6.0Voice and Non-voiceTelecommunication
Acquire BPO85%6.3Non-voiceVarious
Hit Rate Solutions86%6.3VoiceVarious
Staff Outsourcing Solutions98%6.3VoiceVarious
Pac Biz90%6.3VoiceeCommerce
NETCAST BPO98%6.3VoiceVarious
BOTTLENECK DISTANT ASSISTANTS100%6.3Voice and Non-voiceeCommerce
Tru29 Solutions Inc.100%4.7VoiceFinance
EXL Service76%4.7Voice and Non-voiceFinance
Conectys90%5.7Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Fusion BPO Services90%6.3VoiceMedical
Premier BPO80%6.3VoiceVarious

When it comes to efficiency, there is no better way than to look at CSAT and AHT then compare it to the industry focus of the company.

As mentioned, a good CSAT and AHT means that a company can satisfy customers. If we take into consideration the service focus and the industry they cater to, we can have a better picture of what efficiency looks like.



Philippines call center companies vary from the services they provide to their price and capabilities. That is the reason it is so difficult to pick the best among the rest.

But with the help of different data, we can say that the best answering service providers are BPO companies that show versatility, affordability and proficiency.

The top 3 stand out among the 30 companies are Magellan Solutions, Noon Dalton and Unity Communications.

CompanyPrice ($/hr)Customer SatisfactionEmployee Attrition RateAverage Handle Time (/minutes)Service FocusIndustry Focus
Magellan Solutions12.0090%18.50%5.4Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Noon Dalton8.2096%30.00%6.3Voice and Non-voiceVarious
Unity Communications10.0090%3.00%6.0Voice and Non-voiceTelecommunication

Based on our analysis, these three excels in all areas studied. It proudly parades all the badges of a capable and trustworthy BPO company.

All of these companies show flexibility in terms of service and focus. On top of that, they all showed desirable Employee Attrition Rate, CSAT and Pricing.


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