This is How Work Environment Helps Call Center Outsourcing Philippines Be The Best In Any Industry

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Why is Call Center Outsourcing Philippines the top destination for offshore services?

When we talk about outsourcing, one of the top destinations that comes up is the Philippines.

It turns out, this is not just a trend or a coincidence. The Philippines is really the top call center hub in the world. And there are a lot of factors that play into it such as the work environment.

In this article we will discuss all about the work environment in the Philippines. And how it helps the country to become the best industry.


Importance of Proper Call Center Work Environment

Do you agree that a social environment—including factors like incentives, competition, and surveillance—can make anyone more or less creative?

Well Berkeley University seems to agree.

In their study they found out that the work environment of the most creative projects differed significantly from the least creative. Hence, implying that the space employees operate can greatly drive either positive or negative results.

They wrote that, “Creativity-promoting environments also included work groups that were supportive, trusting, and receptive to new ideas, but also willing to constructively challenge each other’s ideas. Support from supervisors also appeared to be crucial.”

Not only is employees’ creativity affected. Workplace environments have a direct impact on the employees’ productivity, performance, health and safety, comfort, concentration, job satisfaction, and morale.

A proper, helpful, conducive workplace environment brings improvements to the employees’ physical and mental capabilities in performing their daily routine. While an improper and unfavourable workplace environment leads to work stress. It also causes errors being committed by the employees.


Contact Center Services Philippines Work Environment

Call centre services Philippines firms frequently go to considerable efforts to guarantee that they can wow their clients with their outcomes. 

Customers are properly taken care of, and they are satisfied with the service they receive. But have you figured out why customers prefer filipino call center agents rather than other countries? Simple, all call center PH makes their people happy.

Here are ways they do that:

  1. Improve the appearance of the operations floor.

Positive and inspiring images can significantly help staff have a good mood throughout the day. 

Colors and objects associated with pleasure and happiness can be used to brighten up the workplace. The color scheme of the walls, rugs, and cubicle dividers are all important factors to consider because they can influence moods.

Some companies even allow decorations around the office.


  1. Rewards program

Gamification is a term that refers to the addition of major gaming features to regular activities. 

This entails establishing a score system for fulfilling activities or goals. With of course, associated rewards after completion. 

When properly implemented, it has the potential to greatly engage employees in a spirit of rivalry with their coworkers, resulting in higher performance quality and more efficient task completion.


  1. Fun activities in and outside the office

Call centers in the Philippines commonly find other fun activities for their employees to take part in, aside from your usual annual holiday events, summer trips, and team building trips.


  1. Trainings

Some contact center solutions Philippines firms conduct monthly training for their employees.

Training allows employees to fully apply and hone their hard-earned skills. It does not only help improve each employee’s knowledge, it also helps in increasing productivity and efficiency.


  1. Promote an inclusive culture

A healthy culture boosts morale. 

Healthy interpersonal relationships, management styles, HR, and many more factors influence culture. By creating a culture that is inclusive and by getting the views of your employees on certain issues and decisions regarding the organization, can help improve morale.

Employees appreciate having a voice and knowing that their opinions are important. 

It also makes them feel like they have a say in the direction of the organization and, by extension, their future.

As you can see,the workplace environment extends beyond the space that employees navigate. It includes psychology, as well.

Promoting inclusivity, setting a clear objective and providing regular feedback help call center Philippines create a culture of comfort.


Work Environment in a Post-Covid Era

Call center Philippines outsourcing was greatly affected by the pandemic.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry is one of the two principal ‘legs’ of the Philippine economy, generating $26 billion in 2019. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the BPO industry and the multinational corporations that it serves, on the onset of the virus outbreak.

But thanks to the early response by companies and innovation such as AI and chatbots, there is only minimal impact to the industry.

During the pandemic employees are forced to adapt to a different working environment.

Some companies, like Magellan Solutions, used three different workplace models.

Models Description
100% Facility Based Traditional call center design with dedicated workstations for each employee with some design modifications to accommodate social distancing.
20% to 80% Facility Based Traditional call center with limited personnel available. Some are working remotely. Companies use a myriad of productivity and collaboration tools to work together.
100% Virtual (Work-from-home) All personnel and working remotely. Productivity and collaboration tools are also used in this setup.


For the meantime, most companies apply a work-from-home business structure. However, companies have doubts about it. Does working from home affect productivity?

The answer is yes. But in a good way.

A study by Stanford, they found out that working from home increases productivity by 13%. This data comes from 16,000 workers who worked for the study for over 9 months. 

This increase in performance was due to more calls per minute attributed to a quieter, more convenient working environment and working more minutes per shift because of fewer breaks and sick days. In this same study workers also reported improved work satisfaction, and attrition rates were cut by 50%.

Additionally, according to ConnectSolutions, 77 percent of individuals who work remotely at least a few times each month have boosted productivity. 30% of employees are performing more work in less time and 24% doing more work in the same amount of time.

These numbers suggest that local call center companies in the Philippines remain efficient despite the restriction imposed by the virus.


Where do the Philippines Stand Per Industry Market?

Since we already know how the workplace environment helps any call center company in Philippines excel, let us see how it applies in the Philippines. 

By looking where the country stands per the industry, we will be able to see how employees respond to a comfortable workplace.

Here is the top call center destination per industry:

IT & Software Development
Rank Country
1 India
2 Ukraine
3 China
4 Poland
5 Philippines


Rank Country
1 China
2 India
3 Philippines
4 Malaysia
5 Nepal


Rank Country
1 Philippines
2 Malaysia
3 India
4 Brazil
5 Ireland


Rank Country
1 Philippines
2 Malaysia
3 China
4 Mexico
5 India


Rank Country
1 Philippines
2 China
3 India
4 Ukraine
5 Poland


Looking at these tables we can conclude that the Philippines is among the top call center destinations for companies.

Rank Country
1 Philippines
2 China
3 India
4 Ukraine
5 Poland


There are a lot of factors why the Philippines is among the top offshoring destinations for companies. One of them is because Filipinos are satisfied with their work. 

According to a JobStreet survey, Filipinos are the happiest workers in the world. The Philippines topped the Job Happiness Index, with 73 people happy out of 100, just two points more than Indonesia at 71.

The Job Happiness Index Report also enumerated the factors that make employees happy at the workplace.

Filipinos put a high premium on great rapport with colleagues, convenient work location, and the company’s reputation. These factors can easily be attributed to the relational nature of Filipinos, the worsening traffic situation that results in unproductive hours for employees, and the need for stability in the companies they work for, respectively.

Other reasons for employee happiness are salary, benefits, leadership, career development, job security, culture, corporate values, training, work schedule, and immediate superior.

To hire Philippines call center, means to hire happy employees. And happy employees equates to better service and deeper dedication to work for your business success.


The Top SME-Focused Call Center Company in the Philippines per Industry?

If you are looking to hire Philippines call center, look no further than these call center companies.

Call centers in Manila Philippines are composed of top performing firms. Below are the best among the rest, categorized per industry.

IT & Software Development
Rank Country
1 Helpware
2 Magellan Solutions
3 OutForce
4 Calinovo
5 Flatworld Solution


Rank Country
1 Magellan Solutions
2 Global Sky
3 Optum
4 Executive Boutique Call Center


Rank Country
1 Magellan Solutions
2 OutForce
3 Executive Boutique Call Center
4 Cloudstaff
5 Six Eleven Global Teleservices


Rank Country
1 Magellan Solutions
2 Six Eleven Global Teleservices
3 HireSmart Staff
4 Executive Boutique Call Center
5 Sourcefit


Rank Country
1 Magellan Solutions
2 Microsourcing
3 Executive Boutique Call Center
4 Outsourced
5 Calinovo


Looking at these rankings, it is clear that Magellan Solutions stands as the undisputed leader in providing SMEs assistance.

In choosing a contact center Philippines partner, entrepreneurs usually consider factors such as AHT, price and attrition rate. Believe it or not, Magellan Solutions shows excellence in all these metrics plus more:

Company Price ($/hr) Customer Satisfaction Employee Attrition Rate Average Handle Time (/minutes) Service Focus Industry Focus
Magellan Solutions 12.00 90% 18.50% 5.4 Voice and Non-voice Various

That is why Magellan Solutions is not only known as the premier telemarketing call center Philippines, it is also considered by many as the top Philippines outbound call center by many SMEs. 


Hire a Call Center Company in Manila Today!

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