Fb Pixel Types of technical support given by call centers

Types of technical support given by call centers

Types of technical support given by call centers

outsourcing technical support

outsourcing technical support

Technical support has been around ever since the use of computers has become widespread. Although there are now plenty of tech-savvy users, there are still more who need assistance with getting the wifi router to work and the like. Then, there are complex tech issues, such as hacked servers and malware.

Offshore call centers offer different kinds of services, one of these is technical support. Here’s a quick guide to several types of call center technical support.

Live chat support

Live chat support is perhaps the simplest but most useful type of tech support that any company can offer their customers.Whether it’s from a full-scale call center operation or a small business phone answering service, customers appreciate having a company representative to speak with whenever they run into tech issues they can’t handle themselves.

In this type of call center technical support, a live agent who has been trained extensively on the company’s products and services takes live chat sessions from distressed end-users. The live agent may offer the appropriate step-by-step solution herself or escalate the issue if she is unable to provide an effective solution.

Remote PC support

In this kind of service, an IT expert temporarily takes over your computer so that she can figure out first-hand what the problem could be. Most companies that offer this type of support give you the option to end the session at any time depending on your comfort level and privacy concerns.

Remote PC support is ideal for companies that have offices in several offices around the globe. Given the risk that comes with giving a third party access to your computer, it’s saved for complex tech issues that require the expertise of highly-skilled IT personnel rather than simple problems that have to do with app installments and internet connectivity.

PC repair

If you’re having problems with the hardware itself, you don’t always have to rush to the nearest PC repair shop. While not all PC repair issues can be fixed by end-users, there are more manageable hardware troubles that they can competently work on themselves. Moreover, recent trends in customer support show that customers are increasingly turning to self-service to address tech issues.

There are companies and call centers that provide PC repair services by walking customers through the repair process. This can be done over the phone or through live chat. PC repair service providers can also give them details about the latest antivirus software in the market and recommendations on how they can keep their computer systems running smoothly and efficiently.  

Personal tech support software

In keeping with the self-service trend, this type of call center technical support is often a combination of all the aforementioned services (that is integrating live chat, PC remote support, etc to the personal tech support software) . This type of software typically includes tutorials and walkthroughs that will help customers deal with just about any tech  problem they might encounter. It gives them detailed and precise information on simple matters like how to access files or the control panel, to more serious issues like security and viruses.

Personal tech support software is often meant for business use, but there are a few in the market designated for home use as well.


These are several technical support options you can choose from when outsourcing to a call center. You also have the option to integrate two or more of these options. We hope that with this blog post, we helped you with your outsourcing journey.


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