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Web-Based and Text Messaging Services for Healthcare

Web-Based and Text Messaging Services for Healthcare

Physician pagerDoctor’s pages have been replaced by less-distracting, less stressful and ultimately more effective services using web-based and smartphone-based software. Hospital administrators and physicians grapple with the complexities of shift scheduling, including management of emergencies, that has made medical practice unnecessarily cumbersome. The complicated workflow, the need for staff, specific resources and other requirements, treatment modalities and methods and conflicting hours of physicians — they require herculean effort and an exceptional eye for details.

They need a “silver bullet” to slay the monster. The search had been long, far and wide. But the search is over; the solution is within reach. It is called automation.

Modern computer software provides hospitals and physicians the tools that make the complicated and tedious task of shift scheduling into a structured process. It works around the clock to ensure adequate coverage of facilities in multiple locations, and it helps physicians deal with what the medical staff call emergency physician fatigue.

The volume of patients seeking emergency room treatments is rising. Patients prefer the ER as their first resort for treatment. As a result, emergency groups and departments often had to make quick decisions about staffing and treatment methods.

When done well, it can be a competitive edge and lead to more revenues. But danger lurks. When done in haphazard manner, it can wreck the morale of people working in the shift and upset their lives.
Burnout is a common complaint among people working in emergency medicine. It can lead to excessive fatigue and illness, and people who are tired and sick are prone to commit mistakes. In emergency medicine, a mistake can be fatal.

Scheduling software offers the following benefits:

• Reduced physician burnout
• Well rested physicians
• Better physician job satisfaction and morale
• Effective time management
• Easy last minute changes
• Fair and equitable schedules
• Improved emergency department productivity
• Less physician frustration due to cancelled time-off
• Improved patient care

By modernizing emergency department scheduling hospitals can guarantee the delivery to the public of top quality emergency medicine care. Through this software, the hospital can be assured of retaining the services of their best emergency room physicians.

Time is precious for people working inside the emergency room. A physician scheduling software helps make every second and every minute count.

Medical scheduling by professionals

Patient scheduling is also one of the most important operational systems in medical practice. Often, it does not get the attention it needs. The old-fashioned answering service company using pagers and on-call answering systems is a thing of the past. It’s time to update to virtual answering service that offers highly trained staff.

Instead of an answering machine, a highly trained agent takes the call, collects the necessary information and immediately sends it to the appropriate care facility, caregiver or nurse.

Patient scheduling requires patience and a sense of empathy. The agent must be sensitive to the needs of hospice and home health care services and attentive to the needs and concerns of the patients. This is a service that a machine cannot deliver.