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What Support Services Will Complement Telemarketing Philippines and Why?

By M. Edosma

Updated on April 30, 2024

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Now that you have a Telemarketing Philippines partner, what’s next?

The answer is simple: get a service that will improve it and take it to another level.

If you are not aware yet, to optimize telemarketing services in the Philippines, you need to combine them with other services such as phone answering and lead generation services.

In this article, we will help you identify services that can complement your outbound telemarketing services in the Philippines and offer rationales for why.

Why does Telemarketing Philippines Need a Complementing Service?

First and foremost, why do telemarketing companies in the Philippines need other services? Isn’t telemarketing a standalone BPO service?

Well. Essentially, telemarketing call centers in the Philippines can be a little restraining.

Yes, telemarketing is a telephone-based service that can help your company generate interest from the market. If you only need a cold calling company, telemarketing Philippines outbound can stand independently.

70% of global consumers have a favorable view of brands that contact them with proactive customer service notifications. So, cold calling works.

But it lacks the nuances needed to feel complete, efficient, and effective. How about the information clients share, the customer feedback, and the requested scheduled appointments? Those areas need maintenance as well.

So, our point is that BPO services are codependent on each other.

Telesales Company Philippines creates prospects, informs people about what you have to offer them, and provides the opportunity for customers and businesses to learn more about each other. 

While other functions help convert those opportunities into business for your company.

Without the other services, everything will feel lacking and incomplete.

So anyway, here are five services that we think your telemarketing Philippines partner will need.


Services that Complement Telemarketing Philippines

There are a boatload of services out there, but only a few of them can complement  Filipino telemarketers.

Here are some of them:

1. Phone Answering Service

A BPO company’s phone answering service assists businesses in quickly responding to live calls. 

However, the questions and concerns you will receive vary depending on the service you will receive and the industry to which you belong.

Getting an answering service can be a value-adding experience for your business. It is much easier to pay someone else to pick up the phone than to have your employees multitask. It helps you save time and resources with only a few dollars.

Furthermore, a high-quality phone answering BPO can significantly improve your brand image, customer satisfaction, and retention

When you have a phone answering service alongside your telemarketers, you’ll never miss an important call or message again.

You will be able to convert concern and complaint calls to sales seamlessly. You can also receive messages on time even if you are in a business meeting. 

It is a helpful and value-adding asset for your business.

Here are other services you can avail of under Phone Answering Service:

  • 24/7 Answering Service
  • Virtual Assistant Call Answering Services
  • Internet Telephone Answering Services
  • Answering Services for Small Businesses
  • Emergency Answering Service


2. Appointment Setting Services

Let us say your customer is interested to hear more about your product or service, but he does not have the luxury of time. He wants to meet with you and take a little of your time to discuss it. The only problem is your telemarketer does not have your schedule. What will you do?

Yes, you can ask your customer to call some other time. However, according to 36% of survey respondents, the most aggravating aspect of a bad customer service experience is an agent who lacks the knowledge or ability to resolve their issue. 

Customers hate having to repeat the issue over and over. That is why it helps to have an appointment setter, which can help your customers feel secure with your brand.

The appointment setters’ goal is to convert prospects into interested buyers. To do so, they must first contact potential clients to introduce the company and discuss its products or services.

Because this is more of a “marketing” job, it’s critical that an appointment setter has a business marketing background and is knowledgeable about the company, particularly its products and/or services.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone with these skills and capabilities. That is also why most businesses hire a call center outsourcing Philippines company.

If your organization relies on leads, spending money on appointment-setting services is important. This is especially important for businesses that spread themselves too thin and suffer from a lack of production in one or various other areas.

Here are other services you can avail of under Appointment Setting Services:

  • B2B Appointment Setting Services Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing Lead Capture Services
  • Outsource Telemarketing Booking Appointments


3. Lead Generation Services

Cold calling is not the only way to market and generate leads; there are plenty of other ways.

A comprehensive lead generation service can give you several ways to do it.

So, lead generation is a marketing process used to capture the public’s interest in a specific service or product. 

The goal is to develop a sales pipeline, allowing lead generation companies to target ready buyers for their clients more efficiently. 

The most popular forms of lead generation are Online lead generation, B2C lead generation, and B2B lead generation services. 

It goes hand-in-hand with telemarketing, as Lead generation services are a more concentrated form of marketing. Their sole focus is to pique the customer’s interest and give the telemarketing team a head start.

Here are other services you can avail of under Lead Generation Services:

  • Database Service Management
  • Cloud Data Management Services
  • Data Quality Management Services


4. Data Management Services

With a growing sales pipeline, you will need more people to handle the data boatload.

Yes, you can have technology take care of that. But they will never sort out automatically like you intended to. You will always need people to monitor it. Call Center Services Philippines can help you with that.

Within a business or organization, data management entails several operations and the process of gathering, storing, and distributing data. 

It performs data mining, cleansing, entry, processing, and verification functions. Thanks to effective data management, your company will have access to high-quality data. 

As a result, you’ll be able to make more informed and efficient business decisions.

Telemarketing and DMS complement each other because telemarketers need data to make a sale. Without it, there are no grounds that the agent can use to make leverage.

66% of telemarketing Philippines outbound call centers believe customers will prioritize the accuracy of the data provided.

Even more so, all data that a telemarketer collects must be organized. ISO-certified companies need to protect data and to do so; they must be able to identify it properly.

Here are other services you can avail of under Data Management Services:

  • Database Service Management
  • Cloud Data Management Services
  • Data Quality Management Services


5. Omnichannel Services

Here is a fact: Two in every three consumers think that omnichannel customer service is improving.

Marketing your brand is not limited to phone calls. Eventually, you will have to venture into other mediums.

Client interaction takes place across multiple platforms in a multi-channel contact center. Voice, chat, email, and social media are some of them. 

Omni-channel customer engagement solutions aim to connect with a broader range of customers across multiple touchpoints.

Say, for example, your customer is interested after you make that cold call. However, they do not have good telecom service, so they will use other mediums to connect with you.

How can they do that if you do not have an omnichannel service?

This service allows your telemarketing partner to expand their target audience as they can engage with different prospects from various platforms.

Furthermore, customers can easily find you anywhere through multichannel.

Here are other services you can avail of under Omnichannel Services:

  • Omnichannel Call Center
  • Non-voice Omnichannel Contact Center Solution
  • Email Multichannel Contact Center Solutions


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      What Support Services Will Complement Telemarketing Philippines and Why?

      M. Edosma

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