Philippines is the #1 Choice for Medical BPO

Philippines is the #1 Choice for Medical BPO

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Why is Philippines BPO the Perfect Choice for Your Outsource Medical Billing Service?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Why is Philippines BPO the Perfect Choice for Your Outsource Medical Billing Service?

Why do many hospitals and clinics prefer the Philippines to outsource medical billing tasks?

Many start-up healthcare facilities want to outsource medical billing service in order to focus on their core function.


So, hospital owners are naturally looking for a place where they can outsource billing services


But unlike other BPO functions, any outsourced medical-related tasks require special qualifications.


For starters, agents working on billing outsourcing services should have an experience talking with a patient. 


These callers already have enough stress because of their health conditions. In fact, 98% of patients have a bad impression of clinics that have poor telephone communication skills.


Ergo, you need to look for an outsourcing company that offers agents with experience in the medical industry.


Which Country You Should Look for Medical Billing Process Outsourcing Companies 

To trim down our options, it is important to check which countries offer the best medical practitioners in the world.


Then, cite which of these countries offer outsourcing billing services for physicians and other healthcare professionals.


So to start, here is the top countries in the world that produces best medical practitioners:


    1. United Kingdom
    2. USA
    3. Canada
    4. Germany
    5. France
    6. China
    7. Ukraine
    8. Russia
    9. Philippines
    10. Netherlands


Among the countries on the list, the Philippines is the only country that is also in the top outsourcing destination.


Although some of these countries also have some outsourcing companies, it is not as extensive as to what the Philippines can offer. 


Aside from that, it is already a proven fact that some Filipino medical practitioners shifted their career in the call center industry for various reasons.


For example, around 200,000 of Filipino registered nurses are currently working in non-hospital jobs like the BPO sector.


The Philippines medical billing outsourcing companies also provide more affordable pricing compared to its competitors. 


They also conduct training to further improve the skills of their call center agents who already have a medical background. Most of the training involved crisis management and customer interaction.


Filipino Healthcare Professionals and How They Can Help in Your Outsourced Billing Services

We already established that the Philippines is your best option when looking for a full service medical billing company


Now, let’s check out some healthcare workers that can definitely work for your clinics. 


We will also provide some reasons why many Filipino medical professionals work in the BPO industry.


Nursing is one of the most popular courses in the Philippines. So there’s no doubt it has the most number of healthcare workers in the country. 


There are more than 30,000 to 40,000 nursing graduates yearly seeking for any opportunities. 


Of course their first option is to look for any hospitals and clinics where they can apply their knowledge.


However, not everyone gets the opportunity to work in hospitals or abroad to practice what they’ve studied. That’s why many set their eyes on applying for a position in a call center company.


In terms of working with medical billing outsourcing companies, nurses can apply their experience dealing with patients in distress.


On top of that, they have professional etiquette that your patients will surely appreciate. 


62% of callers believe that knowledge in handling the situation can significantly increase your customer satisfaction score. 

Why Would Nurses Change Their Careers and Work in Outsource Medical Billing Service?

Around 45% to 50% of nurses working in the call center industry said that higher salary is the reason why they shift careers.


On average, a Filipino registered nurse gets around $200 – $500 when they work in hospitals and clinics. 


On the other hand, working in a call center as an agent gives them $400 – $600 monthly salary.


You can definitely take advantage of this reason since you can attract many professional nurses to work for your medical billing service if you have a more competitive salary.


As stated, some professional nurses in the Philippines want to work overseas due to a higher salary. 


In fact, only 40% of registered nurses work in the country according to the Philippines Nurses Association. Most of them fly abroad as personal caregivers.


As a result, there are at least 2.9 million caregivers working in the US. Some of these healthcare workers want to look for opportunities in the Philippines so they  can work closer to their families.


This is where billing outsourcing companies can come in place. These companies can offer jobs for these caregivers once they go home.


The best thing about these caregivers is their exposure in taking care and communicating with foreign patients. 


It means they already have an experience in interacting with patients just like yours. It’ll be easier for them to communicate with your clients over the phone about billing inquiries.


With their experience in the healthcare procedures and dealing with patients same as your target audience, they can give you lots of benefits in your billing processing service.

Why Would Caregivers Change Their Careers and Work in Outsource Medical Billing Service?

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the main reasons why many overseas caregivers want to shift careers in the Philippines. 


More than 500,000 OFWs have to go back to the Philippines because of the crisis. 


As a result, it opens up so many opportunities for BPO companies to offer medical-related BPO functions like medical billing for small practices.


Hundreds of hospitals in the US and Europe also take advantage of this chance to get the best agents for their back-office functions.


Thus, telehealth call centers are one of the most in-demand services for many call center companies in the Philippines.


Pharmacists is one of the rising medical-related professions in the Philippines. Currently, there’s more or less 50,000 pharmacists in the country.


The Philippines government plans to boost the number of pharmacy graduates by offering scholarships for students who want to pursue pharmacy courses.


On top of that, The Philippine Pharmacists Association Inc. (PPhA) conducts several conventions that encourage others to consider pursuing the pharmaceutical industry.


Having this government campaign can help you to get more pharmacists to work for your medical billing process.


Aside from having a medical background, pharmacists also have expertise in medicines and other drugs that might be included in customers’ bills. 


They can explain it better to them in regards to usage and insignificance of the medicine in their recovery.

Why Would Pharmacists Change Their Careers and Work in Outsource Medical Billing Service?

Among the 50,000 licensed pharmacists in the Philippines, only 23,500 of them work in their field of expertise.


It means more than 50% of pharmacists are currently working in other professions. 


One of the reasons why they want to work in the call center industry is also the higher salary package.


For example, they can get 60% more salary when they work in the call center industry compared to what they’re getting as a licensed pharmacist.


Just like nurses, some of these pharmacists want to provide a better quality of life for their family.


When you have a pharmacist working in your medical billing service, chances are patients would likely recommend you to their friends.


72% of your existing satisfied clients will likely recommend you to 6 of their friends.


Currently, there are 40,775 doctors working in 109 hospitals in the Philippines. 


Some of the most in-demand specializations in the Philippines are physicians, cardiologists, and neurologists.


There are very few professional doctors working in the BPO industry. Some of them served as a team leader or manager in a medical-related back office function.


However, doctors working for your medical billing process is a valuable asset for your company. They have a wide range of expertise that they can share with your agent.

Why Would Doctors Change Their Careers and Work in Outsource Medical Billing Service?

Out of the medical practitioners we listed here, doctors are the most unlikely to shift their careers. 


After all, they did not just study more than 10 years to work in the call center industry.


But, there are some doctors who decide to work in other industries after they experience the hardship of working in an emergency room.


One of the most obvious reasons is the amount of workload they’re getting as a doctor. According to the World Health Organization, the ideal doctor to population ratio is 1:1000.


However, the current number of doctors makes it to at least 1:2500 ratio between doctor and the population. As a result, 62% of them felt symptoms of burnout in their jobs. 


So, if you could offer a better workload than they have in hospitals then there’s a chance that you can get a doctor to work for you.

Philippine Government Encourages Other Medical Professionals to Consider Health Billing Services

Another reason that you should consider outsourcing to Philippines billing outsourcing companies is the support from the government.


It started in 2012 when the former Labor Secretary put forward the idea of pursuing “non-traditional” health-related call center jobs for more than 100,000 unemployed nurses.


According to the same report, there were more than 100,000 call center openings at that time exclusive for nursing graduates.


Aside from these job opportunities, the government also provides several tax exemptions for foreign companies investing in the Philippines.


So, not only can you get the best agents with excellent medical background, you can also save tons of money when you outsource in the Philippines.


Your hospital can use this saved fund to improve your facility and medical equipment.

Outsource Now with One of the Best Medical Billing Process Outsourcing Companies

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Qualifications include experience from the industry they will work in like medical background or any related training for your health insurance billing services.


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