Why You Should Not Hire Lawyer And Instead Outsource Legal Call Center Services?

Why You Should Not Hire Lawyer And Instead Outsource Legal Call Center Services?

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Why People Are Choosing To Outsource Legal Call Center Services

Legal issues exist all over the world. But the severity of the issues varies depending on where you are. 

One of the most common legal problems are related to money, housing, and debt. 

The World Justice Project conducted a study. According to their findings, it was concluded that there was at least one out of four people that say their legal issues are so bad that they ended up having physical or mental distress. Moreso, one out of five people said that they lost their jobs or homes because of legal problems. 

According to a survey, over 50% of US citizens claim to have had a legal issue within the last two years. To simply put, there is an obvious need for lawyers.

But despite the obvious need for legal counsel, 77% of those with legal issues did not get a lawyer.

This leaves us all with the question of ‘why?’


What are the reasons we can give to answer your ‘why’?

Magellan Solutions believe that it is plainly because the currently tight, post-pandemic labor pool, trained, quality legal intake professionals are hard to come by. As a result, law firms are turning to outsourcing their intake, receptionist, and onboarding services. 

So why outsource your legal phone calls?

Overpriced Lawyers

A big number of American citizens simply don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer. Lawyers, depending on their specialty and experience, may cost from $500 an hour. Even simple cases usually cost up to thousands just considering legal fees. On the other hand, other cases that are more complex can cost three times higher than the price of a small island. 

Lawyers have an extreme reputation of being pricey. As a result, people automatically assume that hiring lawyers automatically fall out of their budget. Because of this, they don’t even give the option a second thought. 

For this reason, more and more attorneys choose to move towards a flat fee system.

Meanwhile, some lawyers hesitate to gravitate towards a flat fee pricing system. This is because they fear that they may cut themselves short for the amount of work that they put in.

However, it is believed that flat-fee pricing is the expected future of law firms. 

Lawyers Lack Transparency

According to market research done by our team,  lawyers have extremely bad reputations for a lack of fee transparency. Generally, people have a certain fear when faced with the final bill being handed over to them. As a result, they completely avoid getting an attorney.

Furthermore, clients feel that their attorneys have very little empathy for their situation. Their worry about how lawyers will bill them overshadows their trust. This worry sometimes even turns into anxiety where they feel a lack of control over the final cost. 

We can help replace that anxiety by laying all our prices down for collecting a document using legal document automation software. Through this, we are able to transparently create an attorney-client agreement even before the end of your first consultation. 

Lastly, our legal teams guarantee to help with the merging of whatever data from your matters and contacts. It is then auto-filled directly into a contract with our automation software. With the fee laid out from the very beginning, you’ll win your client’s trust, and abolish the need for anxiety surrounding the final bill.

Access to Free Legal Advice Online

Legal self-help websites provide an extensive collection of legal information all for free. However, self-help is not exactly a legal representation. It also does not constitute expertise in the law.

But it is understandable as to why consumers might consider the free alternative more compared to paying a lawyer. 

Ultimately, a personalized approach to legal problems is much more valuable than a free alternative or a lawyer. What good could being free be if it can’t adapt to your needs? And even with a capable and learned lawyer and attorney, if they do not have the ability to connect emotionally, then it’s not good either.


You have the right to outsource!

The processes of legal research and answering phone calls for law firms vary according to the country and the legal system involved. 

Contact us today and find out about how the legal process is in the Philippines!


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