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Virtual Assistant Services for Legal Offices

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 29, 2024

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Virtual Assistant Services for Legal Sector

Law offices are one of the most cluttered places. ITheya a lot of emails, phone calls, and paper documents everywhere. That’s why hiring a Virtual Assistant is an efficient choice.

LA’s lawyer’s primary task is to attend court hearings and defend their client. Most of their time is outside the office. Thus, they don’t have enough time to organize all their documents.

They can hire an in-house assistant but are too busy to manage the hiring process. Furthermore, solo practitioners don’t have enough budget for it. Hiring a BPO company for a virtual assistant is the most affordable and practical option.

Virtual legal assistants (VLA) can work remotely for your firm. Since they can work without much supervision from you, it will save you time and space.

Here are some of the tasks VLAs can do for you:

  • Legal Research and writing
  • Contract review and management
  • Legal Accounting
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Data Entry

There are a lot of things VLA can do for your firm.


Virtual Assistant Legal: Pros and Cons

Virtual assistants are a great help. But let us weigh the advantage and disadvantages of having one.

Advantage: Cost and Time Efficient

A lawyer is always choked up with a lot of daily tasks. But your virtual assistant can make your life easier by doing this assignment. You can focus more on the core legal aspects of your job.

You also don’t need to manage the non-core workload. The BPO company will also take care of employee benefits for your virtual assistant. You don’t have to worry about software, infrastructure cost, and other expenses.

Advantage: Better Services

VLAs constantly have updated software on their computers. Because of that, it can help get quick and accurate services in no time. 

You also don’t need to pay more for upgrades. The BPO company updates it every time. This can save you work time and extra costs too.

Advantage: Enhance Business Efficiency

Getting help on your tasks is best, especially if you have other things to do. When you have a lot of things on your mind, you tend to forget further details.

This is where virtual assistants can support you. They can do your daily activities so you can do your main task efficiently.

Disadvantage: Unavoidable Miscommunication

The only communication you have with your virtual assistant is online. Ergo, there are times when instructions might not be clear enough. Ensure to provide details to your VLAs before letting them do the tasks.

Disadvantage: Some Virtual Assistants are Working for Multiple Clients

Though they can work fast, VVLA’sattention is not with you. Sometimes, tasks are piling up, and they must do others too. To avoid missed deadlines, instruct in advance to your assistant.

Disadvantage: Unlikely to Train Your Virtual Assistant

Personal interaction is not possible between you and VLA. Especially if your assistant is from many miles away, most ideas they can get are either online or in your instruction. It will be hard to “personalize” their knowledge specific to your firm.


Virtual Assistant Pricing: Hourly Rate vs Package

When looking for a virtual assistant, you must also check the pricing. There are two types of cost breakdowns for VLA; hourly rate and the packages. Let us take a lot on those two.

Hourly Rate

This mode is essential if you have limited tasks to do for your VLA. Minimum tasks mean little amount of time to do it. This is also preferable if you have no specific assignment to give to your virtual assistant. There is no need to pay much money for easy jobs.

Package Rate

If you have a lot of tasks on hand and want VLA to work on them, then you need to have a package contract. You can give a fixed payment for your virtual assistant regardless of the tasks. Of course, you still need to pay overtime rates if you want them to work beyond work hours.


Virtual Assistant Agency in the Philippines

There are a lot of BPO companies in the Philippines that offer VLAs. Some were introduced in the market. SLikeVLAs, their task depends on what the law offices give them.

However, make sure that your partner BPO can secure all your data. This is the central issue when offshoring sensitive information.

Magellan Solutions can secure all your sensitive data. We have a 27001:2013 or the ISO/ISMS Certification. Companies have this certification as proof of passing the standard in data security.

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      Virtual Assistant Services for Legal Offices

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