Why You Should Outsource Sales Calls

Why You Should Outsource Sales Calls

Why You Should Outsource Sales Calls

Why we want you to outsource outbound sales calls

Outsourcing is simply a partnership that needs to be nurtured. Our genuine care for clients and their consumers is the main reason why industries choose us for their growth. 

As an outbound call center, we want to focus on making calls and connecting you to potential customers. Through our organic searches and paid advertisements, we help you reach a wider market. Furthermore, we help with gaining prospects. This is all the while we continuously inform them about your products or services. 

Magellan Solutions and the outsource sales team

Companies that have outsourced reported benefits. This includes cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and headcount reduction. Magellan Solutions believe that by outsourcing, we help you become more efficient. Furthermore, your company creates a positive disruption by incorporating emerging technologies. As a result, you drive innovation, speed to market, enhanced user experience, and improved performance.

All this is done with the help of our employees and teams from the following services:

The best cold calling services provider

Magellan Solutions has been in the industry for roughly two decades. We have cemented our company as one of the top choices through our cold calling services :

Appointment Setting

The process of dedicating a day and time for the prospect and the salesperson to discuss the product or service. Call centers are the ones to schedule an appointment based on the availability of both parties.

Lead Generation 

This creates opportunities for potential businesses with a prospect at many levels. It includes those with varied interests such as “call me in 6 months” or “send me some information,” etc. Contact centers help in achieving business goals as we have the right people, technology, and processes to deliver an outstanding customer experience for your clients.

Furthermore, we are law-abiding citizens, if you may. We adhere to laws to avoid being subject to hefty fines. We do not want to bother you any further which is why we follow:

Do Not Call List

Cold Callers who previously called and do not want to be contacted are required to put in their “Do Not Call registry.

Time frame

Cold callers are only allowed to call you between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Any call received beyond that time is considered illegal.

Establish Identity

Cold Callers should introduce themselves and explain the reason for making the call.


Know that the Securities and Exchange Commission requires all cold callers to be truthful.

The promise of outbound call centers companies

As one of the best providers in the country, we offer competitive outbound call center pricing. We also have years of experience to ensure we know what we are doing. And because we have mastered our craft, we can help you set up a more customized approach that suits your liking.

A lot of new firms today all look nice. But is their performance up to your expectations? Could they exceed looking nice and actually being nice? 

At Magellan Solutions, we fully take responsibility for you. We don’t just turn our backs on you when all else fails. We would gladly offer you alternatives and options to choose from. That is how much we want you to consider us as a long term partner.

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