Quantity & Quality Leads For Appointment Setting Outsourcing

Quantity & Quality Leads For Appointment Setting Outsourcing

Quantity & Quality Leads For Appointment Setting Outsourcing

Why we want you to outsource appointment setting with Magellan Solutions

Appointment setting is considered to be one of the most difficult parts of business development. It is a barrier to growing a company by increasing its sales through lead generation. Selling will not be possible without directly speaking to a prospect. This is mostly true for start-ups and small businesses. This is a crucial task. It is where your company offers a first impression to a prospect through any means. Your goal is to get these prospects interested in meeting your salesperson. 

This is why we want to be your partner. Our vision and mission perfectly align with yours. Once you decide to outsource with us, our appointment setters will help you with your business. We guarantee to persuade prospects to agree to an appointment for product or service presentations you offer. The appointment setter is skilled in spotting leads and finally, make the necessary arrangements for the scheduled appointment.

Our appointment settings will prove to be the best practices. This will eventually bring you a lot of valid deals.


Quality and quantity that our appointment setting services bring

Our outsourced appointment setters dedicate their time in receiving calls from interested clients and making numerous cold calls. It helps you generate higher revenue by increasing the likelihood of closing business deals. We multitask but still reach the goal you have set. From Inbound and outbound calling, we get to generate leads.

Inbound appointment setting happens when a prospect calls you to set up a meeting. Meanwhile, outbound appointment setting is something that your team initiates by calling a list of qualified business owners.

As a call center in the Philippines, we offer cost-saving services. It’s not exactly ‘cheap’ as it is promoted. Rather it is just because of the cost of living in the country. So, no. Our services don’t exactly come cheap. Which is why we can assure you that with these not-so-cheap expenses, you will get the quality that you can get from an expensive in-house team. And in the long run with your partnership with us? We will give you the quantity of closed deals.

In other words:

  • Outsourcing is cost-effective. You’ll find yourself paying a lesser amount compared to hiring an in-house staff.
  • Hassle-free work. We will handle everything for you. Recruitment, training, management, and infrastructure? We got you covered.
  • Work with sales and marketing experts to represent your brand. Our agents are trained by professionals so you can expect the quality of service from them.
  • We will meet your daily number of required phone calls. As a result, we increase your chances of creating sales appointments.

How to start a b2b appointment setting with us

If you do your appointment setting services internally, it could take you months to find the right person. Your objective to grow by selling might also be compromised and it could take you months to achieve results. We can help you speed things up. It would also be much easier to see the results especially when we can give accurate reports regularly.

Listed below are the general things to consider once you decide to outsource these services:

  • Length of contract
  • Number and expertise of agents hired
  • Location of client’s business
  • Existing labor market rate

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