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Outsource E-commerce Customer Service

Online shopping is starting to overtake physical retails and bricks-and-mortars given the accessibility of online shopping via computers and hand-held gadgets. Customers can now browse items, place orders and write product reviews online around the clock. To keep up, businesses must provide customer care across channels that span e-commerce.

An effective loyalty program will help increase online store traffic, encourage customer spending, promote the business and allow businesses to gather valuable data relating to seasonal sales and promotions. When done right, e-commerce customer care helps build customer loyalty and expand profit margins.

A business’ e-commerce needs will change along with peak season and off-season shopping trends. Magellan Solutions has a roster of customer care specialists who understand the need for flexible and responsive e-commerce customer care solutions in addressing fluctuations in customers’ shopping behaviour.

An E-Commerce business operates in a low-cost environment. However, low cost shouldn’t mean low quality and sub-par customer service.

Customer care solutions for E-Commerce businesses we can provide:

• Loyalty programs
• Invoice inquiries
• Balance inquiries
• Order tracking and fulfilment
• Customer care support
• Inbound sales support
• Billing support
• Replacements
• Account management

At Magellan Solutions, we strive to give clients a customized approach that best address their e-commerce customer care needs. Our e-commerce customer care specialists can augment your existing customer care services, and in the process, enable you to attract new customers on top of retaining current ones. They can help you meet the growing demands of customers on e-commerce channels and ensure customer loyalty.

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