Restaurant Phone Answering Service

  • Free up your time taking orders by employing highly-prudent order takers in the Philippines
  • Enhance your service quality by minimizing call waiting, call response delivery with optimized sales scripts.
  • Reduce operating costs by outsourcing to a restaurant phone answering service provider


What is a restaurant phone answering service? 

A restaurant phone answering service is a specialized version of call center customer service. It focuses on order taking, reservations, answering customer questions, and handling phone calls. Restaurant owners who keep a high volume of customers usually avail of this service. This is to accommodate all incoming calls at all times through 24-hour customer service.


With this service, busy owners can keep their customers informed. The service provides phone answering solutions to inform customers on the hours of operation, directions, pricing, and daily menu specials. This task is performed typically by virtual receptionists who are outsourced from a third party.


Why should you outsource your restaurant’s answering service?

Answering customer calls during non-working hours has been a concern among restaurant owners. Their house staff takes breaks, holidays, and nights off which leaves some calls unanswered. This explains how many owners seek phone answering services for restaurants. If you’re a busy owner, it’s in your best interest to get an answering service. 


Answering services are equipped to handle thousands of your customer interactions a day. It can also help you improve your customer service game by giving each of your callers the attention they need. If you let your callers wait on hold for too long, chances are they won’t be happy. This may result in losing some of your loyal customers.


How much does it cost to outsource a restaurant phone answering service? 

There is no fixed cost in outsourcing restaurant answering service. In the Philippines, the average salary for a receptionist is $301.68 per month. However, you can cut costs when you outsource a virtual receptionist to handle your customer calls. Here are the other factors that can determine the cost:

  • Number of hours you need the agent
  • Number of agents included in the contract
  • The length of time of the contract
  • The level of expertise of the agent hired
  • Existing laws set by the government on the services you request
  • The location of your business
  • Other extra services or add ons


What are the types of restaurant answering services?

    • Reservation setting. This service allows customers to place reservations and make bookings according to their own needs and schedule.
    • Virtual receptionist services. Virtual receptionists answer calls on behalf of the restaurant they serve. They perform tasks such as answering and transferring calls, taking messages and even scheduling appointments. They also send reports to their clients about customer calls and their duration as well as incoming inquiries and customer concerns.
    • Order taking services. Food orders can be handled much more conveniently by outsourcing a call center. This is why many restaurants outsource BPO companies to take care of the order from the clients on phone. Agents who handle this service are trained to upsell products and services. This is to enable customers to have more options and upsize their order.
    • Emergency dispatch answering services. Handling emergency calls demands excellent customer service. Restaurant owners outsource this service to have a timely response to emergencies. Having this service helps them become reliable no matter the time of day.


  • Customer service call scripting services. This refers to designing a customer service script. The script includes detailed words that should be spoken by an agent in handling customers. Restaurant owners don’t want their agents to sound rude or uncaring. For this reason, they ask for an effective customer service script. It guides agents to make customers feel how much they are valued by using polite tone and language.



What are the benefits of outsourcing restaurant answering services?

  • Cut costs on recruitment and training process of in-house staff by outsourcing to a third party
  • Access professionals who are well-versed with the tactic of customer dealing
  • Take advantage of advanced technology and tools to streamline business processes
  • Increase your order size through answering service solutions
  • Focus on your business core functions without juggling between in-house and call-in services


Magellan Solution’s Restaurant Phone Answering Service

Answering phone calls can be a major distraction for your employees at work. For this reason, outsourcing phone answering services to a BPO company is a good workaround. This will also give you more time to focus on your core activities. But before you outsource your phone answering services, you must first find a reliable outsourcing provider. 


In Magellan Solutions, we promise to deliver unrivaled services while meeting your expectations. With our 14 years of experience, we can provide you a high level of satisfaction by ensuring every call meets your customer’s expectations and needs. Are you planning to outsource? Contact us today.