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7 Ways to Improve Company Culture

By Janselle M.

Updated on June 4, 2024

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Finding ways to improve company culture is crucial for success. It impacts everything, from performance to how the company is perceived. Imagine a company where everyone feels valued, listened to and inspired to contribute. Magellan Solutions offers seven effective approaches to improving company culture.

Why does company culture matter? It’s the soul of your organization. We see the benefits beyond the office when we focus on fostering a positive workplace environment. Employee satisfaction, productivity, and innovation naturally increase when we prioritize culture.

We offer proven strategies to help your organization attract talent, boost creativity, and provide personal and professional development opportunities. Additionally, we have included a section where the CEO of Magellan sheds light on the “why” and the “how” behind their successful journey.

Magellan Solutions can help by providing ways to improve company culture. We will help you understand your current culture and foster inspiring leadership. Witness a transformation influencing your organization and its most valuable asset—your people.

7 Ways to Improve Company Culture

Magellan Solutions helps you transform your office in seven ways to improve company culture. Create a thriving workplace that combines expertise and simplicity for genuine change.

  • Assess the Current Culture

Employee surveys are crucial for assessing your company’s culture and alignment with your values and mission. Gathering employee feedback regarding their experiences and priorities can detect gaps between the organization’s culture and employee experiences. This valuable feedback enables you to foster an inclusive and thriving workplace environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Encouraging open communication channels enables employees to express their concerns, ideas, and suggestions to enhance company culture. Gathering feedback helps you identify areas for improvement and address any issues that arise by actively listening to your employees. It can be through meetings, forums, or anonymous feedback forms.

  • Define Core Values

Identifying company values involves reflecting on the organization’s mission, vision, and guiding principles. These values should align with the organization’s goals and be communicated to all employees. Well-defined values ensure consistent operations and a positive reputation.

Aligning values and employee expectations helps create a company culture that aligns with employees’ priorities and beliefs. When you understand what employees value, you can shape the culture to meet their needs. It fosters higher job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Leadership Development

Leadership training equips leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage teams and foster a positive work environment. You can ensure your leaders are prepared to handle their duties and make valuable contributions to the company’s success.

Encouraging transparent leadership fosters open communication and trust among employees and leaders. It creates a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Continuous training programs enable employees to acquire and improve new skills. It fosters their professional growth and contributes to the company’s success.

Supporting professional growth enables employees to reach their full potential. It fosters a work environment that values their skills and boosts motivation for success.

  • Employee Recognition Programs

Recognition initiatives involve acknowledging employees’ accomplishments and hard work through different activities, such as:

  • Gift cards
  • Team outings
  • Milestone celebrations

These activities uplift employee morale and foster a stronger connection between the workforce and the organization. Employee recognition programs should be creative and timely and provide specific feedback to be effective.

Highlighting employee achievements in the company’s marketing materials, such as podcasts, newsletters, and social media, is a fantastic way to recognize hard work and foster employee pride. You can promote a culture of excellence and inspire others to aim for success by showcasing these accomplishments.

  • Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Providing flexible schedules and remote work opportunities enables employees to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. This inclusive approach caters to their individual needs and desires. It results in greater job satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention.

Prioritizing employee health and happiness involves providing resources and support to help them manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. It includes offering counseling, mindfulness training, and wellness programs. By promoting mental health and well-being, we cultivate a workplace that values and supports employees’ well-being.

  • Team-Building Activities

Regular team-building events foster employee bonding, trust, and collaboration. Employees can create a more cohesive and collaborative work environment through team outings, volunteer events, and exercises. Encourage team building to strengthen relationships and promote a positive workplace dynamic.

It’s important to create chances for employees to work together and exchange ideas. Businesses can achieve this through:

  • Cross-functional projects
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Team meetings

Promoting collaboration can create a work atmosphere that appreciates teamwork and innovation.

  • Inclusive and Diverse Practices

Embracing diversity and inclusion involves valuing and respecting employees’ differences. It promotes diversity in hiring and training and creates an inclusive culture. It promotes a work environment that celebrates differences and promotes equality.

Creating a supportive work environment involves providing resources like mentorship, employee groups, and diversity training to make employees feel valued and included. It leads to a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Executive Perspective: Leading Cultural Transformation

Have you ever wondered how a company shifts from a dull corporate routine to a thriving, familial culture? I sat down with Magellan’s CEO and co-founder about his distinct approach to enabling an environment outside the boardroom.

Prepare for an insider’s perspective as we explore the mind behind Magellan’s success. Magellan’s CEO reveals insights and personal stories that elevate the company’s culture.

Q: How did Magellan develop its unique company culture?

A: We didn’t want the typical corporate vibe. Magellan’s culture is more like a family reunion than a board meeting. We’ve always believed that people perform at their best when they feel part of a supportive family. It’s not just about hitting KPIs; we go the extra mile to ensure everyone has what they need to succeed in their roles.

We’re not in it just for the bottom line; we genuinely care about our team’s success. And you know what? It’s paid off. It has reduced our attrition rate in this competitive industry in the Philippines.

Q: As the CEO and co-founder, how do you ensure your core values resonate throughout the company?

A: Well, I don’t just preach from the mountaintop; I lead by example. You can only expect people to follow you because of your title. They’ll only follow if they trust and respect you and know you’re the leader who wants to take everyone to new heights.

You’ve got to walk the talk, or you’re just another manager. If you’re not authentic, you’ll lose the respect of your team, simple as that.

Q: Can you share a specific instance where improving company culture had a tangible impact on your team?

A: It’s not about flashy offices or fat paychecks. We’ve made our employees happy working for Magellan by creating a sense of community. People step up their game when they feel part of something bigger. We’ve seen more challenging work and better performance. They are all interconnected, and the attrition in the organization tends to fall, too.

One of the ways that we’ve been able to do such things is by implementing and supporting our culture committee team (culcom). The team is comprised of rank and file, with no management member as part of that group. It is the only group I directly meet to discuss ways to improve the company’s culture.

Transforming Your Workplace: Strategies for a Thriving Culture

Magellan Solutions has introduced seven practical ways to improve company culture. These strategies include assessing your current state and implementing team-building activities. It provides tangible actions for long-term success. Each strategy contributes to a positive workplace environment.

Investing in a positive company culture has long-lasting benefits. It boosts employee satisfaction and productivity and fosters a sense of belonging. It creates a strong foundation for success.

Magellan Solutions wants you to see these strategies as seeds for a sustainable future. A positive culture has far-reaching effects, such as fostering loyalty, attracting top talent, and helping your organization stay strong in the face of challenges.

Are you ready to reshape your company culture? Implement these ways to improve company culture today and experience the positive change they bring. Embrace the journey towards lasting success with Magellan Solutions as your guide.

Learn more about ways to improve company culture with our strategic solutions. Contact us today, and let’s build a thriving future for your organization.

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      7 Ways to Improve Company Culture

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