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Become A Global Business Through Multilingual Call Center Services

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on July 9, 2024

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Cater to customers in various languages with multilingual call center services

Globalization and the need to accommodate customers no matter where they are pushed the exponential need for multilingual call center services. Nowadays, customers are expecting they can talk to your business in their native tongue.

This is not only expected from industry players but also from startups and SMEs who want to achieve a global market reach. However, it is not an easy task to manage multilingual call center services, even bilingual call center services.

The easy answer is to outsource your needs. Other than saving yourself from the headaches of overhead costs and management of multiple languages contact center, you can get a competitive multilingual call center cost through offshoring.

What is Multilingual Call Center Services

Multilingual Call Center is a type of contact center that does not only cater to English or a single language, instead it can receive and process multiple languages as desired by your business.

The Philippines has been known as a top outsourcing destination thanks to BPO companies in the country that provide excellent customer services in the universal language, English. However, this country is also now front and center when it comes to bilingual and multilingual call centers that most businesses require today.

It is a common sight in the Philippine BPO industry to offer bilingual call center services and multilingual call center services. This is perfect for brands and companies, even startups and SMEs to communicate with customers in their native language.

But then again, you have very specific requirements that your outsourcing provider must meet to ensure you can maximize your partnership.

7 Use of Bilingual Call Center Services or Multilingual Call Center Services

Your dedicated bilingual or multilingual call center services interpret the needs of your clients through innovative contact support systems and CRMs. This way, they can offer robust contact support with a price tag of competitive multilingual call center cost.

These are the seven applications of these types of call center services.

1. Email Support

Email management becomes a roadblock, even as a multi language feature. When you require this service from a Philippine outsourcing partner, you can rely on multi linguists agents to take care of the collection of important messages and attend to concerns or issues a customer may need assistance with.

2. Inbound Support

Of course, phones are still the top choice for customers when reaching your business. Especially in the event of complex issues. It is a given that call center agents from the Philippines are excellent conversationalists in the English language.

Adding to that, you can get the services of inbound call center agents that speak the native tongue of your targeted customers. This way, you are assured that the customer’s concerns are understood in its proper context. This ideal scenario leads to a better customer experience, faster resolution time, and overall improved customer satisfaction.

3. Outbound Support

This is perfect for companies that want to tap a new market in a different region with target customers speaking their native language. Outsourcing multilingual call center services for this purpose will help you carry your message in your target’s local language, in the correct context.

4. Live Chat Support

To offer customer support via live chat is also a challenging aspect, especially when English is not their primary language. Aside from that, it is hard to read emotions from a stream of text.

That is why it is one of the best practices to create messages in a careful way to avoid miscommunication and unprofessionalism. Multilingual call center services can help you assign a proficient live chat support agent that can cater to your required language.

This way, the customers will get the impression that whatever their issues and concerns, they are talking, chatting rather, to an agent who truly understands them and their best intentions at heart.

5. Phone Answering Service

This is often an overlooked aspect of a business, especially for startups and SMEs. However, this is a must if your clients are from different countries and speak different languages.

You can get bilingual or multilingual agents to handle your front desk, albeit virtually. This way, you can relax that no matter what language your client speaks, you can get the proper messages they want to convey. Not to mention, you can get your reception covered after-hours or even 24 hours.

6. Social Media Support

Social media is an effective tool for building your brand and customer support. However, it could be challenging if you cater to a lot of customers with different languages. A careless and out of context message may be interpreted in the wrong way.

This can lead to misunderstanding or worse brand damage. That’s why you need a social media support agent or mediator that is efficient in the language your audience speaks. This way, you can avoid such grim scenarios.

7. Telemarketing Support

Your telemarketing efforts are doomed to fail if you cannot speak the language of your target customers. It is a bad idea to assume that they have a good grasp of English. Multilingual call center services can provide you with telemarketers who are fluent in your required language.

When you get this service, you can ensure your telemarketers can relay your messages to your leads in a way that they fully understand. This will maximize your efforts and your products or services specifications would be clear for your leads.

Magellan Solutions Offer Multilingual Call Center Services For SMEs

We possess in-depth industry experience when it comes to providing multilingual call center services for various industries in our 18 years in the business.

Magellan Solutions takes pride in its ability to offer stellar customer support for various customers across the globe.

Here with us, you can get your hands on intelligent conversationalists call center agents with fluency in these languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia

Also, we are ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant. This is our pledge to assure you that we have the security protocols to protect your data and information.

Contact us today and let’s reach your customer, wherever they are, whatever language they may speak. Offer the best customer support with us. Fill up the form below!

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