Become A Patient-Focused Health Organization Through Healthcare BPO

Become A Patient-Focused Health Organization Through Healthcare BPO

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Healthcare BPO Enables You To Be Patient-focused

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Healthcare BPO Enables You To Be Patient-focused

Make Use of Healthcare BPO To Deliver Efficient Healthcare Services


A study indicates that 47% of consumers say that healthcare is industry-focused when it should be patient-focused. 

Business comes first, second the patient needs. This has always been the case when it comes to delivering healthcare services.

But the pandemic changed the status quo. How healthcare facilities deliver their services is now in the spotlight. With highlights on efficient healthcare customer solutions. All the while doctor-patient satisfaction guaranteed.

This is where healthcare BPO comes into play. The healthcare BPO industry grows as CAGR projection is at 10% and will reach $312 Billion by 2025. 

This does not mean providing healthcare services that deal with medical and life science alone. Patient’s satisfaction beyond medical services is also a must. This means to free healthcare facilities from repetitive and time consuming tasks. This results in more focused healthcare professionals that delivers what they do best. Accurate and efficient healthcare to their patients.


What Is Healthcare Outsourcing?


This is where healthcare facilities contract non-core tasks to an external company. The go-to has now become healthcare BPO companies in Philippines and India.

The basic model of healthcare services is a patient seeing a doctor. Gets diagnosed or given a prescription and that’s it. Not taken into consideration is that administration is crucial to this oversimplified scenario.

Healthcare outsourcing lessens the burden of healthcare facilities when it comes to administration. Gone are the days of manual coding of medical records. As well as overdue processing of patient claims thanks to this service. 

Patient records are now digitized and live in the digital world. Claims processing accomplished in a snap.

Tasks Mostly Contracted to Healthcare BPOs Companies in Philippines

1. Healthcare Call Center Services

This is the process of screening patient calls. Sorting them based on their needs and services. Their calls forwarded to the department or medical professionals they need. Appointment setting and follow up on checkup schedules falls under this service.

2. Medical Billing Services

A patient could avail tons of services in one consultation. Most of the time this involves lots of department. Which tracking is tedious and you cannot expect your medical practitioners to do so. 

You are not paying them for it. Also it distracts them from doing their core jobs that is to care for patients.

Healthcare BPO can do this for your healthcare facility. Not to mention, their staff are experts and have tons of experience to do this task. You can ensure an accurate and seamless medical billing. Something your patients will appreciate.

3. Medical Coding

For this service, you need someone with knowledge and expertise about medical codes. These are the following:

  • ICD (International Classification of Disease)
  • CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)
  • HCPS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)


Inferior knowledge could incur losses and damage to your medical facility. That’s why looking for healthcare BPO with this knowledge is a must.

4. Medical Transcription

This task zooms in on familiarity and high level understanding of the medical field. Such as jargons and phrases exclusive to the healthcare industry. Accurate transcripts of patient’s medical information is crucial for doctors and nurses. So they can provide accurate and efficient medical diagnosis.

5. Insurance Claims Processing

This is important, just not so important to dedicate an in-house team to do this service. As doing so is not smart and costly. Healthcare BPO can ensure of accurate and fast processing of insurance claims. As they have the knowledgeable staff and infrastructure to do so.

These healthcare customer solutions work hand in hand with your core medical services. As you ease up with these tasks, you deliver better healthcare services to your patients.

Healthcare BPO in overall improves performance of your in-house staff and medical practitioners.


Why Healthcare BPO Companies in Philippines Should Be Your Top Choice?


If you are thinking of outsourcing non-core medical tasks, your best choice is the Philippines. This is not a mere lip service as there are reasons why this country should be on your priority list.

1. Proven Healthcare Experience

Healthcare BPO is just beginning to peak. BPO companies in the Philippines are among the first who jumped into the bandwagon.

Their staying power and becoming a key player in the market only means this country is a top choice by healthcare facilities worldwide. This contributes to their rich experience to deliver services no matter what the requirements.

2. Access to Specialists

The Philippines has one of the largest nursing talent pools. This creates the ideal blend of medical background and customer service compatibility. As English skill and cultural affinity comes natural to these people.

Also this country have a deeper understanding of western medical care. Communication and industry barriers are never a problem.

3. International Standards Compliance

Most of the healthcare BPO companies in Philippines follow worldwide recognized standards. These are ISO and HIPAA. ISO in general is for quality management systems. While the ISO 27001 family covers information and data security.

For the medical industry, there is a huge emphasis on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. Compliance to this is a must for healthcare BPO companies worldwide.

This provides credibility to a healthcare BPO company. That they give emphasis on the security of patient’s data and any medical-related information. This also reflects your medical facility as a whole.

Healthcare Customer Solutions Beneficial To Your Medical Facility


Healthcare outsourcing when done right is beneficial to your medical facility. Benefits you can also extend to your patients and customers in general. What are these?

1. Higher Profits

Outsourcing can increase medical facilities’ revenue by 30% up to 60%. How is this possible? Outsourcing enables you to hire specialists for your non-core tasks. But with increased efficiency. All these at an affordable but reasonable price. 

Also you do not have to concern yourself with recruitment and office spaces for these staff. This translates into huge savings. That you could invest in medical innovations to improve your services. Overall increasing your profit margins.

2. Focus on Patient Care

Patient care is priority as they are the lifeblood to keep your medical facility running. Outsourcing non-core medical tasks enables your medical practitioners to focus on matters that they do best. Deliver top notch healthcare services.

Your doctors and nurses can make diagnosis and accurate prescriptions. Through the help of accurate and accessible medical records. Which your outsourced staff prepared with efficiency. 

They don’t have to rummage through endless documents. Just zoom in on information that contributes to the medical problem at hand.

3. Expand Practice Offering

You must treat healthcare BPO as an investment, not a band aid solution. As you free your medical facility of these non-core tasks, you can expand your services. Saved costs now acts as investment on things and manpower that directly impacts your patients. This in turn creates the ability to expand your services in all directions.

4. Improve Customer Service

The healthcare industry is among the services with poor customer service. This does not mean bad medical practice in general. But more on how the medical facility interacts with their patients after providing the medical services. 

You cannot expect medical practitioners to entertain after-care services all the time. But you need to do so as a medical facility. This gives your patients that you care even after their consultation. 

Also their feedback could help you address their pain points. Before, during, and after they avail your healthcare services.


Magellan Solutions Is Your Healthcare BPO


If you are looking for a healthcare BPO, you are on the right page. Magellan Solutions is a top healthcare BPO company in the Philippines. With over 17 years in the service, we acquired industry experience relevant to the medical field. We can provide staff with medical background and experience to process your non-core tasks. 

Magellan Solutions is ISO 27001:2015-certified and HIPAA-compliant. We take pride in our information management and security protocols. 

Your outsourcing strategy should not be a matter of life and death. Call us today for your free 60-minute business consultation. Fill up the form below!


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