Why SMEs Turn To Financial Service Outsourcing

Why SMEs Turn To Financial Service Outsourcing

Magellan Solutions banner for Creating The Best Campaign With Telemarketing Philippines

Magellan Solutions banner for Creating The Best Campaign With Telemarketing Philippines

How does telemarketing Philippines do effective campaigns?

Telemarketing Philippines outbound can help you in several ways. One of the main purpose of this is talking to potential or existing customers on the telephone. 

Furthermore, telemarketing promotes your products or services, builds your customer database, generates leads and appointments, stays in touch with existing customers or generates new ones.


12 things that you’re missing out on telemarketing services in the Philippines

Telemarketing campaigns can help you reach a group of targeted prospects or customers to communicate a message, gather feedback, and determine a next step for the relationship.

A good telemarketing campaign plan clearly outlines the details and the scope of the campaign, so everyone is clear about what it involves and how it’ll work.

But there are campaigns that are missing components to make it perfect.

Here at Magellan Solutions, we list down the complete campaign components for outbound telemarketing services Philippines.

1. Determine telemarketing call center Philippines objectives

Here you will outline your Philippines outbound call center campaign plan. This is for using outbound telemarketing as part of or as an entire marketing campaign. 

Magellan Solutions help you determine your objective. What’s your primary objective for the campaign?

  • Lead generation
  • Generate sales transactions
  • Customer service
  • Market research
  • Branding

The other tasks in your telemarketing campaign plan task will cover your target audience, your list, your script, your campaign metrics, fulfillment, and testing.

2. Identify target audience

Here at Magellan Solutions, we start with focusing on a very specific and smaller audience. It’s much easier to deliver a message that resonates and gets them to take action.

Here are examples of different audience types:

  • Consumers searching for your solution
  • Consumers researching products or services
  • Executives
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Newbies
  • Customers

Describe the audience in more detail. What data is important in helping you identify the campaign audience?

3. Determine offer

“The offer” refers to what your prospects get by responding to the campaign. For example, receiving your value-packed email newsletter, a sale price, a free trial to a software product, a white paper, a spot in an important seminar. 

If you’re B2C, your offer is most likely a product pitch or a special offer.

Magellan Solutions is aware and careful  about “bribing” prospects. We don’t want artificially created sales appointments that will inundate the sales force and waste time. 

It’s not just the response rate that matters, it’s revenue produced by the campaign.

4. Selecting a list from a telesales company Philippines

Now think specifically about the targets you’re calling. Really target your audience.

Additional selections will cost more. But Magellan Solutions guarantee that a more targeted list can do a much better job of speaking to your audience’s exact needs.

5. Creating a script overview

Whether your typical call is fairly simple or incredibly complex, Magellan Solutions always create and use a script to:

  • Create a presentation to capture attention, build value and move the prospect forward in the least possible amount of time
  • Deliver consistent results with multiple people working on the program
  • Help you think through possible objections and questions and build them into your presentations
  • Provide a training mechanism for your reps
  • Provide a management measurement tool for underperforming reps

Creating your script is a mix of art and science. Thus, it’s a vital component of any telemarketing campaign.

6. Determine campaign metrics

Magellan Solutions further help you develop specific quantitative goals for your campaign. There is a definite increase in the number of new customers, leads, or even website visits that you’re trying to generate.

If your telemarketing is part of a broader campaign that includes other media, it’s more difficult to measure performance than if you were running a single media campaign. 

When creating a broader campaign, you should measure your overall goals and ROI at the CAMPAIGN level. We can work to tweak the individual media within the campaign, but remember that each media plays a role. 

7. Projected Response Rates

It’s always a good idea to project response and conversion rates. Instead of making a wild guess, use these general guidelines to help you make a more educated one.

Magellan Solutions’ method for Estimating Response Rates:

  • For a larger campaign, run a test ad and use that response rate as your guide or revise the campaign to shoot for a higher response
  • Your company’s past history on similar campaigns
  • Industry averages
  • Educated guess

This is necessary to project your initial ROI on your campaign. It’s also important for gauging the success of your campaign and for managing telemarketing reps.

Response rate estimates can range anywhere from <1% to over 20%. The wide variance is due to:

  • List quality: in-house lists perform better than cold lists
  • The quality of your offer
  • The relevance of your offer to your target audience
  • The age of the list
  • The number of dials you make
  • Your script
  • The quality of your callers
  • The time you call

Over the past few years, our previous and existing SME clients have shown that the average B2B response rate for telemarketing is ~6%.

8. Reach and Frequency Goals

How many individual people do you need to reach to achieve your goals? 

How many calls should you make to each person on the list? A good rule of thumb is to place a minimum of three calls. 

Remember that a marketing campaign is a series of touches with your market to communicate a key message. The keyword is “series”. It usually takes multiple touches for your audience to recognize your message and then respond.

Magellan Solutions determine whether you’ve reached the goal or not by multiplying the two numbers above — your people to reach and your frequency. This is your total number of calls needed.

9. Measurement

Measurement is critical. That’s why Magellan Solutions help plan how you’ll measure before you launch so you know you have the tools you’ll need.

How will you track each of your goals? Will you need any additional tracking systems to help you accurately measure performance?

10. ROI and Budget

What’s your return on investment (ROI) goal for the campaign?

You may want to lower your normal goal if the campaign is focused on branding. It’s extremely difficult to measure.

Magellan Solutions’ general ROI Goal

  • Use standard ROI threshold
  • Use a modified ROI threshold
  • This campaign is part of a larger campaign and it’s too difficult to evaluate the revenue that just this part will generate.
  • Instead, use a Cost per X to measure success.
  • What is X? (It should be one of your qualitative criteria above – for example, cost per inquiry, cost per order, cost per lead, etc.)
  • What’s your anticipated Cost per X?

You may use 6.9.b and 6.9.c to outline your cost and profit projections. Then, you can view your projected ROI and also see the maximum amount you can spend on the campaign and meet your ROI goal.

Is the budget feasible? If not, we can help either lower your ROI expectations, refocus the campaign to increase your quantitative results, or find alternative ways to execute the campaign at a lower budget.

11. Outline fulfillment

How does the audience respond to your offer? 

Magellan Solutions can help you figure out if you need any fulfillment materials for your campaign. We also help respond to and process inquiries.

12. Identify testing criteria

You should always test a large-scale campaign to optimize your results. Even on a small campaign, you can test a segment of the list first to evaluate your conversion rate before you roll out to a larger group.

Magellan Solutions list items you can test:

ItemsTest Criteria
ListDo you get a better response rate with more specific targeting?
Are there certain industries, locations, company sizes, or other selection criteria that produce better results?
Is the percentage of incorrect numbers acceptable?
Are the contacts accurate?
OfferWhich offer generates the most profitable revenue?
ScriptWhich script generates the most conversions?
TimingWhich day of the week generates the best response?
What time of day generates the best response?
What month produces the best response?
What season generates the most response?

Telemarketing and lead generation Philippines still work and it can work well

Telemarketing does not work for every application all the time. But it can and it will produce results when applied consistently over time to the right kinds of projects. 

As one of the pioneering contact center services Philippines in telemarketing, Magellan Solutions guarantees that you will have successful telemarketing campaigns.

Leave us your information below and we’ll get back with a personalized approach for you to take those leads under your name.



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