How Can Telemarketing Philippines Take Advantage of 80% Unanswered B2B Cold Calls?

How Can Telemarketing Philippines Take Advantage of 80% Unanswered B2B Cold Calls?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How Can Telemarketing Philippines Take Advantage of 80% Unanswered B2B Cold Calls?

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How Can Telemarketing Philippines Take Advantage of 80% Unanswered B2B Cold Calls?

Telemarketing Philippines provides various techniques on how your business can still convert the 80% unanswered calls.

Majority of B2B cold calls performed by telemarketers are either routed to voicemail or a bad number. That’s why many businesses turn to Telemarketing Philippines to solve this issue.


Meanwhile, B2B lead generation companies in Philippines figured out the common problem when in businesses’ telemarketing campaign:


  • Blocked outgoing phone numbers.
  • Phone number caller ID flagged as “scam likely.”
  • Inaccurate, outdated, or irrelevant call lists.
  • Improperly set dialer configurations.


With this in mind, let’s take a look at how telemarketing call center Philippines alleviate the situation for small and medium enterprises.

Call Centre Services Philippines Use Enhanced Caller ID Services

Most BPO companies in the Philippines used an enhanced caller ID. This service allows you to display your business name and logo on outgoing calls.


Moreover, you can also include other information about your company such as the department of where you’re calling from.


Hence, consumers can recognize you whenever you call their phone number.


On top of that, customers also do not want to answer calls from foreign phone numbers. So, imagine if you use a foreign phone number if you outsource to the Philippines.


Fortunately, BPO Philippines can also use a local number depending on your target customer. 


Ergo, you can have numbers for LA and New York at the same time even if you’re calling from another country. 


You can reduce the chance of unanswered calls by at least 50% since these customers won’t answer the call if they don’t know the phone number.

Philippines Outbound Call Center Companies Purchase Numbers from Reputable Sources

Customers usually received 16 unwanted calls per month. Most of these unwanted calls came from robocallers and spammers.


As a result, they will blacklist these phone numbers on their devices. Then, some companies will collect these blacklisted phone numbers and sell them to telemarketing companies.


So aside from being unrecognizable, there’s also a chance that your phone number won’t reach a large number of customers at all. 


That is why it is important to have a reputable source for outbound phone numbers. However, it may be hard to look for a trusted partner especially for a start-up business.


Hence, it will be more efficient if you outsource your telemarketing campaign to lead generation Philippines.


These BPO companies already have a lot of trusted sources for phone numbers that you can use for cold calling campaigns. 


It is due to the fact that they have years of experience in looking for reputable providers. They already know which vendor to trust and which are just scammers.


That’s why when looking for a telesales company Philippines, make sure that they have multiple years of experience in working with several industries.

Telemarketing Philippines Outbound Service Providers Swap Out Numbers Frequently

There are more than 54 billion spam calls in 2020 alone. As a result, 2.2 million fraud reports were filed and there’s a $3.3 billion loss due to fraud.


Furthermore, 31% of consumers reported a fraud claim after telemarketers contacted them multiple times over the phone. 


This goes to show that potential customers are actively reporting spam calls if they feel harassed by the telemarketers. 


To prevent this from happening, you should not let your agents call more than 100 times a day. This will help you avoid any detection from service carriers about spamming.


However, it might not be productive since you need at least 18 calls before you land a warm lead for your business.


Thus, limiting your call volume to 100 daily can negatively affect your telemarketing campaign in terms of lead generation.


This is where contact center services Philippines can come in handy. They can provide multiple phone numbers for your company.


That way, you can let the other phone number cool down while your agents use other numbers instead.

Call Center Outsourcing Philippines Regularly Monitors the Reputation of Your Outbound Business Phone Number

As a start-up business, your focus should not be on monitoring which phone numbers are considered blocked or flagged.


It is one of the reasons why outsourcing to outbound telemarketing services Philippines saves you time identifying which number is no longer usable. 


Checking the reputation of your business phone number increases your chance of getting in touch with your potential clients. 


It is because customers can easily recognize the legitimacy of your business. There’s a 69% chance that customers will answer the call if they identified your business as legitimate.


On top of that, you can also get more phone time if customers trust your business operation. You can get as much as 3 minutes of phone time with your customer if they find your business reputable.


So you help protect your business’ reputation if you have a provider that can watch your numbers for flagging.

Filipino Telemarketers Can Leave Excellent Voicemail Based Off a Script

You can’t solve all the unanswered calls by just implementing a new system and monitoring process. 


Some customers just can’t answer your call since they’re unavailable due to several reasons. Hence, you need to leave voicemail in order to state the purpose of your call.


Unfortunately, only 33% of people listen to voicemail coming from business phone numbers. One reason for not listening is unclear voices coming from telemarketers.


Most telemarketers have a thick accent that makes understanding the message hard for customers.


So aside from technical work, telemarketing services in the Philippines also have skilled telemarketers to help you improve your conversion rate.


Filipinos have a neutral accent which makes it applicable in every target audience for your business. 


On top of that, they have great English proficiency since they’re one of the best English speakers in Asia.


Overall, you can get more callback from potential clients if you deliver your intention clear in the voicemail message with the help of Filipino telemarketers.


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