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Business Processes Startups Should Outsource But Probably Aren’t

Business Processes Startups Should Outsource But Probably Aren’t

Talk Business has recently touched on a topic that is close to our hearts – the outsourcing of crucial tasks by startups and small businesses.

You may already be outsourcing your call center requirements, your lead generation and some of your sales requirements. But are you outsourcing the processes below? Some startups feel that these processes should be in-house never mind the cost. So explore these other frequently outsourced functions.

Are you outsourcing the following yet?

1. Virtual executive assistant – this outsourced job has been on the uptick recently in offshore locations like the Philippines. Just browsing online job portals will tell you that virtual assistant are in demand. According to a Gospyn.com co-founder, he utilizes his virtual assistant for diary keeping and client follow-ups.

2. Tech customer support – an extremely valuable addition to your product sales and development strategy, an on-call trouble-shooter keeps the customer satisfied and loyal. It’s almost too obvious to explain, but even the most user-friendly gadget or software will still confuse some of your customers.

3. Graphic design and other creative work – they are expensive in the United States, in the United Kingdom, most of Western Europe and pretty much in all of the First World. In the Philippines, graphic designers are very affordable. Often they are willing to do small tasks but are also have the expertise and skills to do big ones.

4. Social media management and social media listening – if you have not tried outsourcing social media management offshore, you are missing out on a lot of savings and output. Offshore specialists are not your typical marketing interns or junior employees; they are highly skilled and experienced in social media marketing, reputation management and overall maintenance of your business’ social media properties. Instead of saving money by giving the responsibility to the most junior member of your team or just ignoring social media altogether, try paying for an offshore social media professional.

5. Content development and management – if you think you cannot find a writer with perfect idiomatic English in India or the Philippines, think again. Some of your competitors may already be saving a lot on their content strategy while maintaining quality output. Online content is a primary growth factory of any web-based business. An extremely cost-effective team can improve your reach dramatically.

As a founder or leader, you will be wary of changing your company core values in your cost-cutting efforts. Magellan provides outsourced services for small business or startups understands this and this is the reason why our customized approach to outsourcing works. Find out what BPO services you can also outsource.


by: A. B. Brotarlo
Source: http://talkbusinessmagazine.co.uk/2015/06/24/5-areas-every-startup-should-consider-outsourcing/