Call Center in Philippines is a Resilient Market

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Call Center in Philippines a Resilient Market

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Call Center in Philippines a Resilient Market

A Stable Call Center in Philippines Is A Great Choice For Your Business


The call center industry in the Philippines is considered as mature, fragmented, and highly competitive. This in turn creates a dynamic but fierce competition among BPO companies in the country. 


BPO Philippines is Still the Best Destination


The ongoing pandemic left the world shaken up. This is proven for any industry. Some businesses struggled. Some unfortunately closed down. 

Workforces are reduced by half. It was a matter of adapting or dying.

The landscape in the BPO Philippines is proven to be resilient. As it chose to adapt in the economic shift. Most of the call center companies managed to weather the pandemic in the first hit. 

The national government implements lockdowns in the national capital region. Wherein most of the BPO companies are located. 


Philippines Customer Service Outsourcing


The Philippines customer service outsourcing industry definitely took a hit in the pandemic. Industry experts claim that despite the negative effects of the pandemic, the Philippines still has a good standing in the world’s BPO market share. As it is projected to cross $11.78 Billion by 2025. 

Convenience of the low-cost talent in emerging markets such as the Philippines contributes to the growing BPO services market worldwide.

Cost saving is still the priority of any business. It is even more highlighted as consumer behavior changes due to the pandemic. This helps even more to make the Philippines as the top outsourcing destination. 

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is where you can have unlimited access to a skilled talent pool. At an affordable price. Outsourcing in the country offers scalability and flexible staffing to any business. 

BPO companies in the Philippines employ skilled staff to provide services to its overseas clients. The business process outsourcing in the country is a hybrid of excellent human communication and technology. 

Filipino call center agents are commendable due to their diligence and excellent work. Aside from the natural neutral accent and one of the top English speaking countries. 

Other than their communication skills, these call center employees have innate cultural heritage. These are hospitality, courteous, kindness and respect.  

Outsourced Services from the Philippines:


Magellan Solutions Is One of the Top Call Center in Manila


Located in the country’s business hub such as Quezon City and Pasig City. We managed to lessen the effects of the pandemic and the lockdowns in our operations

We made the necessary changes to keep our services afloat:

  • Shuttle Service
  • Staff House
  • Work-from-home set up
  • Strict Physical Distancing
  • Daily Cleaning Maintenance
  • Free face mask for employees


We strive to keep our services as excellent even before the pandemic. We can say we are ready for the new normal. This is to show our dedication to our clients. To help them re-build their business and achieve a wider market reach

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