Characteristics of Ideal Agents for a Chat Support Company

Characteristics of Ideal Agents for a Chat Support Company

Characteristics of Ideal Agents for a Chat Support Company

Characteristics of Ideal Agents for a Chat Support Company

What Should You Look for in Agents for a Chat Support Company?

Looking for the best agents in a chat support company can be a difficult task. Especially if there is a lot to choose from.  In the Philippines, there are more than 800 BPO companies that offer this assistance.

Live chat outsourcing becomes a trend as more people rely on their phones to browse products. Therefore, they tend to interact with businesses through text. Meanwhile, phone call conversation becomes less popular because of inconvenience.

So, what are the qualities of the agent that you should look for? Let us take a look at some of it:

Familiarity With Your Product

Of course, if a BPO company will represent you, they need to know your services. However, aside from awareness, agents must go through product training. This is to ensure that all customers’ inquiries will have an accurate answer.

Good thing, contact centers in the Philippines provide thorough training for their agents. Make sure to partner with a BPO that can adapt to the vision of your company. It will also help with the image branding.

Competent Communicator

Although the accent is not a factor in chat support, grammar and proper tone are important. Clients can misunderstood your agent without a proper speaking tone. They need to have a “friendly voice” through chat.

It takes effort to master it. However, Filipinos are very friendly so it is not a big issue for them. Therefore, it is easier for them to compose a text message than talking over the phone.


A call center agent can only talk to one customer at a time. On the contrary, the chat support can interact with multiple customers at the same. Thus, these agents need to have the ability to do many tasks simultaneously.

It is perfect for Filipino agents as they can do several duties. Besides that, they can perform it with maximum quality still. Great service is still present even if there is a massive amount of responsibility.

Team Player in a Chat Support Company

Being a team player is essential in every job. This is more evident in the customer service industry. There are some customer-related issues that your agents are not familiar. Therefore, they will need to ask questions to properly addressed the concern. An agent with no teamwork will carelessly respond to the concern.

Philippine BPO companies have the training to improve the cooperation of agents. It is critical for the contact center industry as every team needs to reach a particular quota. With this in mind, they can’t reach it if someone is not functioning well.

Critical Thinker

When addressing a customer’s problem, your agents need to have an immediate solution. The majority of companies that solved customers’ problems in the first interaction improved by 30% in their service. It is because the client appreciates a quick resolution to their issue. Thus, they have a higher tendency to purchase your product or service again.

There are still a lot of things to consider in looking for chat support agents. But these are some of the most important attributes.


24 7 Web Chat: Easiest Way For Brand Awareness

Many consumers right now are using their mobile devices in searching for products. Therefore, it is easier for companies to advertise online. However, posting alone is not enough. Potential have some questions in mind about your services. 

This is where 24/7 chat service comes into action. Customers can only browse online during their convenient time. Around-the-clock online presence ensures that there are available people to answer inquiries. As a result, they will be aware of your branding easily.


Live Chat Answering Service: Fast And Easy Sales Conversion

Brand awareness can result in easy sales. Because people are more familiar with your product, they will consider you in the future. Your company will come into their mind first if they need the product you are offering.

This is the reason why the live chat answering service is a “must-have” for every company. It makes marketing and sales easier. Besides that, people will tag you as a reliable business. Thus, it can provide you more future customers.


24 7 Chat Platform: What Are These Platforms?

Once you figure out the kind of agents you want for your chat support. You also need to determine what platform are you going to use. There is a lot of software that offers the best customer service experience for clients.

Among these choices, here are some of it:

  • Podium Webchat – Best for the majority of users
  • HubSpot Live Chat – Best free live chat software
  • LiveChat – Best for converting website visitors into buyers
  • LiveAgent – Best helpdesk live chat software
  • Olark – Best live chat software for sales and marketing
  • Chaport – Best beginners live chat software
  • Pure Chat – Best live chat tool for small businesses
  • Sendinblue – Best support and marketing suite
  • ChatBot – Best live chatbot tool
  • Freshchat – Best for B2B interaction
  • Trengo – Best for omnichannel customer support
  • ClickDesk – Best for voice and video chat

If you partner with BPO companies, there’s no need to worry about this. They will provide the proper software that is appropriate for your service.

If you are new to outsourcing, then Magellan Solutions can help you. We have top-of-the-line technologies to further improve your operations. Besides that, our implementations manager can help you with the service that you need.

We also take pride in our world-class agents. They went through training to enhance their skills in sales and customer service. Contact us today and get a free 60-minute consultation. Please fill out the contact us form today.


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