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Data Cleansing And Migration: The Solution To Exploding Data?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Data explosion.

The world has been consuming data at an unprecedented level. This is a necessity, as it will lead businesses and other organizations to decisions that will make them a fortune. Data collection and analytics will bring them closer to their customers as they analyze consumer behaviors and demographics. Without well-organized and accurate data, businesses will walk in the dark. They are clueless about what their customers want.

True enough, data is a crucial element that should be included in strengthening business strategies — but not to the point of over-collecting. Everything should be kept in moderation.

However, this is not how the world works. Experts predict that by 2020, annual data production will have a 4,300-percent increase even when companies only use a fraction of the data they collect and store. As it suggests, these businesses spend much of their time, money, and effort on something that does not give them 100 percent beneficial and strategic information.

Instead of hoarding data, they can focus on smart data, as the KPI and Big Dat guru Bernard Marr suggested in a Forbes article.

“In the rush to avoid being left behind, I also see that many companies risk becoming data-rich but insight poor. They accumulate vast stores of data they have no idea what to do with and no hope of learning anything useful from.”

To achieve resilient and reliable data supporting the entire organization, Marr added that executives should first define the questions they need answered. After collecting and analyzing that data, they can answer the inquiries to help them develop sound decisions.

But what if the business has already collected so much data? And here’s another catch: they are still keeping the data they collected ten years ago, believing they can still put it to good use.

In their case, seeking the help of professionals is a smart option.

Data cleansing and migration are integral to keeping businesses’ databases in good condition.


How can Data Cleansing and Data Migration Prevent Data Explosion?

Data cleansing and migration are two elements that help businesses sort out data.
By definition, data cleansing is modifying or eliminating errors using statistical analysis tools that read and audit data according to a list of predefined constraints. As it eliminates unnecessary information, more space is allocated to the data businesses have yet to collect. Keeping only the data that they need helps them simplify their data analysis.

Data migration, on the other hand, is applicable when businesses need to transport their data from one computer, storage device, or format to another.

Some databases do not have the same functionality as the ones available today. As mentioned above, there will have a tremendous increase in annual data production. Transferring data to a more upgraded one is an intelligent preparation for that forecasted event.

These two processes are the most straightforward ways to prevent data explosion.


Data Cleansing Outsourcing

Outsourcing data cleansing services enable you to mitigate the risks of data explosion. Take advantage of the cost-effective expertise and professional service of data specialists from reliable outsourcing companies. With your database in good condition, you can reduce errors while enhancing your processes.

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      Data Cleansing And Migration: The Solution To Exploding Data?

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