Fb Pixel Do You Understand Your Customers?

Do You Understand Your Customers?

reduce customer frustration with top customer call center serviceYou’ve heard it all before. You’ve probably even used the slogans in ad campaigns at one point in time We’re referring to slogans such we “we give the best customer service around because we love our clients”.

While we’re not saying that you’re a liar, we do wish to remind you that you better mean what you say. Not only will you be accused of false advertising; you wouldn’t want to be accused as nothing less than truthful. However, that is the sad reality—a lot of companies today are not exactly truthful. The numbers reveal that not many businesses understand their clients.

Not convinced of this blaring headline?

Consider the heart-breaking numbers: In the online retail industry, for instance, some 49% of survey respondents revealed that many e-commerce providers need to integrate the online shopping tools (browser, shopping cart, help desk) in order to provide a better shopping experience. By the same token, around 94% of survey respondents found in-store shopping a lot easier. As for the mobile shopping sites that are starting to become a widespread trend nowadays, only 28% of shoppers actually found them easy to use.

In plain English, what all this is saying is that while many companies do provide various shopping tools, they only seem to give customers what THEY think is cool—and not what suits the clients’ needs and wants. If a customer calls up your inbound complaints hotline telling you that she hopes to see a cleaner shopping interface on your newly-launched mobile site soon, for example, then you would be wise to give her just that. Because the truth of the matter is that she might not be the only one who wants to see such an interface.

The reality is that today’s multi-channel, social media-driven world has now made Inbound contact center feedback much easier to put across. A disgruntled client need not call up your eternally-busy call center to lodge a complaint against your website’s sucky interface; a quick Tweet will suffice. You should, therefore, take note of that timeline post and do something about it. This will show that you care because you listen. And thus, you won’t be accused that you do not understand your customers.

One quick question: Do you truly understand your customers? Magellan Solutions can help you build multi-channels to make responses faster and more efficient than ever.