Fb Pixel Everyday Earth Day: 10 ways to go green in the office

Everyday Earth Day: 10 Ways to go Green at Work

Everyday Earth Day: 10 Ways to go Green at Work

Make every day Earth Day

Make every day Earth Day

Once a year, companies participate in the celebration of Earth Day. There are social media posts on how to save the environment and posts that greet everyone “Happy Earth Day.” Office activities like “Plant a Tree,” “Green Party,” and “Vegetarian Day” are held to celebrate the Earth Day spirit. But how many of these activities actually change the employees’ lifestyle into something greener? Here are 10 ways to incorporate the green lifestyle in the office even if it’s not Earth Day:

1. Go Digital. Print less.

Think before you print. Do you really have to print that web page? Is it an absolute need to have those meeting agenda printouts? You can just save that web page on your computer files or online storage. You can just have a slideshow presentation for that meeting agenda so everyone can see and then email it to everyone present in the meeting. There are other ways to be able to print less. Just think before you print. It’ll save your company reams of paper.

2. Use an eco-friendly ink and an ink-saving font.
So now you have a document that really needs to be printed. Save more ink by using these fonts that use less ink: Ryman Eco, Calibri, and Century Gothic. These fonts are thinner, but still readable. They also still look corporate. There are also eco-friendly inks that were made from non-harmful materials that make recycling paper easier.

3. Use reusable/refillable pens (recycled pens too!).
Using refillable pens means using less plastic for the manufacturing of pens. You can also choose the pens that are made from recycled material.

4. Have a smarter travel.
If your office is not that far from your home, take a bike or walk to get to your office. Invite your officemates to do the same. You can also utilize public transportation especially when you’re just driving your car alone. Aside from saving gas, you also improve your health. If you’re buying a new car, choose the eco-friendly ones.

5. Reduce energy consumption.
Be the good office guy who turns off the lights when not in use and adjusts his computer to power-saving settings. Start with yourself and encourage everyone in the office. The energy savings are more than what you imagine.

6. Conserve water.
Small things like turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth can result in big savings on water consumption. Regularly check if there are leaks in the kitchen or in the washroom. While being good to the environment, your company can also save money from paying expensive water bills.

7. Go for more reusables.
Without realizing it, ordering lunch and snacks through food delivery or takeout contributes to tons of waste on the planet. Encourage your coworkers to pack lunch and snacks in eco-friendly reusable containers instead. Also, always have these reusable containers handy for office parties. Find more opportunities where you and your officemates can use eco-friendly reusables instead of generating more wastes by using lots of disposables.

8. Eat well. Feel good.
Live a healthier life through eating less processed food or “junk food.” Manufacturing these kinds of food generates more waste and some of these waste materials are harmful to the environment. Choose healthier food options like vegetables and naturally prepared foods. You will not only make yourself healthier, but you can contribute to the betterment of our environment as well.

9. Take the stairs.
If you’re just one floor away and not in a hurry, why don’t you take the stairs instead? Prevent sedentary lifestyles with this simple act every day.

10. Recycle.
Find every opportunity to recycle. Whether it’s a used glass bottle, plastic container, or paper bag, find ways to re-use those. Avoid the consumerist lifestyle and let your creativity flow.

Magellan Solutions supports the greener lifestyle of its employees and encourages everyone to make Earth Day a lifestyle. As Magellan Solutions provides excellence in providing BPO services worldwide, it also strives to provide an excellent workplace that makes every day an Earth Day.