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Get 57% Purchase Growth Rate with Outsource Live Chat

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 14, 2024

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Why Should You Utilize Outsource Live Chat?

Consumers worldwide opt to consume products and services that involve a sense of personalization.

Today, businesses connect to their customers through various channels. These can be done via telephone, email, website, social media, and live chat. For this reason, the market expects fast and easy communication with different brands and companies.

On top of after-sales support, nurturing existing customers and going after new ones is the standard business practice.

This helps brands build rapport, grow their market reach, and increase their loyal customers.


Live Chat Satisfaction Rate Per Industry Before Pandemic

Consumers prefer personalization when they choose to deal with your business. Outsource live chat is a proven great addition to that personalized customer experience. Over the past few years, 41% of customers prefer chat support services as their top choice for customer support. 

A clear indication is that customers report being 85% more satisfied when using chat support services throughout their buying cycle. Inobtrusive embedded live chat support on the customer’s buying journey is commended. While overbearing ones tend to frustrate consumers. 

There is a clear significance in customer satisfaction ratings in various industries using live chat support. These are the following:

Industry Satisfaction Rate
Real Estate 98.56%
Transportation 90.86%
Technology 90.13%
Education 88.69%
Government & Non-Profit 88.64%
Manufacturing 87.71
Healthcare 86.26%
Consumer Products & Services 86.2%
eCommerce 86.06%
Banking & Finance 84.46%
Recreation 80.39%
Telecommunications 79.79%
Travel  75.88%

This is based on Statista’s survey before the pandemic. It is also good to note that 51% of consumers will likely buy again from a live chat support brand. 


Things to Consider Before You Partner with Live Chat Service Providers

Market segmentation is helpful for any business strategy. Whether for business growth, sales, or ROI increase. Such is also true regarding outsourcing, especially for chat support services

One thing closely related to live chat usage is age. However, assuming only Gen Z and Millenials use this to look for answers on a business’ website is also harmful. It is also dependent on the kind of service or product you offer. 


Use of Live Chat Per Age Group

Age Group 18-34 35-54 55+
Many times 18% 7.4% 10.5%
A few times 19% 32.9% 22.3%

Depending on the age group of your target customers, there is little difference in frequency of usage for people who use the internet when dealing with your business. 

Furthermore, live chat is better for answering simple product or service queries, as telephone and email support are still the preferred channels for complex questions. 


Live Chat Effect on Consumer Behavior

Rating Findings
57% Consumers push through with their purchases when they can find answers through live chat. Without leaving the page, they are looking at. 
40% Buyers who use live chat are more likely to purchase than those who do not use this feature at all
44% Consumers say offering live chat in the middle of the purchase journey is a top feature a business can offer

These numbers are an excellent jump board if you partner with live chat service providers, as these can give you a benchmark on what to expect when you set it up for your business.


How Outsource Live Chat Can Help Your Business 

Chat support outsourcing companies use live chat software that you can integrate into your CRM system. At the same time, they can assign trained agents for this software to handle it for you. 

This live chat software can also offer insight into your market and customer behavior by collecting data to recognize patterns. Something that your marketing department can pull valuable insights from to realign your overall sales strategy. 

Live chat does not mean you must interact with everyone, so market segmentation is essential before using this system. It’s a good thing with live chat services; chat support outsourcing companies can customize it for you.

Customization is crucial for chat support services. They can set up triggers when live chat will prompt your customers. This could be based on the time they spend on your specific web page, the products they are spending more time looking at, etc.

Live chat is your business’ way to engage with your customers. Even before they reach the final decision favorable to you, this is a proactive live chat to eliminate barriers and minimize abandonment rates.  


Industries that Benefit the Most from Chat Support Services

In a study by Zoho, 61% of B2B companies use live chat, and 33% for B2C companies. This finding is irrespective of their industry, market size, and age. 

However, key industries emerged. These are the following:

Industry Benefits
Fashion Live chat is the equivalent of a shop’s assistant

Provides second opinion when it comes to sizing, color options, and style

Guides customers to the relevant product according to their needs

Decrease in product returns and dissatisfaction

Creates a better picture of each customer therefore offers a more personalized interaction as time goes by

Manufacturing It provides a sense of availability and immediacy

Won’t disrupt the customer’s research process 

Enables quick connection with your experts to answer technical queries about the product or service

Ease of support between subcontractors and suppliers

Improves supply chain management as the chat is forwarded to the correct department

Eliminates language barrier as canned responses are based on your customer’s choice

Energy Provide energy expertise on site, such as an energy calculator with a live chat operator to answer related queries.

Use templates for frequently asked questions

Easily define complicated terms 

Chat routing depends on the market segment, such as business owners, real estate agents, and residents.

Education It helps build a connection with prospective students at the very beginning.

It enables your institution to be approachable to parents and enhances the parent-teacher relationship. 

Perfect for international schools to offer support in various languages

Provides student body a voice and healthy feedback

Banking & Finance Provides customers with vital human support

Clear doubts and tailor customer deals and financial options based on their website activity.

Allows customers to choose the desired departments or personnel they want to talk to

Enables tailored answers based on the mood and tone of the customer

Insurance Enables quick solutions for a rate quote or insurance coverage

Assist customers throughout their buying process

Allows consultation between your agents and consumers to come up with complementary products or services

Minimizes hard selling and pushy behavior

Electronics Help customers understand tech terms and provide product recommendations without being intrusive.

Encourage transparency regarding pricing, shipping costs, and delivery details.

Provides instant tech support without sending a technician

Clever chat routing enhances quick connection between your customer and the expert team that seek

Automotive Offers layperson explanation of complex parts and jargon about the product or service

Enable unobtrusive upselling techniques and nudge customers to premium deals.


Classification of Live Chat Use By Industry Based on Satisfaction Rating

Best Performance with Live Chat

Significant growth in satisfaction rate

Average Performance with Live Chat

There is little growth difference in the satisfaction rate

Can Perform with or without Live Chat

Diminished satisfaction rate

Technology with 8.17% eCommerce with 0.63% Telecommunications with -9.08%
Consumer Products and Services with 6.69% Recreation with 1.1% Manufacturing with -8.19%
Government & Non-profit with 3.45% Travel  with 0.72% Healthcare with -6.76%
Real Estate n/a Transportation with -2.2%
Banking & Finance with 3.75%

This is based on using live chat between 2018 and 2019. Positive growth implies that industries utilize live chat and have positively impacted their overall business operation. 

While little growth difference within a year of use is on average performance when using live chat.

A diminished satisfaction rating implies that live chat support does not contribute significantly to the overall growth and ROI.


Magellan Solutions Is Your Chat Support Outsourcing Provider

Small to medium enterprises mostly use outsourced live chat. A study shows that 71% of business respondents had less than ten employees when they first adopted live chat. This medium becomes even more effective the earlier you can integrate it into your system. 

This is where Magellan Solutions comes in, as we specialize in our chat support services for SMEs and startups. Here, we can help you set up your live chat services based on your requirements. 

We also offer custom-fit solutions with flexible pricing options to ensure you get the best of your investment. Our live chat support agents are trained in using this software and are adept at customer service practices. 

Your business is safe with us as we are ISO-certified, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant. 

Drop us a message today so you can avail yourself of your free 60-minute business consultation. Fill out the form below!





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      Get 57% Purchase Growth Rate with Outsource Live Chat

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