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How BPO Philippines Persuades 70% of Global Consumers For Their SME Business Partners?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 30, 2024

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Let’s take a look at why BPO Philippines is your best bet if you want to attract at least 70% of your global consumers.

Many corporations turn to BPO Philippines to maximize their potential in terms of profitability and productivity. However, this is not the only thing that they can help you with.

Almost 90% of businesses in the US belong to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) group.

It means the competition to get local customers is getting fiercer as time goes by. Many businesses use the same tactics and prospects are getting tired of the same processes.

Opening Your Market to Global Consumers Provide a Sustainable Profit for Your Business

When there’s too much competition in your local area, you might need to look for another opportunity where you can thrive.

This is where outsourcing your service becomes a valuable option. BPO companies can provide several strategies on how you can win your potential customers.

But, most of these third-party service providers only focus on existing customers you have in your operation. They will go by the data you provided to them to further improve your business.

Meanwhile, BPO Philippines can open up a wider range of customers for your business through the internationalization of your brand.

Let’s take a look at some ways that call center Philippines can help you globalize your products and services:

BPO Manila Philippines Offers Self-Service to Your Global Customers

More than 50% of corporations consider reduced call volume as their top priority.

So, they made some adjustments on how they can make call center services more convenient for their clients.

Hence, they found out that 75% of customers think they should have the ability to solve their own product or service issues.

As a result, BPO Philippines integrated AI technology into their client’s hotline so customers can have the option to assist themselves with their problems.

Not only it’ll help you reduce the call volume, but your agent can also have more time to accommodate global clients with their other concerns.

All in all, it is not always efficient to hire many call center agents to widen the marketability of your business. You also have to find ways to maximize technology in your call center operation.

BPO Companies in the Philippines Provides the Ability to Send Feedback on Your Product

The research found that 80% of businesses right now said that customers’ feedback is the core of their business decision-making process.

It is in line with what most customers want since 90% of them believe that businesses should give them the ability to provide honest feedback.

Unfortunately, not every business knows how to create an effective feedback-making service for their customer. Only 37%

So, BPO Philippines offers some ways to make it possible for their clients.

They have an outbound survey processing service wherein they will proactively call clients to ask for their feedback on their most recent purchases.

Surely, customers will appreciate your proactiveness in checking the quality of the product they buy from your company.

Eventually, your market range will grow globally due to the positive sentiments you’ve gotten from your previous customers.

BPO Companies in Metro Manila Reduce the Waiting Time for Customers Calling Your Business

7 out of 10 of your customers get extremely frustrated every time they’ve been on hold for more than 5 minutes.

This will leave a bad reputation in your company since it is one of the factors for an excellent customer service satisfaction (CSAT) score

So, those BPO companies focused on SMEs introduced a blended contact center service which proved to be 15 seconds faster in an average speed of answer compared to dedicated teams.

Aside from blended call centers, BPO Philippines also found out that 75% of global customers like the idea of a callback after a long hold.

Meaning the system will give them an option if they would like a call back instead of waiting further. Then, someone will give them a call once the volume is no longer overwhelming.

As a result, more consumers receive a proper customer service experience without wasting too much of their time.

Business owners also gain more leverage with global customers since they’d rather wait for someone to call them back rather than look for another company to deal with.

Conclusion on How Businesses Can Persuade 70% of Global Consumers Through BPO Philippines

As you can see, all of these solutions are based on what customers think about the service.

Meaning, BPO Philippines’ way of persuading the majority of global consumers depends on the customers’ feedback.

They’ll always involve the consumers since they are the receiving part of the service. Therefore, they will be the judge of whether the service is satisfactory or not.

Another thing that we can notice is that most of these solutions are all about being proactive toward your customers.

All consumers will appreciate it if your business won’t leave them hanging after purchasing your service.

It is the reason why most BPO Philippines treat their after-sales service the same way they treat their pre-sales service.

After all, nurturing consumers won’t stop at the purchasing process. More than 60% of your existing customers will most likely buy from you again if they find your service “very good”.

Why Start-Up Companies that Outsource to the Philippines Should Look for an SME-Focused Organization?

There are more than 700 BPO companies in the Philippines. All of them have different specializations and expertise.

Most provide services for big corporations and Fortune 500 which have different procedures compared to SMEs.

These BPO companies that offer services for large businesses expect a minimum requirement for their operation.

Whereas SMEs might need people below this minimum requirement since they still have a very low expectation in terms of call volume.

On the other hand, these big corporations might also have a system that they want to integrate with their call center operations.

So, these BPO companies will allow these businesses to do what they want and will just provide them with the manpower to execute it.

Meanwhile, SMEs need thorough assistance throughout the process since most of them are new in the outsourcing industry.

Therefore, your third-party service provider should have a passion for assisting start-up businesses in their development.

More than manpower, they should be able to help your business strategize solutions by creating effective metrics and KPIs.

But who should you trust when it comes to outsourcing your business?

Let’s take a look at some of the top BPO companies in the Philippines over the past 3 years:

1 Helpware Teletech Magellan Solutions
2 Flatworld Solutions Magellan Solutions Six Eleven Global Teleservices
3 Fusion BPO Services Global Sky Cloudstaff
4 Magellan Solutions KDCI Outsourcing Infinit-O
5 Premier BPO Propelrr Support Services Group


As you can see, there’s only one BPO company that managed to remain consistent in the top 5.

Magellan Solutions were able to adjust to the modern needs of its global business partners.

Their agents provide flexible services for their client’s needs be it for call centers or back-office functions.

On top of that, the management also provides necessary solutions towards challenges from shifting to remote work due to the pandemic.

They were also able to maintain their operations even if many BPO businesses stopped their operations.

All in all, Magellan Solutions’ success over the last 3 years is a combination of excellent call center agents and an efficient management group.

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      How BPO Philippines Persuades 70% of Global Consumers For Their SME Business Partners?

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