How SMEs Use Omnichannel Contact Center To Improve Customer Service

How SMEs Use Omnichannel Contact Center To Improve Customer Service

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Where do you find an omnichannel contact center?

In our 18+ years of experience as an omni channel customer engagement solutions, we were able to interact with customers across these different channels, but not in the typical cohesive fashion. 

More and more channels become available. And all these, we adapt them to our existing customer experience infrastructures such as CRM or customer support systems.

In effect, customers may find these adapting processes to be disjointed and jarring.


Who found our omnichannel solutions?

By leveraging omnichannel technology, our longtime partners are able to collect data from multiple channels. This allows our customer service representatives to easily understand the context of your customer’s inquiry based on previous interactions.

We’ve gathered 3 of our client feedbacks after outsourcing to a non-voice omnichannel contact center solution:


Hailey – Financial industry

After a consultation with her, Magellan Solutions found out how helpdesk software is a good investment for her organization.

Below are some of the significant benefits of our helpdesk ticketing systems:

Omnichannel support – This connects our help desk agents to clients over various channels. We then gather data from inquiries, service requests, and refund issues. The data are all handled in one inbox that can:

  • Receive calls
  • Direct messages from social media platforms
  • Emails
  • Chats

As soon as your customer assigns a query, we create a ticket allocated to a helpdesk agent.

Ticket allocation – Our helpdesk ticketing systems greatly help in eliminating the human error rates. The software lets your team create folders for better organization. 

Once a ticket arrives, it is stored in the proper folder. Lastly, it is auto-assigned to the concerned helpdesk agent.

Keyword-based prioritization – With the setup folders for different departments, we help you organize and designate the following according to their level of urgency/priority:

  • Keywords
  • Subject lines
  • Emails
  • Facebook IDs 

The helpdesk system then auto-tags the ticket before allocating it to the helpdesk agents.


Sebastian – Content Marketing Firm

Magellan Solutions as an omnichannel call center provider for SMEs like Sebastian’s firm offers a multiple-channel sales approach. As a result, customers experience an enhanced customer experience.

Here are some ways the marketing firm used omnichannel technology:

Be impossible to miss – Most internet users navigate with applications like Google Maps. 

We help make sure that your website and Google My Business page utilize the app. As a result, you become an easy-find for your customers. 

Not only can they see your products online, but they can locate your physical stores and visit if they prefer a direct product purchase.

Seamless shopping experience – A number of customers use more than one device while shopping or searching online. 

In the case of online shopping sites, our representatives make sure that your customers’ wish lists or baskets are synced with their accounts. This is so that their information is available when they log back in on another device.

Bridging the digital gap – Having a consistent service for digital channels and physical stores is expected. Features like easy returns and delivery to a wide range of locations encourage returning customers.


Justin – Medical field

We were able to offer two of our best non-voice omnichannel contact center solution services.

Live Chat for Priority Assistance – Customers, especially patients, prefer quick and hassle-free interactions. 

Our team can help sign up a live chat software that provides smooth omnichannel assistance to customers. Additionally, the scripts we use are not robotic and are more empathy towards the customers. 

Focus on Mobile-based Service – Customers prioritize the accessibility of companies through their mobile phones.

To make sure that you are excelling at customer service, we guarantee that your videos, documents, and FAQs are adapted to be mobile-friendly.

We start with having a customer service button set up on your landing page. Furthermore, our team makes customer service links single-tap sensitive. Just a tap away, and patients can already get their consultation reports.


Don’t make your customers wait!

A killer customer service isn’t rocket science. You cannot just leverage software to seamlessly integrate all omnichannel customer communications in one place. It takes days, weeks, or even months to get set up. Moreso if your in-house team does not prioritize this.

To be a successful business, you need to put your customers first. And what better way to do this but with the best omnichannel call center provider for SMEs, Magellan Solutions!

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