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What Is the Best Way to Pay for Multilingual Call Center Services?

By Yelyna

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Calculating for Multilingual Call Center Services

Estimating the cost of translation services can be difficult, especially if you have never used one before. You want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and not paying too little for a shoddy “fast and dirty” translation.

With that said, let us guide you on the basis of the real cost of telephone interpretation & translation services.

Multi Language Customer Service Provider for SMEs Real Price

According to a review, around 47% of internet users are not English speakers, and every day this number is increasing. So, it is easy to say that there is a massive need for an interpreter services company

Well, if you want to invest in telephone interpretation & translation services, now is the right time. Listed below is the common modes in which customer service translators charge you for their services:

Modes of Translation


Price (per word)

Per Word Rates

The rate per word charged.

$0.15 – $0.30
Per Character Rates

The rate for each character. Languages such as Chinese or Japanese use pictorial characters to convey the meaning of written texts.


Per Line Rates

The rate charged per line. You can find per-line rates in many German-speaking countries.

$1.74 – $2.55

Per Hour Rate

They usually apply these rates for big projects that take a lot of time to complete, like localizing a website or smartphone application.

$35 – $60
Per Page Rates

A good example of this would be any documents scanned to a PDF file, such as medical records and court documents.

Flat Rate

These are usually calculated  by volume or quantity. 

This mode of translation usually requires additional project management, research, and additional services. Such projects often include handwritten texts, scanned pages, engineering content and retyping of projects.

Depends on agreement
Minimum Rate

In addition to these rates, a translator might charge you a minimum fee for translating a document. 

For a short document, many translators offer a fixed fee for text up to a certain amount of words or characters. For most linguists and companies, minimum fees apply to documents with under 200 words.

Depends on agreement


There are some other factors that shape the price of translation service to suit an individual project, such as:

  • Number of words to be translated 
  • Complexity of the subject matter.
  • Language combination 
  • Turnaround time 
  • Volume of work
  • Formatting & DTP requirements

But you have to reach an agreement with your business partner about this.

The limitations we faced and fixed due to language barriers

When you outsource each of your operations to different service providers located globally, you will inevitably face one of the biggest problems in business: communication.

Language difficulties will undoubtedly impede your company’s growth. Here are some of the linguistic difficulties we’ve encountered as a call center outsourcing service provider.

Prevent new processes from being implemented throughout the enterprise.

For businesses whose teams are scattered across the globe, effectively implementing new processes can take twice the length of time to complete. 

This means that even methods and processes meant to reduce time spent on a task will also be delayed. For example, the marketing team decides to use software accessible from the cloud so that any member of the team can access the information anywhere in the world. 

However, if the instructions are only in English, employees who are non-english speakers will have a hard time using the new system. They will have to be taught how the new system works and what the various buttons do, and this will definitely slow down their output.

With our dedicated team, we assure that they are well versed in the native language and can communicate effectively with you.

Limit necessary feedback from various departments.

Feedback and criticisms are important for the continuous improvements of your business processes and employees. 

When feedback is limited by language barriers, you can be stuck with a process that could have been easily improved. Employees might even end up making the same mistake again. 

Because criticism can be either negative or positive, an unclear comment can be mistaken as negative criticism and start breeding animosity between the employee and the manager.

Which is why we make sure that our team managers could effectively intermediate between you and the rest of your outsourced team.

Affect the goals and objectives which teams aim for.

All your employees must be aligned under the same goals. Otherwise, the different departments would simply find their own goals to aim for. 

For example, your sales and marketing people may have no clear definition of what constitutes qualified b2b sales leads. Meanwhile, each department may have a different understanding of the terms “qualified leads”, “sales prospects”, “lead nurturing”, and “marketing”. 

With our teams, we make it to a point that before starting their assignment with you, they fully understand YOUR goal.

Aggravate existing problems in business operations.

Small problems can become operational headaches. This holds true if affected team members don’t understand the proper procedures due to varying languages.

Our team is trained in all processes needed to be done before we give them your outsourced task.

Hinder team/project leader effectiveness.

Effective leaders help teams reach goals more effectively. 

But if the team leader is having a hard time communicating with all his team members? Then the team leader will be struck trying to get his members to cooperate with each other.

Which is why we make sure that we screen managers well and get the feedback of their team to see if there are areas of improvement needed.

Save cost by outsourcing translation services!

The best way you can save money on translation is by utilizing technology.

We don’t mean that you need to do anything technical on your end. Magellan Solutions will do this for you by using our affordable multilingual call center services.

Furthermore, we also guarantee to maintain all your translated content and leverage it when needed. This leverage will yield you cost savings in the long run.

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      What Is the Best Way to Pay for Multilingual Call Center Services?


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