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Outsourcing an Infomercial Call Center

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on February 28, 2024

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Attention, business owners! Are you looking to make your product shine on TV and online? Infomercials showcase gadgets, beauty buys, fitness tools, and more to eager audiences. When shoppers call to make a purchase, having an exceptional infomercial call center seals the deal.

We will explore how outsourced teams specializing in infomercial call centers can help you scale quickly and drive sales through seamless customer support.

Imagine order-taking and shipping running 24/7 while you focus on the products and show dedication to customers. Outsourcing provides the always-on service today’s shoppers expect.

Learn how an outsourced infomercial call center becomes your easy order-processing engine. Let us discuss crafting experiences where calls convert and customers smile!



Benefits Of Outsourcing Infomercial Call Center

Outsourcing an infomercial call center can offer several advantages for your business. Here’s a closer look at the benefits and steps to get started with outsourcing:

Reduced Hold Time

Call centers in outsourcing hotspots like the Philippines have many skilled agents ready to help you. That means you won’t have to wait forever on hold when you call in. Quick responses also stop customers from getting fed up and hanging up while they wait.

In the end, this all adds up to happier customers. When people have a good time talking to customer service, they’re more likely to stick around. Thus, you gain a loyal customer.


Superior-Quality Service

Do you know what’s fantastic about call centers in the Philippines? They’re all about giving you top-notch customer service.

Filipino agents are seriously trained pros for helping out and solving your questions. And here’s the kicker – they’re great at selling stuff, too. So, if you’re running those infomercial campaigns, you can count on them to reel in more sales.

Oh, and guess what? A bunch of these Filipino call center folks can speak different languages. That’s super handy if your campaign reaches a diverse audience.


Lower Operating Costs

A 2022 survey by Clutch asked over 500 small business leaders in America about their plans for the next year. There may be worries about a recession, but these entrepreneurs stay hopeful!

Most want to grow by making more money, hiring people, and gaining customers. Outsourcing is key; 83% will keep spending the same or more on outside services this year.

Why bring in outsiders? The top reasons tie into saving cash while gaining industry insights. It’s a win-win for the budget and the team!



Getting Started With Outsourcing

  1. Identify Your Needs: Start by determining what you need for your infomercial call center. Consider how many calls you’ll get and what languages you need support for. Also, decide on the services you want—maybe sales, customer support, or tech help.
  2. Research and Choose a Partner: It’s time to do some detective work! Hunt down those call center outsourcing champs in the Philippines.

Go for the ones with a reputation for acing infomercial campaigns. Trust the ones who’ve got a track record for delivering top-notch service. You can even peek at what other businesses say about them.

  1. Define Expectations: Let your outsourcing pals know what you’re expecting. Talk numbers, talk processes—the whole nine yards.

Work hand in hand with them— so they get what your infomercial is all about. That way, they’ll be experts on your products and services.

  1. Set Up Communication Channels: Make sure you’ve got some slick communication going with your outsourcing buddies. That’s how you keep tabs on how things are going and share feedback.
  2. Start the Partnership: Once everything’s set, dive into that partnership! Keep a close eye on how the call center is doing. That way, your infomercial campaign stays on point.

Outsourcing your infomercial call center to the Philippines is like adding turbo boosters to your campaign. They have the skills and tools to take it to the next level, allowing you to rock other parts of your business!



Partner with Magellan Solutions for a successful infomercial campaign!

Outsourcing your infomercial call center to the Philippines through Magellan Solutions can revolutionize your business. With skilled agents, multilingual support, and cost-effective solutions, we empower you to elevate customer service and drive sales. 

Are you ready to transform your infomercial call center experience? Partner with Magellan Solutions now and watch your business soar to new heights!

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      Outsourcing an Infomercial Call Center

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