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Legal Process Outsourcing Guide: Why Get It and Benefits

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on September 14, 2023

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Legal Process Outsourcing: A Guide

This Legal Process Outsourcing Guide will help determine if Legal Process Outsourcing from Magellan is right for you.

Legal process outsourcing is when a law firm uses a third-party service provider for various tasks and functions. These tasks are often supplemental to their in-house processes, resulting in faster and streamlined legal services for the clients.

Many law firms, from single practice to legal giants, outsource legal processes. This is because legal Outsourcing has been proven to provide lawyers and firms with excellent performance and efficiency in delivering legal services.

Types of Legal Process Outsourcing Examples

A reliable LPO provider can take over repetitive and time-consuming tasks to process in-house. You can outsource These services or functions to an LPO provider. 

  • E-Discovery
  • Document Review
  • Discovery (e.g., subpoenas)
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Writing
  • Drafting (e.g., Briefs and Pleadings)
  • Appearance counsel and Per diems
  • Patent Services
  • Summaries Writing (e.g., Case, Deposition)
  • Demand Letters
  • Document Writing (e.g., Wills, Leases, and Trusts)
  • Corporate Documents
  • Data Entry and Management
  • Billing and Financial Services

These functions and services are often outsourced to a third-party provider to save on costs. UsuallyLocal lawyers or paraprofessionals from an LPO provider in the Philippines process these discrete legal services.

Lawyers and law firms leverage LPO to save time, cut costs, and reduce the workload of the in-house legal team. 


LPO Benefits and Why the Philippines is a Great Destination for Legal Process Outsourcing

The Philippines has been the top destination for Outsourcing. With the competition focusing on higher or more valuable Outsourcing such as KPO or LPO, this country continuously supports law firms and legal practitioners.

These are the notable benefits and reasons why the Philippines is an excellent place to look for LPO providers.

1. Expands your area of expertise

Albeit virtual, Philippine LPO providers can support you with paralegals, legal professionals, and even practicing lawyers. For instance, there are different law practices that your law firm may not be an expert in. 

Outsourcing some law practices where you have a disadvantage to contract lawyers will be beneficial for you to deliver excellent services to clients. This is possible even without hiring a full-time employee to fill the gap.

2. Enables flexible staff for client cases

LPO provides services only when you need them. This means you can get qualified legal help for any project or court case. While Philippine LPO provides discrete and supplementary legal services, this is an advantage for your law firm.

You can scale up or down the support from these outsourcing providers to fill in the gaps. This ensures you can get everything covered while remaining efficient.

3. Cost-saving through flat-fee billing

While this still depends on the paying scheme of your chosen LPO provider, you are still assured that you are saving a lot if you outsource in the Philippines. In addition, flat-fee billing lets you get the services of knowledgeable and talented paralegals and legal professionals to assist you in discrete projects or even an entire case on a flat fee or flexible payment terms.

This way, you only pay for the services you need and no hidden fees you are unaware of. This practice lets you save more on efficient legal support.

4. Benefits your clientele through lowered legal service fees

Legal services aren’t cheap, so they say, and so is running the practice itself. However, Outsourcing gave a new meaning when it comes to cost-saving. You can invest these savings to improve your legal service delivery or pass them on to your clients by making your legal assistance even more affordable. 

5. Encourages work-life balance

Running a legal firm, be it a solo practice or a law firm, is often tedious. That is the truth about the legal industry. It is a good thing that Outsourcing relieves you from boring and repetitive tasks that could affect your performance and service delivery. 

Outsourcing legal services provides the extra help you need without the overhead costs of a full-time associate or support. 

6. Reduced turn-around time

Law firms often drown themselves with tons of paperwork. That has been the practice in the legal industry. Outsourcing helps minimize the needed time, especially in e-discovery and document reviews. 

LPO providers often leverage tools and software to deliver your required services faster. They can help you to automate repetitive tasks. This trims the time to have the legal services you should provide your clients. 


How to Outsource Legal Process in the Philippines?

Outsourcing legal processes in the Philippines is often lucrative and beneficial. But you have to understand that not all LPO providers operate the same and provide the same payment terms. 

You can get the most out of this practice by following the steps.

Evaluate your needs

This is a crucial step in LPO, as you need to evaluate and assess your practice or law firm’s needs. Once you determine your needs, finding the right provider to suit your requirements will be much easier. 

As there are a lot of LPO providers in the Philippines alone, it is your discretion to partner with one that truly understands your needs. It also has the capacity and workforce to provide your required services with flexible pricing.

Determine which tasks to delegate.

Outsourcing means delegation, and it would be helpful to make it successful when you decide which tasks you will delegate early on. This should save you time in looking for the right LPO provider.

You can focus on third-party providers who are experts on tasks you need support. 

Assess potential LPO partners.

After determining which legal services to outsource, you can now assess which provider suits your needs. You can do so by looking at their services and client portfolio that matches your needs. This way, you can determine which firm will do well to accomplish your practice and firm’s goals.

Track and measure progress

LPO aims to help your practice or law firm improve efficiency and expand your legal capabilities and delivery. You can track and measure how your LPO provider meets your needs and expectations. 

This will provide you an accurate picture of whether they can provide your needed support, and thus, you are not wasting any time or money in Outsourcing. 

Feedback is necessary

Feedback and effective communication are essential for a successful partnership. This is paramount, especially if your partner is a thousand miles away, like in the Philippines. Feedback on improvement areas is necessary to ensure a smooth partnership from start to finish. 


Choose Magellan Solutions For Your Legal Process Outsourcing Needs

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We are banking on our 18 years in the BPO industry, wherein we continuously provide excellent outsourcing services for the legal industry.

Magellan Solutions is an ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant provider that ensures your data and information are always safe with us.

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      Legal Process Outsourcing Guide: Why Get It and Benefits

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