Usual Services When You Outsource Data Entry To The Philippines

Usual Services When You Outsource Data Entry To The Philippines

Usual Services When You Outsource Data Entry To The Philippines

Usual Services When You Outsource Data Entry To The Philippines

Usual services for a data entry outsourcing company

Businesses thrive with efficient workers on board. 

This is the same reason why businesses across all industries find ways to shape up their operations by focusing on the core process. Often, they contract third-party companies to manage the day-to-day repetitive tasks. 

Mainly, these industries outsource data entry jobs that cover from the usual manufacturing to e-commerce. To say the least, all industries can benefit from dedicated data entry services as long as they operate daily.

    • Manual Data EntryOne of the most common data entry jobs. It manually creates documents into a digital platform.
    • Online Data EntryFiles are coming from a soft copy format or done through websites.
    • Micro JobsA micro job is almost like a contractual or a freelance work. An employee would be assigned a workload that can be done in a specified time. One of the micro jobs is data entry. This mostly revolves around copying and pasting to and from word documents and spreadsheets. 
    • Data FormattingRequires less typing tasks as compared to other data entry jobs. Data formatting focuses more on following preset specifications that the program is requiring. This is mostly done when storing a file and choosing what kind of format to save it as.
    • File Conversion File conversion is a process of changing an already existing file into a different format. Example would be re-formatting a word document into a PDF file. Conversion is also possible with images or audio files into a Word document.
    • TranscriptionTranscribing is simply a combination of listening and transferring data into required documents. With this form of data entry, one must have keen listening skills as some audio files may be unclear. It is caused by either the lack of proper equipment while it is recording, or the voice quality itself. Another requirement advantageous for this is one’s familiarity with what is being transcribed.
    • Data Entry Clerk – A data entry clerk or operator are those who enter data from what the employer has given into a computer software. This is mostly done offline. They have different specialties as every business sector requires their help. In a way, they serve as another assistant for clients. They are sometimes expected to be able to at least give a summary of what they have written. Clients assume that their employees have a decent background about the industry they are writing for.



Manila is the best data entry service provider

Data entry outsourcing is the fastest and cheapest way to digitize data. 

The best for a company is to outsource its most time-consuming and repetitive tasks. They may start building customized teams. Most that consist of Filipino professionals to help with some of their operations. Data entry is one of the tasks that are perfect to outsource.

Data entry involves physically entering data into a system or program. Data such as names, addresses, and other key information are being saved. Since accuracy is of supreme importance, mistakes must only be a few or none at all.

Why outsource data processing services to the Philippines

Data entry is the most important repetitive task for any business.

Outsourcing companies like Magellan Solutions provide an array of data entry work for SMEs.

Due to the diverse requirements of the data industry, different specializations exist. There are entry-level data entry roles that must only basic computer skills. While some roles would require very specific skill sets such as data manipulation, graphical presentations, and even licensed data processing.

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