Which Is Better; Local Vs. Offshore Transcription

Which Is Better; Local Vs. Offshore Transcription

Which Is Better; Local Vs. Offshore Transcription

Local vs. overseas transcription services

What’s the going rate for transcription services

For professional North American transcriptionists, expect rates of $1.50-3 USD per audio minute. For highly difficult or specialized material, this rate may increase.

Rates of $1 USD per audio minute or less suggest a company is using overseas typists, even if they advertise as North America based. It may also mean the company is feeding audio through voice recognition software rather than using human typists.

As with most things, there’s a trade-off between cost and quality.

Accurate transcripts are always ideal, but they’re especially important under the following circumstances:

  • Projects with specialized terminology, like academic research or medico-legal content
  • Projects that are critical to making business decisions, like conference calls and annual meetings
  • Transcripts that will be published online or converted to captions, such as podcasts, seminars, and documentaries

Magellan Solutions have dealt with many foreign partners. Because of this, we can say that we can offer just as, and even exceed, quality that your local and in-house transcribers may offer.


The big 3 when you outsource transcription philippines 

Transcription is the process of converting audio or video into text. It may sound simple. But it can be tedious and time-consuming. Low-quality audio and video can also be challenging to convert. Transcribed texts are valuable to organizations. They serve as a form of documentation. 

The Philippines has a vast pool of transcribers. Most are employed under BPOs like Magellan Solutions. They churn out transcribed work for your organization as you need it. Outsourcing transcription services gets the job done quicker. 

Listed below are our general transcribing services:

Verbatim transcription

Every word, noise, and laughter captured in the audio or video must be transcribed and time-coded. This is one of the most difficult ones because there is a possibility of having garbled sentences in the file. This is also the most expensive. It requires a lot of skill, along with advanced software. Often used for:

  • Movies
  • Commercials
  • Legal proceedings

Edited transcription

Transcribers are given more freedom with this. They can omit certain parts as long as the essential idea is still intact. This type of transcription requires transcribers to know what the file is about. They are also further required to remove clutter in the form of background noise and garbled sentences. Often used for:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Classes
  • Speeches

Intelligent transcription

Requires plenty of analytical skills. It’s less about transcribing and more about getting the gist of it and communicating it through text.  The output doesn’t need every word, sentence, or noise. This focuses more on editing and less on the transcription itself. 


The earliest outsourced with BPO is dictation services philippines

Among BPO outsourcing firms, one of the earliest and most common non-voice services was transcription. This has become a common aspect of life in a number of industries. But businesses in the media, legal, and medical fields are more likely to seek outsourcing options for their transcription needs.

Our trained agents are familiar with medical documentation procedures and confidentiality issues (HIPAA). We assure you that your information will remain confidential. 

Have you decided that a trained human transcriptionist is the best option for you? Magellan Solutions is the perfect partner!

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