Medical Appointment Scheduling/Re-Scheduling from an Offshore Location

Medical Appointment Scheduling/Re-Scheduling from an Offshore Location

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Healthcare entities save valuable time and effort when they outsource to reliable and efficient billing companies in offshore location their patients’ appointment schedules and re-scheduling. Outsourcing gives them more time for other important tasks such as improving workflow and attending to the needs of patients.

Healthcare professionals arrange appointments in various ways. The usual practice involves writing the appointments on paper and using the telephone. But an easier and more efficient option involves using the Internet.

The web-based appointment scheduling and re-scheduling has gained popularity in recent years because it offers patients and medical practitioners flexibility with plenty of room to make changes. It is also easy, accurate and convenient.

Patients can seek appointments and make changes in their schedules wherever they are or in various locations. The web is fast, and appointments can be set and changes made on the run.

On the part of the doctors and other medical professionals the web-based appointment scheduling helps them manage their time more efficiently. The benefits are incalculable, which include:

  • reduced paper work
  • easy rescheduling of recurring appointments
  • easy cancellation and rescheduling of appointments
  • reduces no-show
  • easy tracking of cancellations
  • enables group scheduling

The web-based appointment scheduling and re-scheduling offers the following benefits to healthcare entities:

  • increased productivity
  • improved patient satisfaction
  • better time management
  • more revenues
  • easy tracking of insurance coverage
  • allows double and triple bookings
  • determine availability of doctor, medical assistants, nurses and resources of medical offices

An effective web-based scheduling and re-scheduling service is one of the biggest aids to healthcare practice. It is the best way to maintain and track down patient compliance. Also, the service is available 24/7.

Outsourcing to offshore locations can solve many problems for healthcare entities. According to Steven Fisher, MBA, every office, regardless of size, needs to set a metric for the number of days patients can wait to be seen by a doctor. It is a complicated system for some offices because doctors must agree on how many hours per week they want to see patients. This requires a structured scheduling system that a reliable billing company can provide.

As a rule, no one in the office should respond rudely when a patient calls. For the most part patients are rude because they may be in great pain, or dissatisfied with the service. These kinds of calls are handled well in offshore locations.


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