What To Expect Of Our Omnichannel Customer Service

What To Expect Of Our Omnichannel Customer Service

What To Expect Of Our Omnichannel Customer Service

What To Expect Of Our Omnichannel Customer Service


What are omni channel services

Today’s customers expect the most tech-savvy approach. Companies support multichannel customer engagement. Such channels are voice, email, or the web. It is challenging to support many channels at the same time.  A lack of integration creates: 

  • Repetitive information
  • Disjointed communication 
  • Frustrated customers and employees

Magellan Solutions offers nothing but a great customer experience. We have the tools to manage customer journeys across one or more channels.

The rise of omni channel customer service strategy through AI

AI-assisted solutions meet your business needs and improve customer experience. We offer the perfect customer-centered AI. It can track across every digital and social touchpoint. 

So how do machine-learning bots help your customers better?

  • These bots let you separate potential buyers from visitors on your site. After filtering the potential buyers, you can start converting leads. You can then assign the best resource, be it another bot or human. This resource would then shape the consumers’ processing.
  • Our call center software isn’t limited to AI. Even with AI, human agents still manage backend tasks. Both humans and bot work hand-in-hand in assisting customers with our services.
  • Our tools give a full view of both customer and employee engagement. This is being backed by valuable data and insights.
  • Your initial bot interaction could have a shift. From an agent and then to a phone call with our sales professional. Our AI-backed solutions are flexible. It shares data not only to other bots. Data stored is already accessible to our agents for cross-checking. Everything is being presented and reviewed well before making your purchase.

Set expectations from our omni channel customer support services

Businesses face challenges due to the lack of expertise. As a result, they focus on choosing a partner with extensive experience in the industry. 

Magellan Solutions are always backed up by the following:

Multilingual speaking agents

The Philippines has the top spot for business English skills. This is according to GlobalEnglish Corporation . This is because at least 90% are English speakers in the country. It has become a great advantage in the Philippine outsourcing industry. There are also many Filipinos who speak other spoken languages in the world.

Dynamic team

An offshore team in the Philippines usually consists of young individuals. Young individuals with fresh ideas, creative inputs, and solution-oriented when dealing with problems. This makes the country excel in many fields and makes us one of the top choices for outsourcing jobs. 


You don’t need to waste any of your time. We take charge in setting up your operations and a suitable office for your staff. We also take advantage of the time difference as we offer a 24/7 working team. Even if you are resting, your business continues its operations with us.

Cutting operations cost

Cutting costs is one of the most common attractions. This is one of the many reasons why industries decide on offshoring their operations. The pricing for staffing offshore is also cheaper. This is in comparison to business process outsourcing.

Government support

The government has been an integral part of the BPO success in the country. It has backed the industry up for over 25 years already.

Top omnichannel customer experience solutions in the Philippines

Our channels empower the users and boost their confidence through customer service. 

  • Live chat
  • Voice
  • Web
  • Social media

Looking for an outsourcing location? Do you need up-to-date technology and a rich talent base? The Philippines could be on your top list!

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