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Why Opt For Healthcare Outsourcing?

By Yelyna

Updated on April 29, 2024

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An introduction to value propositions by BPO companies in Metro Manila

The pandemic put enormous pressure on global healthcare systems. Thus, the contact center industry in the Philippines helps clients to adapt to the changed situation. 

Moreso, the industry prioritizes patient and business outcomes. 

The majority of in-house call centers in the Philippines are supported by digital and analytics. This, in turn, enables companies to drive innovative, affordable, and remote care.


Highlighting the biggest call center company in the Philippines

BPO Philippines serves with the promise of efficiency, flexibility, and improved productivity, just to name a few. This is also supported by the fact that the number of BPO offices keeps growing. 

It’s also unsurprising why so many businesses consider outsourcing their healthcare contact center services Philippines and to other countries such as:

Country the current count of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies
UK 123
USA 97
Philippines 83
India 81
Poland 59
Ireland 56
Singapore 43
Spain 38
Canada 36
China 36
Romania 35
Germany 31
Costa Rica 31
Malaysia 24
Brazil 22
Mexico 22
Hungary 20
Colombia 19
France 19
Australia 17
Lithuania 17

The Philippines ranks high when it comes to the availability of outsourcing offices. One of the best-performing offices is with us.

Magellan Solutions, as one of the top choices for BPO Philippines, works with the payer and provider communities. 

We do this to navigate the challenges of an evolving, regulated, cost-intensive, and evidence- and value-based healthcare landscape. 

Furthermore, we leverage collaborative care management to improve patient well-being while reducing costs. Our depth of clinical expertise translates into robust outcomes across utilization management, medical and case management, provider management, claims intake, adjudication, and medical bill review for payers. 


What are the value propositions that BPO workers in the Philippines offer?

According to Statista (paywall), the global outsourcing market earned $85.6 billion in 2018 and significantly more in 2019. These statistics predict a megatrend that will reshape the outsourcing market. 

A report from Clutch suggested that more than 37% of SMEs were already outsourcing some of their business processes since 2019 and that their offshore development budgets would see a substantial increase.

While IT will continue to remain the No. 1 sector in outsourcing, there are two other industries that are predicted to invest heavily in outsourcing in the coming years: healthcare and fintech.

So what does BPO Manila Philippines offer to these industries, mainly healthcare?

1. Strong Tourism Initiatives

In 2012, the Department of Tourism launched its campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.” This focused on immersing tourists in Filipino culture in diverse forms. Such as destinations, people, and experiences. 

Furthermore, it also brought a 10% growth in total earnings of US$4.84 billion. As a result, it exceeded the previous year’s earnings of US$4.40 billion.

2. Proficiency in the English Language

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores in 2010 showed that the Philippines ranked 35th out of 163 countries worldwide. This is according to the Educational Testing Services Report. 

The Philippines also ranked first in Business English Proficiency, based on a study by the Global English Corporation. This language proficiency allows Filipino to attain jobs that need strong proficiency in the English language, especially in the call center company in the Philippines.

3. This Generation’s Population

As of 2014, the Philippines has one of the youngest populations in Southeast Asia. 60% of this population ranges from 15-64 years old. 

This indicates that with a young working population and fewer dependents, household income devoted to consumer spending and investments can increase.

4. Competitiveness in BPO Industry

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry contributes 4% to the Philippines’ GDP for its sustainable growth, in terms of industry size of at least 17% every year from 2006-2011. 

Furthermore, the country ranked 2nd among other countries in the BPO process, next to India. 

The Philippines now has eight Next Wave Cities locations from which Manila and Cebu City remained in the top 10. This is according to the latest Tholons’ Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations for 2015. 

Other Philippine spots in the Top 100 are Davao, Santa Rosa (Laguna), Bacolod, Iloilo, Baguio, and Metro Clark.

5. Business Climate Best for BPO Process

ASEAN Business Outlook Survey of 2015 reported that the Philippines’ business climate has improved over the past five years. 

Furthermore, there are a number of American firms that were surveyed. They believe that the low cost of labor, laws, and regulations, personal security, and tax structure are among the satisfactory considerations.

6. It’s less expensive

There are significant costs involved in running an in-house call center. Remember, you’ll handle expenses like:

  • Set-up costs.
  • Equipment costs.
  • Overheads like the internet and electricity.
  • Training expenses.

Plus, when you train and manage new recruits, you’ll have little time to do anything else. Additionally, with the d effects of Covid-19, businesses are in no position to increase their operational costs.

On the other hand, salaries are up to the economy of the country.

In 2018, the average salary of BPO employees in the Philippines was PHP 375,000/year. That’s around $7,395 per year. Compare that to the United States national average of approximately $30,000 per year for a call center agent, and you’re looking at tons of savings.

Sounds too good to be true?

The only reason salaries are like this in the Philippines is because of the cost of living. Even with comparatively low salaries, you’ll still be paying Filipino agents the expected salary for such positions.

7. 24/7 customer care

When you run an in-house call center, you’re limited to certain time zones. But if you outsource, you could get a separate set of agents from call centers in Manila Philippines to take over the night shift.

Since they’re located in Asia, you don’t need to employ a separate set of in-house staff for your night shift.

Additionally, as there are so many call center agents in the Philippines, they can take over your entire call center workload.

8. Philippines outbound call center agents speak fluent English

The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking nations in the world. English, along with Tagalog, is the official language in the Philippines and is also their primary medium of education.

Plus, the Philippines have a literacy rate of 98.18%. There are graduates entering the labor force each year. 

The government also offers programs through the TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) that focus on training graduates to take over BPO sector jobs.

9. Filipino government offers incentives for foreign investors

Since we are a developing country, we’re eager for foreign companies to invest in our economy.

The government implemented many tax benefits for foreigners looking to invest in the country. The Special Economic Zones Act is something that focuses heavily on bringing investments in.

Here are some of the benefits it offers investors:

  • Four-year exemption of corporate income tax.
  • Duty-free imports for equipment, supplies, and raw material.
  • Local tax exemptions and permits.
  • Permanent resident facilities for foreign investors and immediate family.
  • In addition to these tax exemptions, if you register your business with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), you’ll get even more benefits and incentives like exemption from expanded withholding tax.

10. Strong data security regulations

The Philippines government brought the Data Privacy Act into effect to safeguard the outsourcing industry and its foreign investors.

Anyone found guilty of violating privacy regulations can be jailed for up to 6 years and fined an amount of $20,000 to $100,000. That’s around 2 to 13 times the average annual salary of a call center agent!

With such strict laws and heavy penalties in place, your data would remain in safe contact center Philippines agents.


Outsource to the biggest call center company in the Philippines, Magellan Solutions

As the world faces challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have limited their work operations. With lockdowns and health protocols in place, firms have no other choice but to employ remote work settings or file for a temporary shutdown. 

While these events affected many employees from various parts of the globe, one industry continues to thrive despite this dilemma—the outsourcing industry. Learn about the contact center Philippines industry and how the key players keep up with today’s difficulties.

Despite the threat of global recession, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) sees a bright future for most BPO jobs in the country. In fact, they expect the resurgence of the business process outsourcing industry in the country in the coming months. 

DOLE states that many big names in the BPO field have already posted thousands of job vacancies to fill up the growing demand.

Apart from that, foreign investors also see the potential of outsourcing to call center Philippines

ANC News reports that British investors and foreign BPO clients remain to see business prospects in the Philippines. This makes the country the next BPO destination amidst the outbreak.

If the trends maintain their good standing despite the global crisis, the contact center Philippines will thrive for years to come. 

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      Why Opt For Healthcare Outsourcing?


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