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Here’s Everything We Know About Seat Leasing with BPOs

By Janselle M.

Updated on February 15, 2024

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Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of setting up your office? Look no further! Seat leasing offers the perfect solution by providing instant access to customized, top-notch office spaces designed by business process outsourcing (BPO) experts.


But that’s not all—you also get a complete package that includes state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated support services. Say goodbye to the headaches of office setup and hello to a hassle-free work environment that’s ready for you to dive right in and thrive!


Looking to take your high-growth company to the next level? We’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive guide will show you how to identify the ideal BPO partner for a game-changing solution called seat leasing


No more worrying about financial or spatial limitations. With seat leasing, you can access configurable facilities that cater to your unique needs. Imagine the possibilities!


Don’t miss out on maximizing your company’s full potential. Read on, and let the future thank you.


Strategic Benefits of Seat Leasing

Through seat leasing, high-growth companies can enhance financial flexibility, access top-quality infrastructure, and focus more on what matters.


It is a key advantage of seat leasing. Instead of making costly upfront investments in physical infrastructure, businesses can access high-quality facilities and pay for seats as needed. This flexible approach prevents businesses from overbuying capacity that they may not use fully.



It allows startups and small businesses to adjust their seating allocation as their needs change easily, which eliminates the hassle of dealing with moving costs and lease termination fees. It allows companies to manage fluctuating headcounts and roles efficiently.


Access to Premium Facilities

Seat leasing allows businesses to operate within fully-equipped premium facilities like Magellan without expensive capital investments. These facilities offer a range of essential amenities, including onsite support teams, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, video conferencing, and receptionists. It ensures optimal productivity and efficiency.


Focus on Core Operations

Partnering with specialized BPO partners to handle tasks like facility management allows businesses to focus solely on critical functions. This redirection of efforts provides for a greater emphasis on strategic initiatives and core deliverables.


Adaptability to Business Sizes and Needs

Seat leasing is a flexible solution that caters to businesses of all sizes and growth stages. The ability to align costs with revenue and easily scale up or down allows companies to unlock their full potential at any stage.

Suitable for Startups

It offers an ideal avenue for early-stage startups to land within professionally appointed environments without restrictive spatial investment costs. Shared seat plans allow fledgling teams to tap into enterprise-grade efficiency.


Seat leasing allows early-stage startups to work in professionally designed spaces without the burden of high spatial investment costs. These startups can access top-notch surroundings and infrastructure aligned with their ambitious goals by opting for shared seat plans. 


Moreover, it offers financial flexibility as costs are based on usage rather than long-term leases.


Scalable for Growing Businesses

Seat leasing plans and specialized BPO infrastructure allow growth-stage companies to easily scale up their operations while ensuring the continuity of corporate culture, quality, and productivity. 


With flexible seat plans, these companies can accommodate expanding teams and new roles without the need for disruptive office relocations. The premium facilities and support services cover the operational details, allowing management to focus on core functions.


Seat Leasing Options

Aligning to unique business needs, seat leasing offers dedicated private desks or shared coworking spaces bundled with turnkey infrastructure—both arrangements purpose-built for productivity.

Dedicated Seats

It provides personalized and private workspaces for resident teams, with custom configurations to meet their specialized needs, including:

  • Data networks
  • Phone systems
  • Protocols


Shared Seats

Shared seat leasing allows partners to share workspaces and infrastructure managed by specialized providers for convenient and cost-effective operations. This collaborative environment fosters innovation through idea sharing and reduces expenses by offering flexible desk options.


Unlocking Growth with Strategic Seat Leasing Partnerships

Companies like Teleperformance and TaskUs use strategic seat leasing partnerships to fuel their expansion and optimize operations. These companies access flexible workspace solutions that enable scalability, operational efficiency, and cost savings.


Teleperformance leads in global outsourced customer experience management, offering services like customer support, technical assistance, and sales aid. It needed adaptable workspace solutions to cater to its expanding operations.


Solution: Teleperformance partnered with seat leasing providers in India and the Philippines. It allowed them to scale their operations based on demand easily. This ensured operational efficiency and continuity by leasing fully equipped seats in convenient locations.


Outcome: Teleperformance expanded globally and optimized its operations using strategic seat leasing partnerships. They gained access to top-notch facilities, advanced technology, and skilled manpower without long-term commitments. Teleperformance remained a leading BPO company, delivering outstanding customer experiences and driving global business growth.



TaskUs is a top outsourcing company that offers customer support, content moderation, and back-office services worldwide. It needed more workspace and infrastructure to meet client demands without the hassle of long leases or capital investments.


Solution: TaskUs chose to use seat leasing services in the Philippines. This facility provided fully-equipped workstations, IT infrastructure, and amenities on a flexible lease arrangement. By leasing many seats, TaskUs could accommodate its growing workforce and save money while improving efficiency.


Outcome: TaskUs used seat leasing to scale operations and accelerate growth. It allowed them to expand smoothly without the hassle of managing real estate and infrastructure. TaskUs increased customer satisfaction and sustained business growth by focusing on delivering excellent services.


The Power of Seat Leasing: A Springboard for Growth

Flexible seat plans allow them to quickly scale without the burden of long-term leases or spatial investments. It fosters community through shared workspaces and supports focus with dedicated desks. Professional infrastructure and specialized support further enhance productivity.


Magellan Solutions offers seat leasing with advanced technology for companies seeking affordable and scalable office spaces to empower their potential.


Use our cloud campus infrastructure integrated within our thriving community to maximize efficiency and competitiveness for your business. Our specialized business process outsourcing services and flexible seat plans are designed to meet the unique challenges of modern companies. It boosts productivity and profitability.

Learn how Magellan seat leasing propels rapid and sustainable success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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      Here’s Everything We Know About Seat Leasing with BPOs

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