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Toll Free: 1 800 371 6224 | US: +1 650 204 3191 | UK: +44 8082 803 175 | AU: +61 1800 247 724 | Philippine Local No: 63-2-83966000

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Taking Your Amicable Europe Collection Services To The Philippines

By Yelyna

Updated on May 30, 2024

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Amicable Debt Collection Europe

Amicable debt collection is also known as pre-legal debt collection. It is the procedure where we retrieve invoices without the court’s intervention. Our preferred approach is to solve debt collection cases in the pre-legal debt collection phase.

The amicable phase is the first step in the European debt collection process. This means that the debt collector, without taking legal action, tries to induce the debtor to pay off his debt. They achieve this through debt collection demands, phone calls, threats of legal action, and other tasks.

There are national laws and rules in each European country on how to behave when recovering invoices from debtors in that country. Furthermore, in every European country, authorization is required to carry out debt collection activities against debtors within the country.


How Do You Avoid Seeing the EOS Collection Agency in Your Credits?

First off, what is the EOS collection agency?

If you think this EOS might be some scam, it is not. It is a legitimate company founded in 1991 in Massachusetts but headquartered in Boston. They are one of the largest collection agencies in the US.

One of the heaviest cons, once you have these kinds of agencies under your account, your credit score will be damaged for seven years, regardless of payment. But there is nothing to be afraid of. EOS does not usually sue or file lawsuits. But if they do, it’s not a good thing. But if you work with professionals like the ones we have at Magellan Solutions, you may never have to deal with them again.

We’ll help you understand if you can remove EOS CCA from your report for good. Just leave us a message today.


Advantages of Outsourcing Europe Collection Services with Magellan Solutions

Collecting debts can be a burden to your business. Thus, payments must be diligently collected. This can take much of your time, especially with delinquent accounts. It is recommended to hire a debt collector to do the job for you so that you can spend your precious time with your family and friends.

Here at Magellan Solutions, we can help you.


Working with your debtors wherever they are in the world

With our international network of locally based collection professionals, we provide debt collection services in 96% of the world’s countries. Whether it is a domestic or an international debtor, we can resolve outstanding debt issues in their languages while complying with local laws and practices.


Integrated commercial collection solutions to optimize your cash flow

We act promptly on receipt of non-payment notifications, regardless of time zones, freeing your business from the effort and resources needed to chase unpaid invoices or monitor payment plans across time zones, languages, customs, and jurisdictions. You can watch your account anytime, anytime, or anywhere in portals.


Swift international payment of collected debts directly to your accounts

You never have to wait long to receive your recovered funds.

Our automated domestic and cross-border accounting processes enable the prompt payment of multi-currency collected monies into your accounts. This ensures international money transfers are made without delay.


Expert support throughout debt collection proceedings

We support you throughout all stages of debt collection, from outsourcing accounts receivable, disputed registration, and resolution, to monitoring payment plans and collection supply. If the amicable approach proves ineffective, we can escalate debt recovery proceedings quickly and professionally while providing you with options for legal action.


Our company is not limited to loans and debts. With more than a decade of experience in outsourcing, we have handled diverse clients. Please find out more possible partnerships we can create usingthe form below!

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      Taking Your Amicable Europe Collection Services To The Philippines


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