Why SMEs Should Follow Companies that Outsource to Philippines

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Why SMEs Should Follow Companies That Outsource to Philippines

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Why SMEs Should Follow Companies That Outsource to Philippines

What Benefits Do Companies that Outsource to Philippines Enjoy? 


History tells that outsourcing or offshoring favored established companies. Taking into account the prime example of General Motors and Ford Company. Who are both key players in the automotive industry when they incorporate outsourcing into their business strategy. 

Even today, large companies and industry players fill up the list of top companies that outsource to Philippines. Such examples are Google, Amazon, Apple, Wells & Fargo, AT&T, and Wyndham Destinations to name a few. 

This fact may give off an impression that only large companies with tons of money at their disposal can outsource. As just like any business strategy, there are still risks in outsourcing. Which is wrong. 

The beauty of outsourcing is when you do it smart, it can give you tons of benefits. The same also applies to startups and SMEs


A Startup or An SME? Why Should You Look at Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines


Startups and SMEs pop left and right but not all can stand the test of time. Some may have put up services and products incompatible with the market. Some had no clear goals in the get go. Some are drowned with tedious and repetitive tasks they fail to cater to their customer’s needs. 

But these realities all stemmed from poor management due to lack of expertise in essential areas to run a business. This is why outsourcing is a smart move for startups and SMEs. 

Key founders in this kind of business model try to do everything at the same time. Which may sound commendable but disadvantageous to the whole operation. Failure is bound to happen as lack of manpower, resources, and limited budget is a constant threat for the SMEs or startups to flourish. 

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines can do a lot more to alleviate or eliminate these threats for SMEs and startups. In turn help them flourish and continue serving clients. 


Five Areas of Business Management and Where Outsource Work to Philippines Can Help

1. Strategy

This is the “brain” of the whole operation. This is also where analysis of competitive landscape and market falls. Which enables the business to determine opportunity and draw up a plan to access that opportunity.

Market access strategy involves positioning, differentiate against direct competitors, and branding. This key area is as challenging as it gets while at the same time, overlooking the whole operation. 

Where outsource agency Philippines can help?

To determine where your business lies in the market often requires extensive market research and analysis. This is a function that is booming in Philippine BPO landscape. You can employ the services of outsourcing companies in the country for this task. 

Here you can access experts with in-depth knowledge to deliver conclusive market research reports. Whether you want quantitative or qualitative research, or the combination of both. It is all up to you. 

They can deliver comprehensive and conclusive reports which you can use to draw up strategies for your advantage. Outsourcing enables you to avail this service in a specific time frame you deem necessary. 

Also data management and related services are perfect for SMEs and startups. As you are still handling data and information at manageable volume. Which is the best time to lay down a good foundation in order to create a comprehensive and up to date database. 

Also good data and information can streamline making strategies for the betterment of all the business processes. 

2. Marketing

Pioneer teams may have decided who will overlook this specific key area. But with a small team where everyone strives to do everything they can, marketing is quite challenging. 

This involves factors such as understanding potential customers and markets, determining steps to reach them, and gain revenue. Route poorly chosen by SMEs and startups is they plan their product or service first and sell them out to undefined customers and business persona. 

What outsource work to Philippines can address this?

This is in relation with the Strategy. Therefore market research is something viable you can contract to a third party provider in the Philippines. As you follow up strategies in order to draw up an effective marketing plan, this very function, you can also outsource. 

Digital marketing outsourcing is among the top services contracted to BPO companies in the Philippines. Through this, you can optimize your sales revenue and marketing strategies. This is possible if you outsource SEO web marketing across all channels. 

You can supplement this with an effective lead generation, telemarketing campaign, and telesales plan. What’s good about all these is, you can set your own KPIs and benchmark which your outsourcing provider can follow.

But the best outsourcing provider you can get may help you define and set KPIs and benchmark. You can also avail their services in periods you think will best help your business.  

3. Finance

Accounting and financial management can cripple a startup and SMEs in more damaging ways than one. A healthy financial management process enables your business to strive as you build it from ground up. 

Accounting and finance is especially crucial for this type of business model as you have a limited budget. Which must be used to its maximum capacity and on things that matters. Also this specific function requires specialists in order to assure the quality of the financial output.  

Conclusive accounting reports in turn help forecast realistic cash flow. As well as to draw up expenditure budgets and picture out the potential revenue. 

This is entirely a different discipline and thus requires specialists or someone with experience on this matter.

What services of accounting outsourcing companies in the Philippines can you avail?

Financial management and accounting is a specialized task. This is a subset of BPO Philippines and is under the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). 

KPO employs people with specific skill sets in order to do specific tasks or services. In this case, accounting and finance. If you choose to outsource this function, you are assured you only get to have the services of staff with an accounting degree and experience. 

Also BPO companies in the Philippines use various accounting software such as Freshbooks and Quickbooks to name a few. You can get the best possible output of human intellect and technology for your financial advantage. 

These BPO companies offer various accounting services like bookkeeping, accounts receivable processing, accounts payable processing, taxation document processing, and etc. 

4. Human Resources

Ability to hire additional in-house employees is somehow not viable for startups and SMEs. One employee needs all the required salary, benefits, and office equipment in order for them to contribute in the overall operation. Such a scenario is not feasible for this type of business. 

Aside from this, an important factor to take into consideration is employee’s satisfaction and learning their motivation. Which SMEs and startups do not have the proper resources to do so and would rather invest in things with direct impact on income and revenue.

What HR outsource work to Philippines you can get?

HR outsourcing is also called staff leasing. This is where you can outsource virtual assistants to do specific tasks you may need. This may include appointment setting, handling of inbound and outbound business calls, and even content writing. 

Virtual assistants offer a plethora of services. You can choose from administrative to specialized tasks. If you already have in-house employees, you can get the services of an HR team.  

Your outsourced HR team can ensure your employees are motivated and at their best shape to deliver their maximum performance. They can also do your payroll management if you need so. 

5. Technology and Equipment

This covers the whole business operation. SMEs and startups are challenged to optimize their operation to better deliver services or products to their target markets. This business aspect is often a necessity. 

But this is another daunting factor too. As you may need staff knowledgeable to operate such software and technology. Imagine if you choose to use cloud-based database management, you need IT personnel to set it up for you. While you need data entry personnel to make sure a safe migration of paper documents into it.

This is also true in setting up your own customer service center. You need CRM software to ensure a streamlined customer experience. Aside from call center agents, you have to make sure they are knowledgeable to operate such equipment. 

How do you do this? Extensive training. Which your business simply does not have the extra resources and manpower to do so. 

Technology and equipment plus knowledgeable personnel to operate it goes hand-in-hand. Missing one part spells disaster for your business. It will result in either stagnant technology due to incompatible staff or vice versa. 

What can your outsource agency Philippines do to address these challenges?

BPO companies in the Philippines offer the perfect solution to these scenarios. As they provide services with the perfect combination of human resource and technology. 

For your database management, you can avail packages with the software you need and the staff to go with it. This applies to customer service support as well. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines can set up your own call center services. 

This is equipped with the latest CRM software and fully operational with staff trained to provide stellar customer services. You don’t even have to worry about quality assurance as well. As they can assign a QA team just for your campaign alone. 


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