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Toll Free: 1 800 371 6224 | US: +1 650 204 3191 | UK: +44 8082 803 175 | AU: +61 1800 247 724 | Philippine Local No: 63-2-83966000

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The BPO Blueprint: An Inside Look at Magellan Solutions’ Journey to the Top

By Janselle M.

Updated on June 4, 2024

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According to Deloitte, businesses that prioritize their customers make 60% more money than those that don’t. Outsourcing customer support to customer-centric providers increases revenue and saves costs. It shows that prioritizing customers leads to success.

Amid intense competition, BPOs strive to deliver quality and efficiency. Led by CEO Frederick Chua, Magellan Solutions forged an adaptive approach that drove its rise as an industry leader.

During a Q&A session with Fred Chua, he revealed the vision and meticulous discipline that transformed a promising startup into a global powerhouse for leading outsourcing solutions.

Learn how they turn vague client needs into tangible success and achieve a high client retention rate. Their blueprint teaches invaluable lessons for achieving agility and excellence in the BPO industry.

Discover Magellan Solutions’ blueprint for success, focusing on continuity, adaptability, and advancement that keeps clients coming back. Let’s dive in!


The BPO Blueprint: Key Approaches for Enduring Success

Magellan Solutions has refined a blueprint for excellence centered around client relationships, adaptability, and talent development. Our CEO, Frederick Chua, reveals and simplifies the lessons learned from almost twenty years at the top.


Q: Going back to the beginning, what inspired you to start Magellan Solutions, and what were those early days like?

Fred: I saw an opportunity to provide specialized BPO services tailored to each client’s needs. When we started in 2002, many of our small and medium-sized clients struggled to articulate exactly what they required or how to benchmark success beyond vague notions of “doing a good job.”


Q: How did you turn those vague questions into tangible results?

Fred: We positioned ourselves as experts, decoding abstract ideas into quantifiable metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) we could track. We create customized dashboards to monitor those metrics for each client, going beyond simply tallying program success. We analyze the performance of individual agents to spot high and low performers, address issues promptly, and maximize efficiency.


Q: Can you give examples of key metrics you track and how they relate to client success?

Fred: Of course, it varies by service, but for outbound campaigns, we track appointments generated, leads created, and sales closed. We also dig deeper into conversion rates to optimize our approach. For customer service, CSAT, NPS, and service level targets help us benchmark satisfaction. Excellent client retention and loyalty are the most accurate markers of success.


Q: That commitment to client relationships seems central to the Magellan approach. How do you balance that with your rapid growth over the last 20 years?

Fred: It’s a balancing act—we always nurture long-term relationships while actively pursuingnew clients.


Q: On balancing growth, Magellan thrives in diverse industries, from healthcare to e-commerce. How have you adapted the model across verticals?

Fred: We position ourselves as generalists, able to adapt expertise quickly to new industries as needed. But that adaptability stems from our focus on communication, synchronizing deeply with each client’s needs, vision, and measures for success, whether that’s a 95% customer satisfaction score or a 90% service level target.


Q: How does that synchronization translate from initial onboarding to long-term partnerships?

Fred: Our implementation managers are crucial; they lead the charge in understanding pain points, anticipated outcomes, preferred communication cadence, and more. That deep understanding informs everything from training approaches to workflow design to quality assurance standards, enabling us to deliver measurable consistency.


Q: On the people side, what is Magellan’s approach to managing and developing talent to enable that adaptability?

Fred: It starts with hiring disciplines—we selectively recruit college-educated applicants with the right balance of skills. However, we also believe strongly in internal development, which provides ongoing training in processes and English proficiency, technology platforms, and client requirements. Our program management team closely monitors individual agent performance and development areas.


Q: Switching gears a bit, what has been your greatest lesson over Magellan’s two decades in business?

Fred: Early on, I realized that new client acquisition couldn’t come at the expense of nurturing existing relationships. Business development brings in new partners, while account management ensures current clients remain loyal and happy. Balancing the two is imperative for any outsourcing provider seeking strategic, sustained growth.

Strategic Takeaways: The Magellan Blueprint

Magellan’s impressive 18 years in business have led to industry dominance. Their enduring success can be attributed to an early, insightful strategy focusing on acquiring new clients and nurturing existing ones. By balancing these two essentials, outsourcing companies can attain sustainable growth.

Of course, a client-centric partnership is necessary to ensure loyalty. Frederick clarified that achieving success requires close synchronization with each client’s requirements and excellence standards. Implementation managers convert general goals into measurable KPIs, using data to improve adaptability.

Our customized approach makes Magellan stand out from the crowd of “one-size-fits-all” outsourcing companies. We commit to providing quantifiable results based on customer requirements while adapting their knowledge to various circumstances. Magellan’s strategic outsourcing model is top-notch, prioritizing understanding and trust amidst dynamic operations.

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      The BPO Blueprint: An Inside Look at Magellan Solutions’ Journey to the Top

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