Top 12 SME-focused Philippines Call Center Companies 2021

Top 12 SME-focused Philippines Call Center Companies 2021

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Top 12 SME-focused Philippines Call Center Companies 2021

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled Top 12 SME-focused Philippines Call Center Companies 2021

Get to Know the Top Philippines Call Center Companies that are SME-focused


The Philippines call center companies have been the go-to when it comes to outsourcing needs. Started out with excellent voice services such as customer support services, these companies now offer BPO services. 

This top list of call center companies in the Philippines offers BPO services across industry verticals. Long gone is the era where only industry players outsource voice services and back office tasks to outsourcing destinations like the Philippines.

Nowadays, small and medium enterprises also join the worldwide client pool of Philippines call center companies

SMEs now leverage outsourcing non-core tasks to gain the ability to get extra help to perform tedious processes. Aside from the typical customer support like traditional inbound call center services, they now have the choice to turn it into omnichannel customer services. This is possible by choosing what is the best call center company in the Philippines


List of Call Center Companies In the Philippines for SMEs


Now, it is a fact that this country is the home for tons of call center companies. Below are the top call center companies that cater to SMBs. 


Employee Size Value Proposition Facilities Certifications 



250-999 Customized Recruiting, Bachelor’s Degree of Staff, Omnichannel Services 9 worldwide offices ISO $25/hour


250-999 Account-based marketing approach 5 worldwide offices GDPR $25/hour

Noon Dalton

250-999 Provides customizable solutions 4 worldwide offices GDPR

Security practices compliant with applicable Indian Laws


Unity Communications

250-999 Create processes to maximize core staff productivity 3 worldwide locations GDPR



Magellan Solutions

250-999 custom -fit solutions for SMEs 2 offices in Manila, 2 in USA GDPR




Trustwave Trusted Commerce

Supplier Clearing House Pursuant to CPUC General Order 156



Ideas Unlimited

50-249 skilled human resource, management, and monitoring to provide tailored services 6 worldwide offices GDPR

PCI Security Standards Council privacy policy


Concert 8 Solutions Inc

50-249 Capitalize on time-per-hire 2 office locations in Canada and Manila GDPR  $25/hour

Hit Rate Solutions

50-249 Traditional call center activity and high-quality cold calling 1 office in the Philippines GDPR $25/hour


50-249 Focus on project-based plans 3 worldwide offices GDPR



Staff Outsourcing Solutions 

50-249 Combination of operational excellence and deep expertise in key industry verticals 1 HQ in USA and 1 in Metro Cebu GDPR $25/hour

Pac Biz

50-249 Outsourced support for transportation, e-commerce, IT help-desk, and healthcare 1 HQ in the USA and 1 in the Philippines HIPAA $25/hour


The Philippine BPO landscape is vibrant and you can find different company sizes. The table above focuses on Philippines call center companies that are under the mid-level when it comes to the number of employees.

However, these listed companies cater to SMEs as they can match up their services to your requirements.

If you are looking for omnichannel services or traditional call center, your top choice are the following:

  1. Helpware
  2. Magellan Solutions
  3. Unity Communications
  4. Concert 8 Solutions Inc
  5. Hit Rate Solutions

These companies use cloud-based solutions to provide 24/7/365 call center services for your business no matter where your business’ location is. They can offer omnichannel support such as inbound or outbound calls, live chat, and email.  

Not to mention, these staff are English-speaking and often possess bachelor’s degrees. 

For healthcare:

  1. Pac Biz
  2. Magellan Solutions

These two companies are both HIPAA-compliant and can provide you staff who have educational and medical background. This is to ensure your customers can talk to a representative who understands medical jargon. 

For Sales and Lead Generation Services:

  1. Callbox
  2. Magellan Solutions
  3. 2nd Office
  4. Staff Outsourcing Solutions

Industry expertise and experience is a key when it comes to sales and lead generation services. These BPO companies are your go-to for this type of services. As they employ excellent communicators, use CRM tools and software to streamline the process. 

Their well-established techniques can ensure each lead is ready for your in-house sales team to close a deal with. 


Why is Magellan Solutions One of the Top Consideration for this list?


Magellan Solutions with its 18 years in the business has been catering to SMEs and other industry players. As a medium-sized company ourselves, we understand the need to focus on core competencies. 

That’s the reason why we create custom-fit solutions especially made for SMEs to address your pain points. Ultimately provide you the ability to scale up or down. Get the service packages to help you augment your overall business operations. 

Aside from flexible pricing designed for SMEs, we offer these services:

Inbound Calling

Outbound Calling

BPO Services

We can create custom-fit solutions for SMEs across various industries. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can create your required services. Fill up the form below!


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