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The Philippines is the Top Call Center Country in the World

The Philippines is the Top Call Center Country in the World

top call center country

Top call center country in the world


The Philippines’ key competencies such as their educated workforce, efficient labor practices, industry expertise, low labor cost, and strategic location propelled the nation to become the top call center country in the world for voice-enabled services

The most outsourced services to call centers in Philippines include answering services, order taking, technical support, and customer service.


What sets the Philippines apart

The Philippines is an excellent choice because it is high exposure to Western culture, especially that of the United States. On a regular day, a caller from the US may talk to a seemingly native English speaker, who turns out to be someone from another country. Americans can hardly tell when they speak with a Filipino representative over the phone because the accent and communication skills of Filipino agents are comparable to onshore representatives.

US-based businesses also say that outsourcing to the Philippines reduces capital costs. At the same time, they cannot put enough emphasis on the high degree of attention, care, and warmth of the highly skilled Filipino professionals. Simply put, what makes the Filipino outsourcing industry a success story is customer service managed with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency – at a fraction of the cost.

Top industry authorities, however, say that outsourcing to the Philippines is not only about cheap labor. They say that Filipino agents are worth the extra cost, because customers in the US find them easy to understand, and they are very engaging, even during actual conversations. It also helps that Filipinos are exposed to American culture early on, coupled with years of high school and college education, where English is the primary language of instruction.


Consistent Industry Growth

However, the booming call center story did not start in the Philippines. The offshoring of call center services started big in India, which gathered as many as 350,000 call center agents almost instantaneously.

Now, there are over 1 million Philippine-based BPO workers, with a vast majority of them working as call center agents. These agents usually work at night, talking to most Western consumers. Now seeing the value and strengths of offshore call centers, companies from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Europe are also outsourcing their operations to the Philippines.


10 Top Call Center Countries in the World

Throughout the years, the Philippines has consistently been considered as one of the 5 best countries to outsource to, along with China, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, it ranks first as an offshore hub for call center outsourcing, the top 10 being:

  1. Philippines
  2. India
  3. Poland
  4. Ireland
  5. Spain
  6. Canada
  7. China
  8. Romania
  9. Germany
  10. Costa Rica

It is also worth noting that the Philippines overtook India as the top call center nation in terms of expansion and revenues. The economical value of outsourcing to a Filipino call center helps even small and midsize enterprises, as the country’s call center industry steadily expands as much as 30% a year, compared to 10-15% per year in India.


Criteria for Being Top Call Center Country in the World

There are plenty of factors to be considered when analyzing which country is the top call center country in the world. The criteria is a mixture of numbers and qualities, including:

  • Labor costs (call center pricing)
  • English language proficiency
  • Language empathy
  • The neutrality of spoken accents
  • Affinity to Western cultures
  • Customer centrality
  • Talent development programs
  • Government incentives for foreign investors
  • Industry growth rate
  • Industry revenue rate
  • Talent development programs

The Philippine call center industry meets these criteria well, which made it the top call center country for offshore outsourcing. Filipino call center agents have an excellent command of the English language, influenced by the Filipino culture, which promotes empathy and awareness of foreign cultures. The Philippine government is also supportive of the call center and BPO industry in general by providing incentives, such as tax breaks, competitive costs, and talent development programs.

Now, the Philippines is not only known as an outsourcing mecca because of its lauded call center expertise. The country’s BPO industry also provides excellent back-office services, such as accounting, legal processing, animation, data entry, and software engineering.


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